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  1. Haha! That's hilarious! Thanks for the kind words, though.
  2. I am missing the setup-EET_end on your BGII weidu (as the last mod). It's needed to finish the EET install: it merges all dialogues of NPCs for the whole saga into one. That's probably the reason why you are only seeing the BGII dialogue, because EET uses Imoen's BGII files but adds all BG1 content to her (with EET_end). Also: are you sure SoD to BG2:EE Item upgrade by Daeros_Trollkiller should be installed before EET to BGII? I am asking because I don't know. EDIT: ALIEN beat me to it.
  3. I'll add to my earlier statement: ...or make the idea a stand alone mod without any ties to I4E, works for me too (I'd hope for compatibility, though).
  4. I know this is a stupid question but did you have a look into the mod package whether there is some documentation about the LTs and their required conditions? I don't know about Aran Whitehand but some mods have quite extensive documentation buried somewhere in the package.
  5. @subtledoctor Feel free to make an add-on of kinds. I would also be willing to include something like this as an optional component into I4E if you'd provide it.
  6. Thanks for the interesting discussion! I can only repeat myself that I don't see a problem. BGII with I4E is the same situation like BG1: you know you should go / could go to some place eventually - in BG1, it's first the FAI to meet Gorion's friends, then the Nashkel mines, etcpp but there is no real reason to, no pressure (other than NPCs complaining and the game not progressing). BGII with I4E is the exact same situation. The PC knows there is this place where they could go eventually, but there is no rush if they want to go exploring first. As I said, I don't see a "motivation pr
  7. Completely understandable! Yes, ANSI is correct for German tra files.
  8. Tempting offer. I'll try to remember it.
  9. Ah, I see. Using Sakphul should be alright. But it's what I wrote above, better change the whole sentence to one of my alternatives. As it is, it's a direct translation from the English original but it doesn't really make sense in German. Or just leave it as it is now since the whole mod should be proof read if possible. I'm in the middle of Fading Promises that has similar issues.
  10. The green lines look very good. Some things: @294: Sakphul legen ihre Hände nicht an Drow. I'm unhappy with this sentence. "Hände an jemanden legen" is not correct German. Better change this to "Sakphul lassen ihre Hände besser von Drow." or "Sakphul fassen keine Drow an." Minsk is written with a "k", this needs to be corrected at some instances (e.g. second instance at @241). And more things: du, dir, dich, dein with a small letter if it's a casual "you" and not a formal form of address. This would need to be corrected in the whole document. "weiß" with "ß", not "ss"
  11. I got the last proof readings back, thanks to @Brokenkatana . I need to integrate them and run a quick test concerning compatibility with Transitions mod. I'm on it but no ETA.
  12. Hm, Aran mentions something. But if the group is already with Aran, they already decided to pay and go with the Shadow Thieves to Brynnlaw. I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't think I can make it work as a main motivation to set sail.
  13. There is a working alpha but some quests are not finished yet, so nothing for betatesting yet. No ETA. Thank you for your interest!
  14. As much as I agree that this would be in character for Imoen imho, you have one error in your train of thoughts: with I4E installed, neither Imoen nor the PC know any details about Spellhold, the Asylum, and the way the people are treated there before they get there.
  15. Thanks @Endarire for drawing my attention to this.
  16. @Austin In case you haven't yet, please also include a (detailed if possible) changelog.
  17. @Austin Did you take the version 1.7 from SHS into account for your changes?
  18. LT23 is a wakup dialogue and will only happen if EDIT: in the rest dialogue before (LT22): -the PC encouraged Dynaheir to persue the idea of echanting items with magic although it's forbidden to Hathrans. -AND does not succeed in distracting her from the temptation to do it. This means either that the PC just goes to sleep or his constitution is lower 13. Talking her out of it, not talking to her at all, or constitution higher than 12 plus agreeing to help Dynaheir distract herself from the idea will skip LT23.
  19. You need to install NPC mods before EET_End. exe. Deinstall EET_End, install Aran, reinstall EET_End.
  20. @LukeSolas do you mean the BG1 or the BGII variant? They are quite different in design.
  21. The unidentified / check whether it's identified is a neat trick, if it works. But @Lauriel you also want to make sure the player is aware of what the note says, so I'd leave the "NPC reads it aloud" in as a failsafe.
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