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  1. bgqe v23 will have a new component: "Finish Cordyr's Quest without killing Sil". I'd need the title and the attached file proof read, and translated into French and Russian. I'll tagg @Jazira and @Austin to make you aware, no pressure. Thank you in advance for help. Please note: the Italian translation is not finished yet, all content added since v16 needs to be translated. friendlysil.tra friendlysil.d
  2. No, I4E doesn't interfere with Imoen's class in any way. She remains the same as she was before, only thing is XP boosts for the time out of the group. EDIT: in case this is a question: the dialogues reflect whether she is a mage or not.
  3. @Endarire BWS is not supported for years. Do not use it, it is completely outdated.
  4. You just need two spawn script blocks: one that creates the SoA cre in case he was never in party/new game, and one that uses MoveGlobal in case it is a continuous game. The most important thing is that you stick to the same script name / death variable, because that cannot be changed ingame. That's what all the "split" mod NPCs lack, they use a different DV in BGII and therefore cannot offer a continuous cre (Gavin, Ajantis, I think also Isra, Sirene etc.). For Ajantis at least I realized continuity story-wise, especially with regard to romance status, but he has different stats when he ret
  5. The mod updates to v4 with a Russian translation by yota13 and some more reply options in the game! Changelog v4: - Russian translation added, by yota13 -"Skip Korlasz' Dungeon": compatibility with Transitions mod added -"More Dialogue Choices & Prevent Dead Ends": new contents: --More reply options to shorten the dialogue with the 'Hooded Man' in Palace 3rd floor. --More reply options to shorten the repetitive dialogue with Duke Eltan in the Palace.
  6. Jastey's Tweaks for SoD and EET (and BGT) This tweak pack is mainly meant for the SoD part of BG:EE (except for the last component which introduces Imoen's SoD portrait into BGII). It deals with some tweaks that I found useful for my own game. Version 4 comes with a Russian version by yota13 and some more new reply options along the game. Changelog v4: - Russian translation added, by yota13 -"Skip Korlasz' Dungeon": compatibility with Transitions mod added -"More Dialogue Choices & Prevent Dead Ends": new contents: --More reply options to shorten the dialogue wi
  7. Kerzenburgforum Hidden Adventures A quest / tweak mod for BG2 (BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET). The mod is still in Beta. Version Beta 6 comes with compatibility to Golem Construction Mod v6.2! View Mod Description or Download at Mod Page Download via GitHub
  8. Hidden Adventures updates to v Beta 6. Changes are compatibility with Golem Construction Mod v6.2!
  9. The will of who? Do you want me to weigh in to persuade @Wisp this is worth the trouble?
  10. Awesome to know he'll be back in BGII. Will you make it a continuous cre file like it is done in EET for the canon NPCs?
  11. But not item names, I think. Randomization is usually for places were items can be found. But yes, in principle you are right that depending on which mods, even the exact same mod versions in exact same install order might not give the same game.
  12. If you use save games from one modded game in another one, this is bound to happen. Theoretically, if you manage to set up the exact same game with the exact same mod install, the savegames should not show scrumbled names. But that would only work if you use the exact same mod versions.
  13. Nah, I only brought it to 1st release from the beta. The Keldorn Romance is from berelinde.
  14. @Endarire Most famous Paladin in BG? Hmmm. You are aware you are talking to an Ajantis fangirl here, yes?
  15. Ajantis? Ajantis is paladin. Just not a knight in BG1. (Chiming in without having read the thread.)
  16. @Swift which version of the mod do you have installed and which game are you on? Did you use an automated installer for installation? You can probably fix it by setting Global("C#Q01_TalkedToAlanna","GLOBAL",2) to "2" via cheats but I wonder why the variable would not get set in your case as it should be at the end of the "empty bottle" dialogue (and so far, always worked).
  17. This seems to be a teeny-tiny itty-bitty little bit exaggrated. For lack of use of other terms. The reply option in Fading Promises about going after kidnapped Imoen is one (in numbers: 1) possibility to increase a "love" counter which will change the dialogue of the dead knight to being more affectionate towards the PC. One, out of 64 in total. And you need 6 of them to trigger the romance path. So, how having this one reply option about going after Imoen disabled by Imoen4Ever will "close off" the romance path is not really clear to me: it will take one possibility to increase the
  18. Added Transitions for SoD compatibility.
  19. Gibberlings Three Sarah NPC Sarah is a female human ranger of chaotic good alignment for BGII. The mod offers romance possibilities for a female protagonist. Version 6 fixes an EET install error, adds some minor fixes, and adds a Russian Translation by tipun. Changelog v6: Added Russion translation by tipun. Fixed EET install error. Fixed Sarah's unhappy leaving if PC doesn't help. Some scripting optimizations. Added sarahtob.ini for support of ALIEN's Project Infinity Updated links in rea
  20. New version includes the EET fix.
  21. Fix is implemented in v11.
  22. All four NPC mods mentioned in this thread are now updated with integrated fix.
  23. Gibberlings Three Auren Aseph Auren Aseph is a is a NPC mod for BG2, featuring a young and eager fighter from Beregost. She was born to a middle class merchant and his wife, and grew up a headstrong girl. Her father would tell her stories of adventurers he'd run into while on his caravan routes, and Auren became more and more interested at the thought of adventuring as she got older. She'd spend hours every week at the famous blacksmith Thunderhammer's shop, staring at all of the many types of weapons and armor, both magical and non-magical. Auren also feat
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