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    My Amber issues

    I have only used Amber 3 times now and it was only frustrating me on the most recent time when I chose not to use Viconia in my party and thus had put off going to the government district for a long time. I have only done this kidnapping thing once...does that only happen in the city or something? I ran into the thugs going after Kelsey while traveling abroad and after dying a few times I decided to travel to the city gates so the guards would help me...when I arrived instead of Kelsey's thugs...Amber was kidnapped. I have another group that is further through the game and has had Amber longer but they have not been back to town for quite a while. However, she is not being romanced in that group. Maybe that is the reason for no kidnapping? She does say she fears something bad is about to happen....but it has not happened yet. I did not know if that was like most of the Jaheira quests that happen anyway or like the Jaheira bandit quest that only happens if she is being being romanced. There are two times when Amber's dialog was annoying. One was during the Renfeld encounter because when you start there is a dialog that happens, then a battle, then a dialog again. If I recall correctly, she interjected after the first dialog. The second time was in the slaver ship. I had been in the tunnels for a long time (I had walked away from the game for a long time...like to watch a movie). When I came out of the tunnels there is a dialog with the slaver guy and then a battle ensues. Once again Amber interjected. this time though there were maybe 3 people that interjected. I think Jaheira and Aerie did as well. I assumed this is because they all considered themselves back in town now. Both times though it was right after a dialog the led into a battle but the battle had not actually yet started. Closing that little window of opportunity for her to talk would probably be a good thing if it is possible. Anyway, the only thing that threatened my enjoyment of the mod was the game crash during the kidnapping quest. Once I figured out what was happening all was good. I was thinking that if you could make it so you are unable to rest in that zone it might prevent the issue I was having from happening. Make people leave or go into the building and to rest (if id does not happen if you leave...I cannot remember). I have a save game right at that point I think so I may be able to do it again if you need more information. Or I could just give you that save (assuming I actually still have it). And ewww...Aerie? She whines too much for my taste. My preferred NPC romance is Jaheira . Viconia is ok too, one of these days I will actually do the ToB Viconia part where you can change her alignment. I really like the feature of romances that actually affect the NPC. Like changing Anomen's stats is kind of neat too. The Kelsey mod actually creates an item (at least one but I have not been all the way through that romance yet) that is not game changing but made by him and only usable by the PC. That is pretty neat too although I wold prefer it be something not consumable (even if it had no stats associated with it) . I only mention this because it would be neat if the Amber romance could have a lasting effect on her or the PC..since you ARE still working on the ToB portion and all. Thanks again for a great mod.
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    My Amber issues

    Just figured I would mention the things I have run into using her. I was only using Kelsey and the G3 fixes at the time. Nothing major and maybe not even Amber related. Maybe they have been reported already *shrug* here you go anyway. BTW, I love her. If I did not I would not even bother mentioning the things I have noticed. First, one of the times I was getting the form to get Amber my inventory was full. Normally this would drop the first item in my inventory and place the new item in its place. However, I simply dropped the first item and the first slot was now empty in my inventory with no form. When I ask the clerk again he says I better find the one he already gave me. I reloaded and cleared a spot this time and all was fine. I did not actually try this again though to verify it was not a fluke. Second, Amber picks some really bad times to talk...like during the encounter where you get Renfeld's body while I was trying to defend our lives...she wants to talk. I mean, my wife picks some bad times too, but I doubt she would do it if I was in a life or death struggle. Third, not long after picking up Valygar there was a dialog between Amber and him and she says something wrong. I took a screen shot to remember but then forgot to save the screenshot. She says soemthing like "I though...." when it appears it should be "I thought...". Last was the most frustrating thing as it took me a little bit to figure out what was happening. When I traveled to the street where Amber was kidnapped I started pulling the guards and killing them before talking to Lorraine. I cleared all but two who then retreated into the building. Then I went in and died pretty quick mostly because I had not rested in a while and had almost no spells available. I reloaded and rested this time. When I was done I see some soldiers retreating into the building. I go in the building and my game locks up. I had to restart the whole game. I did this a few times with my game locking up each time before realizing that the guys going in the building were the guards I had killed before entering the first time. I cannot remember what I did, I either left the area and rested and came back or else fought my way in and then rested in the building. Either way, there were no issues after that other than the Demon proving a bit too much for my group at that time. I managed him with a bit of cloudkill luck and some free action (you can get in the room with the dusting imp and shut the door, wheee). One last thing that is not actually an issue so much as an annoyance to me....the spawning of the kids to get her I have not quite figured out. Once I got them really fast. Like the second time I went to the slums after doing almost nothing else except maybe getting Viconia. Another time I was trying to get my party set up and was waiting around for the kids to spawn. So I did Tanner murders, saved Aerie, did the CC slavers, stole the necklace from the priestess for the thieves guild, finally Jahiera was cursed and I had to go to the Government district to pay off the mages. I finally saved Viconia while I was there and upon returning to the slums the kids had spawned. This makes me think it is linked to the Government district or freeing Viconia (I mean you *can* get in the prison without saving her or letting her die if you go through the back door) but I am not sure why it needs to be. BTW, I love her ability to romance the second player. I rolled a female protagonist to romance Kelsey and a male second player for Amber. That group has proven very enjoyable. Although, with both Kelsey and Amber being smitten there are always dialogs popping up now. It is almost becoming a nuisance actually .
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