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  1. Hi , I need help refreshing my memory . I don't recall the order in which mods gotta be installed . I made a copy of my Override folder (just in case ) . I also followed this topic here but it was't really clear . I want to install these mods beside the NPC project : 1- IWD2 Unofficial Item/Spell Patch (not sure if I really need it or not but it is in the Unofficial section) . 2- Custom DLL Fixes & Changes [Non-WeiDU] (it add alot of thing , Lvl cap + exp ) And if (2) come in conflict , I was thinking of using this one instead : 3- Level 40 XP Patcher [Non-WeiDU] + Feats & Skills [Non-Weidu] (together if the DLL fixes come in conflict ?) . 4- Merchants Mods : Ammo belt infinit stack OR Brendan Bellina downloads . /OR Light of Selune (add lot of stuff ) . So are the above compatible ? and if so , I install them first and then I install the NPC Project ? Or do I install NPC Project first , then Install the above ? And one last question (I never got a clear answer to this , but Diriel to get the full romance (and be good alignement ) . 1- is it possible to be good and romance him ? and 2- if I'm good and he romance my charname . Do you gotta kill those peoples at the mill for the romance to bloom ? or if you disagree he still luv you ? Hum yeah..and my game is patched (Got patch from readme ) . And nothing else been added..... Thank you
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I clicked where I shouldn't have , and now Yoshi doesn't talk to me . Is there a way to reset the romance beside loading a save game ? I didn't save for a long time , so if I load I will have to go back away . I will do so if there is no other way , but I have to ask . Is there any way to reset the romance , some CLUA code ? pretty pleeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeee It happen when I clicked on the talk the last one . I didn't think it was a 'I'm not interested' .
  3. Hi , I'm about to install the Yoshimo romance and I need to know something regarding Alternative Mod . I don't want to uninstall it and I have no idea if it is compatible with Yoshimo romance . But if I say no to the lady who give me an alternate route to spellhold . Can I still go and join the shadow thief ?
  4. ohhh , all these comments make me wanna give this mod a try But before I jump in , i have a couple of question for you . I did read the readme . 1- Why did you put 'tiefling' in the romance requirement ? just curious , but this is for BG2 right ? and unless I'm missing something you can't be a tiefling.........in BG2 . 2- Are there any other requirements like doing Bloodscalp quest for Yoshimo for the romance to advance ? I rarely do that quest since it isn't lawful lol and I never take edwin .... 3- Do I have to side with Bodhie ? cose Yoshi usualy say something about that when you meet her the 1st time . 4- What about getting in Spellhold , can I still take Minsc funny way to get in or do I have to let Yoshi sweet talk the pirate ? would that have any effect on the romance ? 5- How come you say there is a TOB part when he die in SoA ? I mean , does he become a ghost that follow you or something ? 6- '' To discover post-Brynnlaw content you must have succesfully completed pre-Brynnlaw content I don't get this one , what is post-Brynnlaw ? Sorry for the many question but when I install something (and this mod sound promising) I really want to do thing right and not miss anything
  5. The same way you installed the 'remove helmet animation' . Just click on BG2 Tweak , and it will tell you what you installed and ask you what you want to do with it . You will have 3 options : 1- Re-install , 2- Uninstall , 3- Skip (no change) . It will also ask you what to do with all component not yet installed . Just curious , why didn't you install the rest ? they add/help/fix alot of stuff in the game . Of course you don't have to install everything , but the one that fix the game and such or speed up the talk between npc are recommanded . And if you ever need help at to what to install and in what order in this game . Look around there are lot of helpful topic around , or just ask . Peoples here have been playing this game for ages
  6. The only way I know of to aquire the said files you are looking for , is to get yourself a copy or ask someone who has a french copy to pass them on to you . But you better just get yourself a french copy all together . Can't you return the one you brought and exchange it for a french copy ? You could try changing this in the ini. file : [Local] Language=German Language25=English To french , it worked for me on another game but I think it worked because the language was avaible . Just back up before trying anything Beside that , I know that most mods have been translated to french , but I doubt they would change the whole game . And beyond that , I say look on Google maybe someone found something . Hope this help , and good luck
  7. The red hat thief , well you find one of those right outside Linvail door . Here an animation : http://phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com/resources...ef-animated.gif I get that it wasn't supposed to add a quest or monster , but I still wanted to fight those red hat guys ! Instead , I end up hacking my way trough orcs....bleh
  8. Seeker

    ToB question

    I was thinking , wouldn't the pocket in ToB serve as a way for Tyris to reach her world ? I mean , you do use it to go around in ToB . So , why can't it be used to take the whole group or maybe just summon her friend from her world to Faerun . Just an idea
  9. Seeker

    A Question

    Yeah , I know and I already played both of them . But I was looking for a Lesbian relationship and as far as I know , there is only Chloé or Sarah for female/female relationship . And in my opinion , only Sarah romance was good (short but sweet) . So that's why I was asking....... Though making Tyric open to female , that would make her a bisexual..which I don't mind lol
  10. Thank you for the link , but I was able to get the file directly from the old archive . But I was wondering about their forum...I hope it is just maintenance , and they didn't close down or worse .
  11. Hum , so your mod didn't add them ? maybe they were always there . Sorry , but I always play good so I always side with Maever (or watever is his name) . Hey if this is your mod , then how come we dont get to fight alot of those shadow red hat guys ? I wish you added those......I always though they looked dangerous and strong . And since I side with the thief , I never had the chance or opportunity to fight them .
  12. Anyone can reach the Chosen of Mystra forum ? I tried to download Saerileth Mod and it give me error 404 page not found . Another thing , you guys put your mods on the Infinity Engine mods list ? How come then , when you wanna report a broken link it send you to ''Pocket Plane Group'' . Well , in any case , there are a couple of 'mod not found ' there .
  13. ...Stupid , but why are there Orcs in the Thiefs Guild house ? Were they always there ? or this mod added them ?
  14. I can confirm that it work , I just finished with Saerileth and this mod and not once she said anything about the Radiant Annoying paladin .
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