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  1. Or perhaps: But I reckon I'll be broke if I can't walk where and when I want, so I'll keep step wi' ye this time. Kagain is basically a pretty dull character so I tried to have him say his bits interestingly. Sometimes, I overreached.
  2. Skie's daddy is WAAAAAAYYY too rich for Eldoth to dump her. When Duke Silvershield gets croaked in chapter 7, it is Skie herself who is way too rich for him to dump her. And Eldoth is sufficiently disciplined a mercenary that he wouldn't jeopardize that huge a payday for mere dalliance with Safana or an alluring PC or anyone else you could name.
  3. Hmm. Is that the date that Byron, Keats and the Shelleys sat down to tell ghost stories?
  4. True. Don't forget the PC's background though; Gorion's tutelage in cloistered Candlekeep. Whatever else she might represent, Safana plainly has a knowledge of the "real" world far beyond what any PC may have gained by the time one might meet Safana. And, among males such as you describe, there is also a thing known as "trophy-hunting". Of course, Safana would see through the PC's clumsy attempts on that line and, for sport and revenge, would play along, seeking to turn the tables on the arrogant-but-naive PC. As for the more sensitive, caring PC, Safana recounts nothing deserving of death and so should just be kicked out of the party. And if this option exists, Safana should also try (for sport and revenge, as above) to talk the PC out of it. If the PC falls for her line ("You are the first really *noble* man I have ever met!"), then Safana would push a different set of buttons to make the PC her emotional slave.
  5. Safana would actually make a fine - not romance, exactly but relationship partner. If the player wants a cynical, manipulative, worldly PC, then she could teach him all sorts of things that Gorion omitted from the curriculum. For a more idealistic or romantic PC, Safana could give negative lessons; teach the PC what snares to avoid. In either case, she'd play best in competition with one of the other romances.
  6. At least it is still your birth date here. Hope you had a great one.
  7. If Jastey really dislikes the idea of Ajantis romancing a thief, that's good enough for me, I think. After all, Ajantis is young, noble-born and idealistic. He probably was raised on theories and has had very little practical contact with the rough-and-tumble of everyday Faerun. So it's believable that a thief PC could cause him to keep his emotional distance enough to prevent a romance while still participating in the common quest. This would be an answer that says nothing about the moral character of the thief PC; just about Ajantis' own upbringing, preconceptions and prejudices. It could even form the topic of a "non-romance" banter with an otherwise eligible PC.
  8. "Two-legs" might convey the meaning and keep within Madulf's primitive Common vocabulary.
  9. In RL it's not usual for one person to be a medical doctor, a lawyer and a soldier but it's not unknown either. And if people had elven, or even half-elven, lifespans, it'd be much less uncommon. In a place like Faerun, I'd think that any decently brought-up elf who had more than a nominal sense of responsibility to his/her community would generally have at least two classes. War, arcane magic and the gods are simply so integral to their world, that they would develop the skills to deal with it as a matter of course.
  10. Nothing new there. The poor have never had any rights that the rich were bound to respect if such rights seriously hampered their ambitions to become richer. Reread the first chapter of the Hitchiker's Guide and DON'T PANIC! Roe vs Wade is safe enough. Despite all the rhetoric, there's no serious money one way or the other in abortions.
  11. NE. Immy talks the talk but she'll end up following the PC anywhere so she doesn't *act* Chaotic.
  12. Good show. Unfortunately, Domi's on vacation and Andyr's got exams. They're both in and out sometimes but you may not get any "official" reply for a while.
  13. What Andy's saying is that the nymph's cloak shouldn't affect Halbezzar's dialog; the armor upgrade always worked with that. A question on the golden pantaloons though. Did you CLUA them in? If you did, did you CLUA in item "Misc47" (the BG2 version of the pantaloons) or "_Misc47", the tutu version of the same item which is the one that dialog is looking for?
  14. Yeah, purely theoretical models can chase themselves around and around forever. When it comes to actual cases though, it's always going to be a question of "Who is actually doing what and when?" For a mod of limited scope, one new NPC or one series of linked quests, it's much more likely for the whole thing to be one person's responsibility and anyone else involved is understood to be just helping out. For a much larger project, especially one that has no natural central theme to focus on (as the goal "Provide banters and interjections for all the BG1 NPCs" does not), then it becomes increasingly less likely than any one person will have the time, self-confidence, inclination and talent to do everything that should be done. So peer review in the alpha instance and player feedback in the beta stage, will have to carry much more of the load in producing the final product.
  15. OK. And if you further assume that A and B both have limited but very specific rights to edit each other's efforts; so that if A writes a banter involving B's character (or quest or whatever the content split might be), B has both the duty and the right to approve, amend or reject the material for B's responsibility in A's writing, then, it could be argued, the ultimate player would get more of the best of both A and B. Potentially, that would make a better mod than any editor who "tries to save it in the cutting room" as it were. Otoh, if you assume a highly conscientous editor who is both a better writer and a better dramatist than either A or B, then obviously an editor is the way to go. But that's asking an awful lot of theory.
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