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  1. I would suggest github and storing the data in a machine readable format. Then you can have a simple github pages jekyll site for presenting it nicely and a form for human friendly entry of missing mods. Definitely exclude ephemeral things like the mentioned "last year of update".
  2. I think people are satisfied with larger fonts or just use a smaller resolution.
  3. Maybe w_gui also increases the size, I don't know: http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/w_gui
  4. lynx

    White Label Disks

    should be as fine.
  5. Easiest to just speed up the passage of time with AdvanceTime.
  6. Then I guess it's a problem of all the conditions being checked first, then executed, not linearly as one would expect.
  7. I think conditions are ignored. You could use False in all of them and they should still run.
  8. Are you starting this as a cutscene? Then all blocks get evaluated by default.
  9. The way I see it: - it's 0, so the matching block runs - .. and sets it to 1 - but then also waits, so triggers get reprocessed - meaning the last block runs setting it to 0 - ad nauseam
  10. Indeed, something is fishy. On creature scripts, run-once events are often done by using a separate script slot then using ChangeAIScript("", slot) after the payload. I think you have blocking actions in the same response block as your setglobal, so it doesn't all execute at once.
  11. Doesn't look like has one: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Eltan
  12. 1. Pause on loot: no game did this, so I find it hard to believe. 2. Pause on inventory: with bgt you're supposed to be playing in the bg2 engine, which did pause or at least didn't force unpause. 3. Pausing manually: still possible, but via the button, not keyboard 4. There is no autopause setting for either of these, but 2 you could edit away in the python code 5. We're in the process of trying to fix the windows build, it's being a bitch. No new development builds until then. 6. No, not yet, this is a new feature in the ees. Not hard to do, but there are gui implications.
  13. No, it's fine, let's keep it to github. I see the previous one already got reopened. And the crash is related, so that makes sense.
  14. oh, right, on linux it requires to run tolower first. But gemrb doesn't care, so no need now. Thanks for the files, continuing in: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/issues/1428
  15. Just unpack it and then use the commands above. Maybe it's called WeiDU by default. btw, just fixed the 10pp parsing bug and made a new release. Thanks for the details. No need to reinstall, just to be clear.
  16. Yeah, but now you're on our latest code and we can fix it for everyone. So did you try extracting them with weidu? Also not the cAsE might be different.
  17. Cool, can you zip up and attach the two lightmaps? They should be ar0015lm.bmp and ar6600lm.bmp in your game override/ folder. If you can't find them there (eg. you ran generalized biffing), extract them with weidu again: weidu --biff-get ar6600lm* weidu --biff-get ar0015lm*
  18. SDL_mixer is optional, but you have openal installed, so that audio backend is used. And yes, this is progress! One of the area files is not what we expect it to be. Let's find out which. From within gdb: f 3 # shorthand for: frame 3 p lightmap->Format().Bpp # p for print p heightmap->Format().Bpp p searchmap->Format().Bpp f 6 p areaname.CString() Let me know what that prints, then we'll need the problematic file, but one thing at a time.
  19. Same thing. I remembered some users having similar problems at the same spot, but that just went away on its own: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/issues/1334 Hmm, I doubt it will change anything, but in case there is a compiler optimization problem: rm -r CM* CXX=clang++-10 CC=clang-10 cmake .. -DPYTHON_VERSION=3 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug make -j3
  20. Always the same exact problem, at least it's consistent. I wonder what's different about my ubuntu install. And just to make sure you have python fully installed, do a: sudo apt-get install python3.8-dev python3.8 If that doesn't help, did you perhaps set PYTHONPATH or PYTHONHOME?
  21. The "errors" in the log are fine. But from the cmake run I see you have gemrb compiled with two compilers, which could be problematic. Try this in the build dir: rm -r CM* CXX=clang++-10 CC=clang-10 cmake .. -DPYTHON_VERSION=3 make -j3
  22. You're building the old release code + I forgot we have a python version switch now — you still built the python2 version. git checkout master git pull make clean rm -r CM* cmake .. -DPYTHON_VERSION=3 make -j3
  23. bizarre, but let's try something with the linux build — updating to latest code and switching to python3. # go to the "build" dir first git checkout origin/master git pull make clean rm -r CM* sudo apt-get install python-is-python3 libpython3.8-dev cmake .. make
  24. l#nisst.d: if you don't want to lose some xp, copy the Player6 line and change it to refer to Player7 to Player10. jan: same here, it fixed all but one ocurrence at lines around 216. Apart from some non-standard spacing, I don't see why this should fail, but I'll check later.
  25. That place is fine, though from reading the code it seems a lower value would increase the speed. Are you getting per-pixel scrolling? Unless you're using a touch device, it should scroll by line (just retested item descriptions). Btw, you can click and drag as well, over the main text body, not just with the scrollbars.
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