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  1. _Nix_

    Ask Angelo!

    So Angie... I was talking about you the other day to a friend of mine. He's currently romancing the irepressable Amber. Who I warned him about, incidentally, but what can you do? Having come to me after failing to resurrect her post-Bodhi, and whinging at me for several hours about the oversensitivity of all the ladies and how they take offence at the slightest thing, and whinge, and are needy and clingy and moody, and expect him to be the rugged, silent, patient, understanding protector, I felt it was only fair that I rub his face in exactly how well we work out. You have to understand, I wasn't being bought rounds for this, I just had to sit and listen to him bitch. The first question out of his mouth afterwards: Does Angelo have a sister? <Disclaimer: To the writer/coder of Amber - I swear it's a personal preference I don't think you did a bad job on the mod, just didn't fit either of our personal tastes. Ohgodpleasedon'tkillme.>
  2. Not a typo per se, but playing through this *cough*again*coughcough*, itseems like Minsc's response when you first recruit Angie is a little disjointed? I paraphrase a little but: Minsc: You bastard! I'll never forgive you! Angelo: Nix, I assume you can keep him under control? Minsc: Ah, you speak truly! Now we will be friends and fight side by side.
  3. Gosh, the forum was very emphatic, there. Obviously really wanted to make it clear
  4. ADANG000 is good, too Did you just run all the code through it?
  5. Onscreen tab? Annoying in combat when it brings up your party health rather than showing you how dead the monster is; useful for telling which of the 50 identical sprites on screen are YOURS. Or maybe he was just having a bachelor party... === I want an option to laugh hysterically when you see him in the pocket plane. But in a gentle fun way not a mean way. Or maybe say something really sarcastic, like "does the carpet match the curtains?" === Me too ¬.¬ Also, I know it's not the same actress, but I couldn't stop thinking of Suu as "Miho"
  6. _Nix_

    Stuck at LT 27

    Hah, that's funny, the Eddie romance always stalls at 27 as well iirc ^_^
  7. _Nix_

    Ask Angelo!

    Thought just occurred to me. SPOILERS! So, Angie. Given you're so unconvinced about the future and how faithful you feel you could be and you spend the whole of the time we're in Amn telling me how unreliable you are, and then guilt me into marrying you... Pre-nup? (Mebbe should have thought of that before the wedding ¬.¬)
  8. I have no problems with his personality either, if that's any consolation (I had a lucky day where I managed to force most of his SoA dialogue so I *think* I've seen it all now). Kelsey made me want to punch him. It's like having a teenage kid. Anomen... well. Yeah. Solaufein made me want to slit my wrists and had me mashing return to get to the end of his bouts of poetry. Edwin started out fun but broke for me, but even he was pretty neurotic-up-and-down. Angelo is kinda sweet, I guess cos there's an element of realism - no-one, in real life, when considering a serious relationship expects and gets that it will be a fairytale romance now and always, and I do get a little bit annoyed with the whole "ALWAYS loving, ALWAYS supportive, ALWAYS good together" thing some romances have, or the ones which are the polar opposite, "blowing hot and cold drama queens". Angelo manages to avoid both of them - in fact, now I come to think of it the really nice thing is that as long as you don't say anything too completely horrible, you can get a reasonable response from being either joky or serious as well, or a mix of the two, so you don't have to be playing a character who always reacts the same way to everything. Dunno about you guys but how I respond to my partner depends on the mood I'm in, the time of day, the phase of the moon, the alignment of the planets... In fact, the only thing which *did* make me feel a bit "whoa" was the marriage - which I was EXPECTING cos I saw it was going to happen on here. Even knowing it was coming up I was a bit skittish, but again with the lack of RP (like Cal), the thought of marrying someone irl, for me, is definitely uncomfortable. I guess it's just a case of me always behaving like I would anyway, and Angelo being the mod which gave the least jarring responses. Hands up who's thought "I'll play it evil this time, all the way through, for real!" and then ended up just being a sarcastic, snotty, git, cos they couldn't bring themselves to actually kill kids/steal from the poor/whatever
  9. SPOILERS! . . . . . . . . . . . . I liked the option to whisper to him "Hells, Angelo, I feel like I'm swearing a geas." I felt that nicely summed up my general feelings of "if it makes you happy, then fine, but I've definitely been more comfortable.
  10. Oh gods, don't get me started on <CHARNAME>. I sit there almost crying in frustration as my character apparently looks at the world through naiive rose tinted glasses, says everything which is on her mind exactly as she thinks it, never lies, never expects anyone to double cross her... I've already said this stuff on SHS: Possibly because I am I dunno, it's just more fun. I hate the whole thing where the game seems to think you're totally naiive, take everything at face value, and always say exactly what you mean. I like to think sometimes my characters are playing the NPCs at their own game. Certainly Flick, as a PnP character, has +23 to bluff, +15 to diplomacy and +18 to sense motive, so she's at least a little savvy. Jana is a BARD in the truest sense of the word, she doesn't go out of her way to hurt people, but she looks after number one, and she won't do anything for free. Nix should possibly be TN as she's a little more thoughful/sympathetic but even so she's hardly one to rush in and upset the status quo without finding out both sides of the story. Thanks for the compliments, guys
  11. _Nix_

    Romance help (again >.<)

    That's actually a really good idea, never occurred to me my dl might be broken. Ta
  12. _Nix_

    Romance help (again >.<)

    So, what with the fifth complete reinstall and new game, I'm back to square one. I have ONLY Yas, Angelo, RE and DBG installed, but Angelo doesn't even seem to work on his OWN for me, so I'm feeling kinda defensive about the whole thing. Problem number one, at least, is that the ADAngelRomanceActive variable isn't even setting automatically. Shall I just give up? I'm pretty sick of uninstalling and reinstalling stuff and I feel like I'm being a huge pain in the backside for you guys as well.
  13. The second set of player responses in the Shar-Teel talk has the option: "That psychotic amazon? I "met" her, but she wanted to fight one my "males" so I said no thanks" Should be "one OF my 'males'", n'est pas?
  14. _Nix_

    Romance help (again >.<)

    Got significantly further on, when Angelo started trying to talk to me and repeatedly bringing up the player initiated menu instead. My journal is spouting dialogue lines from ALL my mods as well. I'm going to do another full install I think seeing as how everything seems to be properly f*cked. But after my exams. After. Or maybe tonight >.>
  15. _Nix_

    Romance help (again >.<)

    Sooo... Ended up having to do a complete overhaul and reinstall of just about everything. After which I figured out the ADAngelTimer global was set to -4987256 or something stupid like that. Working apparently fine now, though the game thinks Yasraena's name is some line from the RE mod... but that's not your problem Thanks so much for the help guys
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