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    Angelo Fanworks

    You did it? I missed yours...
  2. _Nix_

    Angelo Fanworks

    He better not be chatting up Viconia ¬.¬ And the bottom half of this one too, whilst I'm blowing my own trumpet. The caption above it was "NPC #1 wants to leave the party. Why? And what will <CHARNAME>'s response be?" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/got...canImage006.jpg
  3. Ohhh I get it now! That's brilliant Italian explains a lot about his general behaviour towards women as well. Never mind being brought up in a brothel I have a Taiwanese-Austrian friend who does that. It's probably a bonus I understand German or I'd never understand anything she says.
  4. _Nix_

    Angelo Fanworks

    Lmao. That's an awesome fanfic in general. Also: Ive inflicted my "artwork" on SHS so I'm putting Angelo here too. Because I can http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/got...canImage003.jpg He's at the bottom on the left.
  5. So, I made new one. This is my Angelo. http://memolog.blog.naver.com/ghaladriel/1660 He is "Sirota Yuu" (actor) who has a Spanish mother and a Japanese father. Don't take this the wrong way, because he's cute and all, but that guy looks about 12 Somewhat closer to Sarelith's (Stabby stabby hate hate kill) age than Angelo's. My FR Campaign guide suggests Sembia is pretty much mediterranian. Spanish doesn't seem such a bad interpretation. Italian, maybe? Mmm... half italian half japanese. I could live with that ^_^
  6. Randomest question ever: Did you pinch the last couple of lines of The Watch Song from Sixteen Tons? It scans suspiciously well to the tune, also...
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