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  1. That might just be because most people will meet him later in the game. The default portrait is also hideous. I can imagine that would annoy me, for example.


    I think you did a fine job with barely any spelling errors *wink*


    I am still available for proofreading, you know :)

  2. The elves and drow hate eachother, so this is to be expected. Other than this strange remark, Kivan is always empathising with and urging the PC to emancipate captives. I am not terribly learned on any of the races cultures, but I don't think the elves keep slaves or look down on them more than they do any other non-elf. Finally, Kivan comes from the elven equivalent of a working class or peasant background, so he doesn't seem like someone who would be terribly snooty and judgemental towards his social "lessers".

  3. "View results" ought not count as a vote (grumble, grumble)


    Now I cannot vote or view the results again :/


    Anyway, Coran is an absolute brat and possibly my favourite NPC. Kivan would be, but he is much too quiet.


    Incidentally, I thought the comment Kivan made about Rill in the cloakwood mines was extremely out of character. "associating with slaves will drag you down to their level"? pfah


    That is something one would expect to hear from one of the evil NPCs.

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