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  1. Thanks everyone for the help! I was able to finish this mod two weeks ago, unfortunately my internet bugged down and was only restored sometime earlier today. For those interested, its up in spellhold. Cheers~
  2. Okay... So atm, most of the basic mechanics works. The only problem is the unsummoning part. I can't figure out a code that would work and unsummon the creature once the dialog is finished. I resorted to using the summoning duration and made it last by 1 second. Since the game auto pauses when in a conversation, it kinda works, though the unsummoning bam and "unsummoned" text in game still shows (which is kinda annoying). If anyone knows a better way of unsummoning the creature without relying on the summoning opcode, please tell me... A never mind. Figured it out already. Thanks again everyone! I'm almost done finally...
  3. Umm... is there a better way to destroy the creature after a certain condition is met? I think "SetGlobal("a4pbsum","LOCALS",1)" doesn't work because maybe it applies to the pc rather than the creature. I don't want to use GLOBAL variable since I don't want it to add more data in the game. Oh, and "NumTimesTalkedTo" doesn't work either for some reason... I think i might have just coded it incorrectly. Let me try again...
  4. HUZZAH! The dialogue finally works!!! *tears of joy runs down cheeks* Thanks a lot guys! Now I just have to figure out how to make the cre automatically talk to its summoner and make it go away after a successful conversation is made -_-
  5. Well... I got rid of it but same goes. The script or the dialogue still wont work...
  6. Hi Imp~ You're everywhere Hmm... Well, the cre still does appear when summoned so I doubt that block is the problem. But hey~ At this point I just want to make it work so might as well try it. D:
  7. Hi jastey. Yes, that's what I did actually. I used Habib I think, and changed his file name to mine. Same goes, still doesn't work. The block I made that was suppose to say "I am summoned" didn't fire. I also tried directly talking to the cre. It came back with "this creature has nothing to say to you." So I'm guessing that the script doesn't work and maybe even the dialogue file...
  8. Wow... Sorry, I didn't know somebody replied here. Thanks Avenger. Yeah, I thought that too. So I planned on making a series of split bams that would play simultaneously (just like the split bam of comet's explosion) and recreate the whole comet-falling-from-the-sky-animation. But I don't know how. Is that also hardcoded?
  9. Hi everyone. I've been working on this little mod for quite a while now. Basically, this is a mod which adds a tome both in stores and some areas that gives characters a weapon style proficiency (eg. sword and shield style, two handed style, etc.). This is suppose to be used in conjunction with Igi's learn-through-use mod since it doesn't add weapon style proficiency in game (or at least, last time I checked). It works by spawning an invisible and invulnerable creature that talks to the manual user and then gives a proficiency point for a desired weapon style should the requirements are met by the character. At the moment, I think I have every file needed ready for its basic mechanics. The problem is that the script for some reason doesn't work or wont run at all. I've already checked if both the bcs and dialogue file were properly assigned to the creature and made some further testing on the creature properties (gender: summoned, summoned as ally, original, enemy, etc.). I've also tried manually talking to the creature but still didn't work. So right now, I'm really clueless. Here is the code for the override script: //If an enemy exists, then the creature is destroyed. IF Exists([EVILCUTOFF]) THEN RESPONSE #100 DestroySelf() END // This block was just to test if the script is running or not IF See(LastSummonerOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayStringHead(LastSummonerof(Myself),"I AM SUMMONED") END //If summoned, the creature will force initiate a dialog with its summoner. //Originally the variable for Player1 was "LastSummonerOf(Myself)" //I changed it to Player1 for testing purposes. IF NumTimesTalkedTo(0) !Exists([EVILCUTOFF]) THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("A4PBSCU0",StartDialogueNoSet(Player1)) END //Destroys self after a successful conversation is made IF NumTimesTalkedTo(1) THEN RESPONSE #100 DestroySelf() END The dialogue file: BEGIN A4PBDLG1 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_OB SAY @100 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @101 GOTO A4PB_SW IF ~~ THEN REPLY @102 GOTO A4PB_SS IF ~~ THEN REPLY @103 GOTO A4PB_TH IF ~~ THEN REPLY @104 GOTO A4PB_TH IF ~~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_OP SAY @106 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @101 GOTO A4PB_SW IF ~~ THEN REPLY @102 GOTO A4PB_SS IF ~~ THEN REPLY @103 GOTO A4PB_TH IF ~~ THEN REPLY @104 GOTO A4PB_TW IF ~~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_CB SAY @107 IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SW SAY @108 IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCYSINGLEWEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @114 GOTO A4PB_SWA IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),7) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCYSINGLEWEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSINGLEWEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @115 GOTO A4PB_SWB IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSINGLEWEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB IF ~CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSINGLEWEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @109 GOTO A4PB_OP IF ~LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3)~ THEN REPLY @110 EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SS SAY @108 IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCYSWORDANDSHIELD)~ THEN REPLY @116 GOTO A4PB_SSA IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),7) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCYSWORDANDSHIELD) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSWORDANDSHIELD)~ THEN REPLY @117 GOTO A4PB_SSB IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSWORDANDSHIELD)~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB IF ~CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCYSWORDANDSHIELD)~ THEN REPLY @109 GOTO A4PB_OP IF ~LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3)~ THEN REPLY @110 EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_TH SAY @108 IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCY2HANDED)~ THEN REPLY @118 GOTO A4PB_THA IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),7) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCY2HANDED) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCY2HANDED)~ THEN REPLY @119 GOTO A4PB_THB IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCY2HANDED)~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB IF ~CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCY2HANDED)~ THEN REPLY @120 GOTO A4PB_OP IF ~LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3)~ THEN REPLY @110 EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_TW SAY @108 IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @121 GOTO A4PB_THA IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),7) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),2,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @122 GOTO A4PB_TWB IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),7) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) Class(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),RANGER)~ THEN REPLY @123 GOTO A4PB_TWC IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),12) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),0,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),1,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @123 GOTO A4PB_TWC IF ~!LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3) !CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3,PROFICIENCY2WEAPON)~ THEN REPLY @105 GOTO A4PB_CB IF ~CheckStat(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3,PROFICIENCY2HANDED)~ THEN REPLY @124 GOTO A4PB_OP IF ~LevelLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),3)~ THEN REPLY @110 EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SWA SAY @111 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS00",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SWB SAY @112 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS00",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SSA SAY @111 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS01",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_SSB SAY @112 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS01",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_THA SAY @111 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS02",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_THB SAY @112 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS02",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_TWA SAY @111 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS03",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_TWB SAY @112 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS03",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN A4PB_TWC SAY @113 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ReallyForceSpellRES("A4PBS03",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) TakePartyItemNum("A4PBI00",1) DestroyItem("A4PBI00")~ EXIT END And finally, the tp2 BACKUP ~A4PB/backup~ AUTHOR ~aeviannce24@gmail.com~ // MODDER NO_IF_EVAL_BUG VERSION ~v1~ README ~A4PB/Readme-PB_ENG.txt~ ASK_EVERY_COMPONENT LANGUAGE ~English~ ~english~ ~Language/English~ ~A4PB/Language/A4PB-Setup_ENG.tra~ BEGIN @1 // Checks for ToB Installation REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~mel01.cre~ @2 // Checks for Igi's Learn-Through-Use Mod //REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~iitrain.cre~ @3 //Load dialog translation file LOAD_TRA ~A4PB/Language/A4PB-DLG_ENG.tra~ LOAD_TRA ~A4PB/Language/%LANGUAGE%/A4PB-DLG_ENG.tra~ // Mod Components // Dialogue and script files COMPILE ~A4PB/Script/A4PBSCU0.baf~ COMPILE ~A4PB/Dialogue/A4PBDLG1.d~ // Item-related files COPY ~A4PB/Item/A4PBI00.itm~ ~override~ SAY NAME1 @10 SAY NAME2 @10 SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC @11 COPY ~A4PB/Item/A4PBCSU0.eff~ ~override~ COPY ~A4PB/Item/A4PBCSU0.cre~ ~override~ WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~A4PBSCU0~ #8 // override WRITE_ASCII 0x2cc ~A4PBDLG1~ #8 // dialogue WRITE_ASCII 0x280 ~A4PBSCU0~ #32 // DV // Proficiency Adding Spells COPY ~A4PB/Proficiency/A4PBS00.spl~ ~override~ COPY ~A4PB/Proficiency/A4PBS01.spl~ ~override~ COPY ~A4PB/Proficiency/A4PBS02.spl~ ~override~ COPY ~A4PB/Proficiency/A4PBS03.spl~ ~override~ // To be added: Area and store extensions Attached is the creature file. Umm... at the moment, the creature file is just a basic character, since I thought that it being invisible and invulnerable made it impossible to talk... Item + Creature.rar
  10. Hi guys. I've also posted this question in SHS. So far, I managed to make a projectile that uses the comet as well as its explosion bam. However, there are still lot of kinks that I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix. One is that I merged the split explosion bam sequence into one, so as to make a VVC for a pro easier. Everything went smoothly except the last two to three frames of the animation, where it visually glitches horribly. I've read somewhere that it might have been due to the limitation of the engine, having a maximum of around 200x200 px. I guess that's main reason why the original comet explosion bam was split in two? So, is there any possible workaround for this? Another is as I've said earlier, the comet explosion animation is split into two sequences. Extracting the bmp out from its bam is easy enough, but I don't quite understand how to compile the edited ones I made back to bam format is such a way that it is split into two sequences, just like its original bam. Also, I don't know how to "instruct" the engine to play the split sequence animation side by side. Having the bam attached plainly to either a vvc or a pro doesn't do that, so I might have been missing something here... The last is how do I emulate the comet descending-from-the-heavens animation? If someone could instruct me on these, hopefully in detail, I would very much appreciate! Thanks!
  11. @ Eric: Oh, okay then. I'll be taking A4. How do I reserve this? Things have been progressing really slow as of late. Most of my time has been taken by schoolwork and I haven't been able to do much progress with his dialogs. Still, I'm trying to preempt things by trying bits and bobs with the game. Lately I encountered a problem with regards to assigning a custom creature with a custom made spell, an innate to be exact. I'm using the code 'ADD_KNOWN_SPELL' and assigning the filename of the spell I want. When installing, everything goes and was successfully installed. However, when I checked the creature, It didn't get any of the spells I assigned to it. Anyone got some insights on this?
  12. Hey guys. just a quick confirmation. The list of tags used by modders on the blackwyrm site is down for quite some time now. Because of that I can't decide on what label I should use that is not yet used by other modders. I'm planning on using the following: AE****** AU****** AV****** A4****** T4****** I only need one, I guess. Thanks in advance! Oh yeah, I'm still working on Valleth
  13. Hmm, perhaps you have some problem with syntax in your tp2. Try posting it here. It's kinda hard helping if no one here even knows what exactly is the problem. My suggestion is try looking for a simple tp2 from other mods, then base your or just replace the contents to match yours. Hopefully, this would fix your tp2 problems. Hope this helps in some way
  14. You're probably right, Sis V. Thanks! Just got a simple question. I would like to have anybody's opinion on this one: What are the most common complains on mercenaries? I mean their personality, how they handle things, etc. I kinda having problems with jump-starting his talks because of lack of conflict or topic. If anyone has ideas, kindly give me a holler. Thanks!
  15. Just for a class. I want to make a kit with a whole different weapon restriction. Snooping around the forums tell me it's impossible.
  16. Scratch that one again. It appears that they do fall on the same category. Hmm... I'll just try to find an alternative then.
  17. Might I suggest downloading a couple of mods that somehow patterns the mod you are planning on making (if that's legal). Then cross-reference its components from the tutorials you are following. It could really help you understand how things are made and such. Using DLTCEP for making scripts or other things could greatly ease your modding experience. It's easy to setup and quick to get on to. This appears to be a pretty interesting mod. I wish your dance with Lady Tymora to be a fruitful one
  18. Wow Aion, thats awesome! Thanks! XD Op, got another question: Is it possible to make your own item restrictions? If so, I would surely want to know how. Thanks again! Edit: Scratch that, I just remembered it's close to impossible. However, is there any way to restrict two-handed weapons or any type of weapon for the matter? I was looking at clasweap.2da. I'm wondering if two-handed swords and single-handed swords fall on the same category "LARGE_SWORD"?
  19. @Eric: Thanks, we'll try @berelinde: thanks for the help again! However, I'm looking for a map more dungeon-like than the one you have presented. Hmm... is it possible to reuse maps that are in-game? I'm guessing it is. If that's the case I would only need a hell-like map then. A couple of questions: I want to have custom voicing for Valleth and some more characters. I already know how to add voicing via .d or .tra with .ogg. What I don't know is how do I add voicing to Valleth himself- the voice when you click him or order him to do stuff. Where does that go? Also, how do I add a matching subtitles for that one? Just like a bioware npc. With adding descriptions to an item: I know how to add descriptions via .tp2, that's not much of a problem. But how do I assign the same description to multiple items? I know this is mundane but I just want to ask it anyway. I don't want to have multiple entries of the same description in the .tlk file. That's it for now. Thanks in advance!
  20. If I may suggest, why just not follow the Ascension's footsteps with regards to the transformation? It seems quite balanced enough. With regards to the transformations, I would recommend just basing the transformation with the pc's level. I think It would be fairly easier and balance that way. Also, I don't think the insta-kill would be of much use since with Ascension's slayer transformations, the pc would be dealing quite a hefty amount of damage. In addition, It doesn't seem likely that while in slayer mode, you could insta-kill a dragon or some equally menacing foe. However, If you really want to have the ability to insta-kill while in slayer, might I suggest to pattern it to the ability 'deathblow' or 'greater deathblow' or better yet, with 'smite.' You could try to limit this ability to 'humanoids' by playing with opcodes like 'set melee effect' or the like. I would go with Iroumen with able to prolong slayer change and less chance to berserk with level. It would greatly raise the ability's usability. I still think removing the reputation penalty plausible since reputation does not reflect the pc's fall to the dark side. Anyway, these are all just suggestions. I wish you luck with your mod!
  21. Hi everyone. It's 2 am here but unfortunately I can't fall asleep. This flu is giving me a migraine so here I am. Anyway, just a quick call for help. I'm looking for some maps that I could add for the mod. Particularly one that looks like a place in hell and another one that looks like a prison or a dungeon of some sort. The "hell" I'm looking for is roughly the same size of the planar sphere hell. While the dungeon could be a small as a room in most houses. If anyone got some suggestions or links for download, please post it here. Thank you very much
  22. Oh I see, thanks again berelinde! I'm facing a dilemma... I guess it's really my fault. I was checking other npc mods and saw Jones's review for sister V's Angelo Mod. I was really surprised with how much in common Angelo's umm... "perks" with Valleth's so I guess I'll be rewriting some things then. I should've checked and played hers first. Sorry about this Sister V. I'll be more observant next time.
  23. Hey everyone, its me again. Okay, I'm still sorting out love talks progressions. I would just like to know If how many love talks are all-in-all plus the special ones both in SoA and ToB. Just to make sure I'm counting the right numbers Thanks in advance and If anyone have insights or suggestions or violent reactions, feel free to post
  24. Just finished a school project. Glad that's over! Now I just need to finish one more. :/ Anyway, thanks again berelinde, and we'll do. Some update: As of now I'm getting to the cheesy part of the romance. The problem is, I'm having difficulties on how the whole romance would start. I'm playing with an idea that the pc would first initiate the lovetalks. Well, about one or two talks the most. Banters too, I'm working on it as well. Currently I'm prodding my head for nifty ideas on how banters with Jaheira and Minsc would play out. Got some idea already written but not finalized. We'll post again, hopefully sooner
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