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  1. Well the palette is a pain, if you introduce a color that is not there it won't render. The blue range is difficult to see the differences especially the darker portion (human eye is weak in that section of the spectrum), however you if used rgb 0 0 80 that is fine but 0 0 79 might not render. adding to the joy. If I were forced to make something that works ok and was under a deadline I might change the paperdoll short sword to look like a 1-h spear then change the colors in the item's blade to a darker color of gray (66 faded black?) then change to only thrust.
  2. What about 'rotationally'? (corrected spelling) Well now you know how I feel when trying to mod. But unless you are a great artist and can draw animated spears in 2d it is much easier in 3d. You might be able to shave off pixels in bws2 but the doing so will leave you with very jagged edge that will look awful. So then you have to go through the painstaking repainting and guessing which of the 16 colors (maybe +8) at what will smooth the awfulness out.
  3. I think Shaka Zulu did that once long time ago. On a more helpful note... Someone could render them in 3d: model your 1-h spear, set your target camera to orthographic projection, change the angle to 45 degree, set the zoom to correct scale (checking with real bg animations), rotationally clone your cameras to how many (attack) angles you need, apply the clown colors appropriately (huge p.i.t.a there at least the fine tuning), set spear angles correctly, set rendering to remove anti-alias), Set environment to rgb 0,255,0 (green), record animation to how many frames desired, save frames i
  4. Oh! sorry, misunderstood. Well I sold my drum kit many years ago not to mention I would not know how to up load them anyway. :P
  5. Well probably for the best as most of it would not fit in bg but I pulled a few might fit. Kind of a sad tune 1.9 mb A happier tune 682kb Tavern tune 708kb
  6. http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/757-expanded-thief-stronghold/ this adds a few things but it will run its course then back to paying No. It is annoying, that there is no auto-pay. What bothers me more is the way your thieves have to be reassigned if they get caught.
  7. Ah Thanks kjeron, Sorry for the hijacking but would anyone want a less washed out color flag1.bam?
  8. the map notes right? https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/are_v1.htm damn lots of stuff ctrl+f and automap marker are you using ni 'cause dltcep it is right there, maybe we are talking about two different things
  9. Well this is not what you asked for but this is from daggerfall, you might find something in there. and it does not sound like 8-bit Daggerfall
  10. the current dat file has the numbers and names on different columns Making it more difficult to read I placed the numbers first and dashes to the proficiency clearing up the jaded columns. open with a text editor copy and paste these lines if you like this way. the finished effect shows that I lined up the ones, tens, hundred columns then all the letters in the same starting point. (it will show in DLTCEP correctly)
  11. Ah, thanks SD. Well 8 mins. was not hardly enough then. Would be nice to see a warning here in big bold print. "THIS THING IS A BEAST AND WILL TAKE..." heh something like that :)
  12. Well said, an orator for the times I too had install hangups. forced closed the installer tried again and low and behold my install was screwed. Re-install time If I ever try this again, I'd like to know because it does look interesting. Just now I looked at the online readme with Ctrl+f I did not find that this mod will take a very long time to install, I realize that it is complex but just how long does this usually take? (mine took well over 8 mins of just sitting there, got up did some dishes or such, came back no change) ssd, 16 gb ram, quad core, win 10 non-EE
  13. There are many ways to do this but this how I do them. You need a good image manipulator program paintshop, photoshop, or (free) the gimp. I use paintshop pro8 I have used the others but this is written from memory of the program I am most familiar. Personally I am no artist so I ether use an image from the net or create an image in 3dsmax. However once you have an image you want to use, you have to remove all the background. 1. promote your background image to raster This will allow you to work with a transparent background 2.
  14. step 14. Add your bam to the item in DLTCEP and click center bam save your item. Enjoy. tho only do this in the item editing don't bother doing that in the bam editing portion of DLTCEP I have made a ton (well more than 30) of bams doing it this way w/o any error. :)
  15. to make a .bam the inventory icon for an item: you need 2 images you can use for the 2 frames (I always bmp) bamworkshop2 Frame0 is the larger image that is seen when you drag the item around frame1 is the smaller resting image. 1. Open bws2 the right you will see 2 windows the top is where the sequences are the bottom is where the frames are. 2. Lower window Right-click on FRAME0 a. Delete Frame 3. Top left under colors click CONVERT TO UNPALETED (this is important) 3. Lower window Right-click IMPORT FRAME I
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