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  1. I'm not sure why your post wouldn't be a warning. It was quite a rant.
  2. I've been really enjoying this mod. The voicing in particular is remarkable. Offhand I think it's the best I've ever heard in an amateur mod.
  3. The battle against the vampire's in Firkraag's dungeon feels like it came straight out of Tactics. That fight and the encounter with Edwin's graveyard lich were the two fights I ended up needing to cheese in my last playthrough. And the lich fight is only a challenge because you're pushed into doing it early if you pick up Edwin. Firkraag himself on the other hand is a bit of a pushover, even at low level levels. I understand it's outside the scope of last minute fixes but I do wish the SoA Dragons were more threatening.
  4. No save to teleport field makes fights against high level mages who cast it very unfun. I've gone against this in tactics and it means that my melee fighters are never able to land more than 1 hit per round while the spell is active Isn't it strong enough as is?
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