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  1. Thanks, I hadn't realized you could skip any chapters as you wanted.
  2. Could someone please post the code ? From the previous page I can only see the code for avoiding the first dungeon.
  3. Hello there. I am using BGT + BG1NPC project and I have a problem with Dynaheir's quest. I spoke to Drizzt in FishermansLake , I was nice to him and he said we might meet again --but from then on I can't find him in any of the other wilderness areas. I have Dynaheir in my party with an active romance. Is there a way to force him to appear with cluaconsole ? [EDIT]: Wow, I just necromanced a 3 year old thread [EDIT2]: Ok, I fixed it by entering SetGlobal("X#DQDrizztSpawn","GLOBAL",1) in cluaconsole in one of the wilderness areas. Drizzt spawned and the quest continued fine. The problem might have been with me attacking the Gnolls in the first place (even if they were not hostile), before talking to Drizzt in the fisherman's lake area.
  4. Such strange installation errors can happen in vista and win7, especially if you've installed the game in the Program files folder. If so, install it elsewhere.
  5. Look here and here for possible solutions
  6. Ahh, that line did strike me as odd when I took a look at it. Yep, it works fine with SUBCOMPONENT.
  7. There isn't an uninstall option with PST either. I also see that the installation now asks for "x >=640 , y>=480" . Is the default resolution supposed to act as an uninstall ?
  8. Version 2.1 Has been released Well, Qwinn spotted a possible bug with bigger fonts, which was caused because of some strange text scrolling function of the game. The logical solution was to increase the size of the dialog box. To tell you the truth this has been bugging me for a long time. A bigger dialog window would be a blessing since it would make the reading experience much better, especially since PST has tons of reading. Unfortunately there was an annoying glitch when I tried to increase the height of the dialog window. But then, suddenly, taplonaplo ex machina came and spotted a code line in Bigg's mod that did the trick. :YAY: So, now we can have a bigger (and taller) dialog window and also forget about any bugs. I believe the new window greatly increases reading experience in PST and let's not forget that the original text window in 640x480 took a big portion of the screen. Here it is : 1024x768: 1680x1050: Due to the bigger window I'm now offering a new bigger font size (120% bigger). Great for high resolutions : I've also revamped the inventory screen for resolutions smaller than 1280x720 to avoid certain tooltip flickering problems. Because of the new changes, the UI will no longer support resolutions below 800x600 (but I don't think anyone would need them anyway) This will hopefully be the last update. Download location
  9. Merry Christmas everyone ! The new version of the UI is finally here (v2.0). Now the mod supports ALL resolutions and also offers bigger fonts for most language versions. The bigger fonts are 100% better than the ones in the previous versions of the mod and I consider them even better than the original. The mod has been tested for most standard resolutions up to 1920x1080 but really there's no reason why it shouldn't work for any given resolution, even custom ones. Nevertheless, let me know if it works for you, especially with some notebook/laptop resolutions. Also, I'd really like some feedback from anyone that can test it in resolutions equal or higher than 2560x2048 (eyefinity anyone ?). You want eye candy ? Here is a video demonstration of the mod : This will probably be the last version of the UI, except for any possible bug-fixes/tweaks. I want to thank all the people that helped me with this here, in SHS and in RPGcodex and especially Taplonaplo, The Vanished One, Qwinn and Scient.
  10. Version 1.21 has been released. This version is mostly a quickfix. There was a wrong offset that crashed the 2CD version of PST when using the 1280x720. The crash happened when you tried to point the cursor and perform an action. It should be fixed now. Kudos to taplonaplo for finding the offset.
  11. Version 1.2 has been released ! What happened to v1.1 you ask? Well, it was an internal version that was extensively tested by me and my staff (an alien race I have enslaved for this purpose) , but was never released because v1.2 came along. There are a couple of significant changes in this version: I'm happy to announce 1280x720 support. Now, all you LCDTV users can enjoy Torment in all it's glory with the correct aspect ratio Secondly, I've made some changes and improvements with the bigger fonts. On one hand the size of the in-game floating text is now is now increasing when you install one of the bigger fonts: On the other hand, the 30% bigger fonts are much cleared now, and for the 50% bigger fonts I'm now using the in-game floating text fonts (instead of the BG2 fonts I was using previosuly) Ithink they look much better now. I'm recommending the 30% bigger fonts for widescreen users that want a bigger font. The 50% bigger fonts are better for the 1280x1024 resolution in 19'' or smaller, screens. I'm currently using the 30%fonts and reading text in my 22' monitor is much easier now. As you can see, I've also changed the dialog window. Now the text is displayed in the center and the background has been revamped accordingly. For the rest of the changes and download link , check the first post.
  12. Version 1.0 has been released ! The mod has been renamed from "Widescreen UI mod" to "GhosDog's PST UI mod" since now it also supports the 1280x1024 resolution. The renaming madness ends here. Apart from the new resolution. the other important addition is that now you have the option of using 2 new bigger fonts if your monitor is not big enough for the in-game text to show clearly. Check the first post and the readme for more details.
  13. A new version of the mod has been released. I've added support for 1280x768 (hence I've changed the name) and the mod's size has been reduced dramatically. Some other fixes and additions have been made, check the first post for details. No need for translations since editing the tooltips is no longer necessary.
  14. Thanks Graoumf, it would help a lot to have the original translation files of other languages. So to get this straight, the other language versions don't have a translated dialog.tlk file? They simply have a .tra file that overlaps the dialog.tlk?
  15. Thanks for the help Immortality. No, all other UI elements can be used for any language version. If you install the mod the first part can be installed in any language version, the second part (the one I'm now trying to translate) that fixes some tooltip problems is only for the english version.
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