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  1. Also, I've got a weakness for skills, and that was some epic pedagogical nerdery going on there Mike. Well done.
  2. Let's agree to disagree For me the limit has literally nothing to do with sorcerer-selectable spells, and all to do with avoiding a spam-amount of available spells. But then again, we already had this argument over in Item Revisions, didn't we
  3. I can also contribute a byte! ª Please use it responsibly.
  4. If you've gotten a link in PM from Demi, then that link will always point to the newest (public) beta release of IR/SR.
  5. For clarity: utterly busted > less-than perfect
  6. I'm not sure I got what the problem is with the proposed Improved Slow (Mass Slow)? Is it that it's AOE, that the effects are too severe, or something else? Because if it's not the mass part per se, then surely it can be tweaked?
  7. Huh? I thought it was the other way around, that it's symmetric with Mass Hate?
  8. Tell me if I can help with Store Revisions for BG1. I'm a scrub at BG2, but I know my BG1 well (and you're quite the opposite if I remember correctly:)).
  9. I remember this from when you originally posted it. It's as cute and well deserved now as it was then!
  10. That was a bit cruel... ... nice, that you think it's the Imp that's bind to ... LOL x2
  11. What jarno said. A fighter->mage 7/1 is not a more powerful mage than a level 2 mage. In magical things, mind you. Which is what a familiar is about. It's even more evident if you switch it around, a mage->thief 3/25 shouldn't have their familiar be ultra powerful as the mage is still a clown at magic. EDIT: @kreso: IIRC a familiar could pretty much be all of the above. It's either a "natural" creature that gets imbued with a smattering of magical power when it becomes a familiar (a cat, for example). You could also gate a small create and bind it to you (imp) or have a semi-mag
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