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  1. Dakk

    Koveras' Ring

    TS might indeed be OP, with the way Luck works. I'd go with either Luck or kresos variant + TS.
  2. Also, I've got a weakness for skills, and that was some epic pedagogical nerdery going on there Mike. Well done.
  3. SMILEYS! (man, I'm worse than Lollorian) Also, good to see you aboard Mike.
  4. You only need to fight 2 statues for Foebane. Usuno and Rynn are a bit more hard, but Foebane is literally free loot. 2 fighter statues can't really do much against a 9-10 level party. One can use Flame Arrows, Slow, summons, insects, whatever. Unless Vampiric Wraiths spawn with mephits on WK level 1, Foebane is the easiest and fastest way to get a +4 weapon in the game (I'd dare to say it's quite probably the best 1-handed weapon since it offers both protection and huge damage (+ lifesteal), but tastes differ). My original idea was to leave it where it is, but tone down the enchantement to a more sensible +3. I veto nerfing Foebane! Everyone gets one veto, right? Right!?
  5. There's something to be said for a man with a mission. Keep up the good work F-man, we're all very much obliged. Also, let me know if you need some wizarding in excel or the like. Oh and I just noticed you're from Finland! That's doubly impressive then - between Jarno and my ex-girlfriend, I was convinced all Finns were crazy
  6. 7.5 hours eh? I'm sure you've got plenty of work left in you, so get cracking on BG1 items. Mush!
  7. Dakk

    Koveras' Ring

    Well, that won the Internet today.
  8. So... you got more romance than you bargained for? Too clingy?
  9. I've taken the liberty of formatting the main file above, changing a few minuscule mistakes and making it a spread sheet (.xlxs-file). Mainly for ease-of-use, as it's now divided into columns and set with a data filter so you can easily sort by new or old location instead (default sorting by item name). IR Item Re-allocations and Store Revisions (by F-man) EDIT: @F-man: the items that for a new location has "???" set, what does that mean? Namely Gauntlets of Dexterity and Gloves of Missile Snaring.
  10. Let's agree to disagree For me the limit has literally nothing to do with sorcerer-selectable spells, and all to do with avoiding a spam-amount of available spells. But then again, we already had this argument over in Item Revisions, didn't we
  11. Dakk

    Koveras' Ring

    My only fear is that +1 Luck and True Strike is, indeed OP. Other than that I think the powers are suitable. If one has to go, keep Luck
  12. Dakk

    Koveras' Ring

    I'm down with it. Nothing that starts with "but this is Dakk's point" ever ends well But you actually nailed it subtledoctor. Yes. It needs to be BOTH 1) something useful to shadow thieves AND 2) something Gorion might credibly have bequeathed to Charname - *any Charname,* including druids and paladins and mages. A ring that improves backstabs doesn't fit both criteria. A Ring of Prot. +1 can fit both criteria. So would a ring of Luck. Or a million other things. My point is, there are tons of items which would be very useful to s shadow thief, which the shadow thieves might create or collect, and mark as their own, abc give to their members, which are *not* thief-only items. As has been pointed out, a ring of Luck benefits anybody (criteria #2), but benefits assassins more than most other classes (criteria #1). So it's actually pretty appropriate. The ring has to have some *identifying characteristic* as a Shadow Thief item. But that characteristic need not be a magic power. It can just be a certain marking - which Charname won't recognize (not yet having been to Amn) but Ulraunt will. A sentence about it in the description will suffice ("the ring bears a strange mark - it is distinctive, but you do not recognize it.") Next, it has to have some magical power, not enough to be game-breaking but enough to make it worth keeping when you already have 3 Rings of Protection +1. Next, that magical power has to be the kind of thing that Gorion might plausibly leave to Charname. Of course this is a lie - but it has to be a *believable* lie. So no "Ring of Backstabbing" only usable by evil thieves, because then my druid Charname would be like "WTF??" Finally, that power has to be something that the Shadow Thieves would find useful. Note, that does NOT mean that ONLY Shadow Thieves would find it useful. Basically it has to be something everyone would find useful, *including* (maybe especially) Shadow Thieves. The name probably shouldn't have "Koveras" in it. If anything it should be "Gorion's Ring of Luck" or more likely, just generic "Ring of Luck" and mention in the description that Koveras passed it on to you. Spot on mate.
  13. Dakk

    Koveras' Ring

    Yes you are correct of course. I just meant that everyone gets +1 AC, THAC0 and Save. But apart from that Assassins also get +5 in Pick Pocket, Open Locks, Find Traps, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Set Traps and Detect Illusion (not sure about those last two, anyone want to check?). So it's comparatively worth quite a lot more to them As Assassins only get +15 % per level, a +1 Luck equals ~2 levels worth of skills!
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