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  1. Vigdis

    Sir Nord

    Good work then - I thought of Brienne the very moment I saw Hildury, heh. And sir Nord is a nice mixture! I hope you keep him in good health, it seems he has some potential of a dangerous split personality disorder, heh heh ('Is that the best ya can do, pox - ridden son of a strumpet?!' 'Ah, my hound, I do think you are in need of some more stylish battle - cry...' 'What the hell?!' 'Stop it, both of you. 'Tis no time for petty quarrels.' ) My BG characters rarely liked Gorion - when I write about his and protagonist's relation, I make him the man who is the 'official' caretaker, but rarely has time for the child, so that the Bhaalspawn ends up seeing Hull, Winthrop or even Reevor as the actual father - figure. But hells, if only Gorion would speak like sir Nord... ha, my Bhaalspawns would love him so much that they would have killed Sarevok right on this stony plain! (this is the part where I get ashamed of myself for messing the conditionals up... ah, the curse of being a non - native).
  2. Vigdis

    Sir Nord

    Hi folks , I haven't seen much of this mod yet, but let me say one thing: congratulations on sir Nord. A not - annoying paladin is one thing, but a paladin who is likeable... how the Nine Hells did you do that? My chaotic evil warrior really seems to like his company. Great job, great character. Thankies.
  3. Aye, rite ya be . I wonder if Bitter Black is the Faerunian equivalent of Guiness...
  4. Wohooo! Party *drowns five tankards of Elminster's Choice Beer*
  5. Wohooo! Great great great. A miracle, ya be. Thankies! *is off to read the guide*
  6. Nice tale. I'm into more brutal stories, but can appericate a well - written sweet one as well. And Kivan is a good choice, hehe. Give my congrats to your PC.
  7. Why? I think I remember one of your other works on ff.net - or was it someone else with a similar nickname... *ponders*. 'One Soul', that was the title. A fine one as well, stylishly evil, hehe. But yeah, one can't write fanfiction to the end of his/her life.
  8. Thanks . Safana on steroids... :thumbsup: hah, you just made my day
  9. I took a look - and a long one at that - on BG1 with 'talkative' NPCs, and let me say a few things: Modders be praised. I was never so happy to get sick - and thus stay at home playing BG - in my whole life. Thank you for what you did to this game. The silence in BG was really a major flaw, and the reason why I only finished the game once. My imagination can work, yes, but after playing the mod I realized how limited it was. Actually... my PCs wanted to say something, but being too shy (and too non - existent, but hushhh ), they just asked me to leave a few messages to ye all. Here they are: Earendiel, a neutral elven warrior, a worshipper of Shevarash: 'I honor your work, word - smiths. You liberated the spirits of my kinsmen: Coran, carefree and full of love to life, Xan, troubled and full of fears, yet a good man and trusted companion... Kivan, my brother in faith and comrade in arms, a true friend, and a noble ranger, even in his sorrow. Thanks to your mastery, I grew to respect and understand those of half - human kind. Jaheira and Khalid are loyal and valuable allies, and I do not regret taking them with me.' Thyrm, a chaotic evil berserker, half orc: 'Grand job, folks. I know a good thing when I see one, aye. Monty's a fine fella, and Kagain sure can shut the hell up and get the job done. Shar - Teel's my woman, though she'd kick my teeth in if she heard me sayin' that... at least she'd try, heh heh. I met her thanks to ye, I won't deny. My match, she is. I've just had it with them whining, pathetic excuses fer women. She's the real deal. Good job, as I said. Wanna drown a few ales?' Neirra, a neutral evil human thief, (and a devoted cant speaker;) ): 'Oi, now that be an ark - mod if I e'er seen one! Good men ya've there. I fancied the upright black - box, but went straight fer the abram - cove vagrant elf after this righteous git spoke. Hush'd some goody good, I did, and the lawyer goes a babblin' of me reputation. Stick it, I say. Wanted this Narlen fella, but a gal can't have it all, rite? Good to hear some chattin' 'long the ole road. Thankies.' BTW, congratulations for what you did to Faldorn. A perfect and interesting Shadow Druid. I hardly ever play good characters - thus never take him along - but took a peek in the Infinity Explorer, and Yeslick seems very himself, and very likeable too ('no, not me family - me CLAN' - I'll be damned if it didn't make me sad, in a good way...). Perfect job on Branwen, too ('I have my work cut out for me', hahaha!) - she is just what I thought she would be if the creators of the original game gave her a voice. I'd like to see a more 'expanded' Eldoth ( a friendship mod, perhaps?)... but maybe it's the best as it is, this man wears so many masks that it would be really hard to get through them all and see his real face - if this character has one, that is. I think Safana's 'doncha like your girlfriend was hot like me' attitude is a bit over - done, but mayhap it's just me. Very, very good job with writing the possible responses. There is always something to suit any character. The PCs I tried was very different from one another, and I never felt as if something they would say was missing. I liked the ones expressing the player's awareness of the fact that there was something unusual about his/her heritage and nature - these hints were greatly done. I wish it was my first play - through, but, alas! Anyways, thank you for making an illness enjoyable. Hehe.
  10. Even though my PCs never really liked Jaheira, I still consider her a well - written character with a real personality. You managed to capture her nature. It was good to see her after ToB, a proud widow, strong, yet grieving. Nice idea to give her and Khalid a son - personally, I always thought she should have a child to remember her dead housband by... I think the story would do well without the lyrics. I know it's a songfic (that's how they call it, right?) and the genre alone simply needed it, but still - your tale is good without the song. Maybe it's just me, but I find the text in corsiva not very, hmm, faerunish. But, again - it's just me. I liked it. Thanks for this 'postcard from Jaheira'
  11. Hahahahahaha I read it this morning, and laughed all the way to the university. Thank you for making my day.
  12. I know it's kinda old, but... had to say a word or two. I liked that a lot. The NPC Project version of Coran is excellent, and this story 'expands' him in a good way. Minuwiel is likeable, too, even though I'm generally not fond of elves. A great ending: Suldanesselar is ruined and destroyed, Elessime is going to die, and the protagonist is all alone. Greatly written, and I enjoyed reading. Thank you for posting it here.
  13. Heh, again I'll have to compliment your style. I liked the story. It gave me more information about Sarah and Auren, the two characters that both me and my PC like . The Sarah/Auren pairing was a bit of surprise, since I thought the ranger lass will go straight for the resident alpha female, and that the fighter gal will win Nalia's heart, but I guess they would end up that way sooner or later... Another thing - very nice Sarah POV, makes the reader like her even more. She is just so... herself, with all these doubts, shyness and lack of self - assurance. As afore said - good story. :thumbsup: Are you going to continiue it?
  14. Vigdis


    Hm. Some strange things are going on in Sendai's Enclave, and I don't mean those ilithids waving their tentacles. So. My PC and her cohort of the damned first got rid of Balthazar, then slew Abazigal and his minions (Korgan insisted on keeping the heads of all killed dragons, but fortunately the others talked him out of it). Then, they travelled to Sendai's hideout with great speed, cutting their way through hordes of drow. No foe could oppose them... accept one. A bug. Everytime I try to go further into Sendai's Enclave after killing the guard (the one wielding two katanas) and taking the key from his corpse, there is a cutscene showing Melissan, Sendai, Diatha and the ilithid with some strange name. That's nothing unusual, but after Melissan casts a spell the cutscene is not a cutscene anymore. It switches to normal view, everyone is silent, and my poor party is imprisoned in the corner of the screen forewer. What should I do?
  15. I see. Thank you for the reply, and I hope all goes well, both with getting a job and re - writing the story. From what I saw, your tale resembles those told by the skalds in the early middle ages. The northern tradition is close to my heart - even though I'm of Slavic hertage - so my interest shouldn't be surprising . Anyway, good luck again.
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