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  1. Thank you for the update, demi! By the way, I think increasing damage, thac0, and hp seems working better for the Animal Growth. The STR/CON bonus might not give few merit for lower level animals such as rats, because those would have a few STR and CON. For example, if we assume the rats have 10STR and 10CON, the +4 buff would bring nothing in vanilla.
  2. Hello, Ardanis. I attached the logs in weapon_debug.log here: blun02 - Damage (unid) blun08 - Damage (unid) blun39 - Damage (unid) compb18 - Damage (id) comps18 - Speed Factor (id) ensw2h - Damage (unid) rr#sap01 - Speed Factor (unid) sw1h20 - Damage (unid) sw2hd2 - Damage (id) godbow - Speed Factor (id) sw2hd2 - Speed Factor (id) You can check the lists what I've installed at 11 pages.
  3. - Ah, I forgot to say that there is another boots of stealth in BG:EE; there are two types of boots of stealth then - No, the implementation is quite realistic and I like it. The limitation is just little annoying.
  4. Ha ha, my mod does that too. (The APR change, not the d4 damage, but that's fairly easy.) I'll update the above mini-mod to have both changes later today when I have some time. UPDATE: okay try downloading it again, now it should change both quarterstaff and darts https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/86011511/StaffAC.zip Thank you so much, subtledoctor! Should I install it after installing mod which add items or before?
  5. This code is already in my mod - here, I can extract this bit pretty easily and make it a tiny little extra mod. (It won't be reflected in staff descriptions though, that's a bit more involved.) Install this after IR and anything else that changes quarterstaves: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/86011511/StaffAC.zip Thank you indeed! By the way, would you know how to change apr as the above modification? I personally wanna make darts from 1d3/3apr to 1d4/2.5apr.
  6. FYI, here is my WeiDU.log: In addition, I changed several 2DA files for my favorite, which must not affect the above things (I changed Single Weapon Style, and the proficiency restriction of Assassin, etc.) - The Root of the Problem's ability, Monster Bane, just provides +6 damage against monsters instead of 8 which is described in Item Index. - Boots of Speed gives +4 movement speed bonus instead of +5. - Girdle of Hill/Stone Giant Strength have been added (Both of these do not exist in vanilla BG and BG:EE even did not add these afaik), but both of these fix strength to 19/20 respe
  7. No, I checked the list which items are added in BGEE from http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/8110/a-guide-to-new-magic-items-in-bg-ee-spoilers/p1, but there is no Javelin. I installed 5 mods only; SR, IR, KR, RR, and SCS. Hmm... About Club, yes, ir_weapon_stats.txt file is set correctly, but 1d6 is shown in EE Keeper... And I found a Wakizashi (Wakizashi +1). I missed it because it's in Short Sword Category. Helmet is wearable by Thieves now. Is it intended change? Flail, Spear, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Throwing Axe, War Hammer, Halberd, Small/Medium/Large shield,
  8. Demi, could you check whether the changes what I write below are set correctly or not? I installed IR and several changes were not same with the descriptions in Readme. - Club: According to Readme it should be 1d4 but was 1d6 (I checked it via EE Keeper) - Spear: should be 2d4, but was 1d8 - Throwing Spear: should be 1d8, but was 1d6 (I'm not sure whether this is just problem of the specific spear named "Javelin" or not. Anyway, there is only 1 throwing spear in BG:EE) There are typo: "Kazgoroth", not "Kazgaroth" Furthermore, I could not find Ring of the Phantom Wraith from EE K
  9. Adding columns will have no effect. The table is used by our components to modify weapon stats. We have no code to add AC to weapons or read from an AC column. Thank you for the reply. By the way, could you explain safe and correct install order of mods? I'm preparing to setup my BG:EE environment before testing the lastest IR with several mod, but I forgot the install order since I had stopped playing BG series long times ago. What I want to install are, Spell Revision Item Revision Kit Revision Rogue Rebalancing SCS Thanks in advance.
  10. I found a wrongly set value. Club's dice has been changed from 1D6 to 1D4 in the Readme, but it was still 1D6 in bg2_weapon_stats.txt. Do I misunderstand how the mod installation works?... I'm sorry I misunderstood about it. Just ignore the above thing. I have a question: I'd wanna modify the weapon_stats a bit for personal favorite which gives AC bonus to Staff. But there is no column like "ac" in ir_weapon_stats txt file so I'm afraid it correctly works when I add the column manually in the file. would it work correctly as I expect?
  11. Well, I think it's not time to discuss about this topic yet and even this priority is quite low because it can be implemented in EE series only, but I'd like to give my suggestion about the Weapon Style Revision (WSR). 1. Single Weapon (+): +1 dmg, -1 Thac0 (++): +2 dmg, -2 Thac0 (and +5% crit if this fighting style should keep its maximum proficiency points). (+++): +2 dmg, -2 Thac0, +5% crit 2. Sword and Shield (+): -1 AC, -1 AC against missile (++): -2 AC, -2 AC against missile (+++): -2 AC, -2 AC against missile, +5% physical resistance (I guess this is not implementable even
  12. When you get increased apr you also automatically get increased speed. For example a Two-handed sword has speed factor 10 with 1 apr, but it becomes 5 with 2 apr, and 3 with 3 apr (thankfully, only a fighter with Grandmastery reaches that within KR). That's why those Speed Factor penalties are "tremendous", and if you skip Enchantment Doesn't Affect Speed Factor of Weapons all the system fails anyway, as all weapons pretty much get speed factor 1. For the reasons explained above I would never improve those speed factor bonuses, I'm actually thinking to fully remove them from GM (+1/2 apr
  13. I read the Readme and here are my opinions: Allow Spellcasting in Armor I really like the latest change which allows Bards to cast arcane spells without penalties while wearning armor. However, it seems that too many armor types are allowed. Leather and Studded Leather are enough imo. If Chain Mail is allowed, the merit of Elven Chain Mail would be really reduced. Allow Thieving Skills in Armor The penalties given by wearing Studded Leather seems a little bit huge. 10~15% would be ok imo. Weapon Changes There is missing word, "medium". Joking aside, I think staff is too weak e
  14. I checked it out and the latest version of IR seems OK but I'm not sure about SR. The latest updated date is about 3 months ago. Is it the latest version? Yes, I'm working right now on the next SR build but I don't want to give an ETA (it could be tomorrow or next week depending on too many factors). I see. It seems that I need to focus on how the Store Revisions component works now and give you feedback, don't I?
  15. I checked it out and the latest version of IR seems OK but I'm not sure about SR. The latest updated date is about 3 months ago. Is it the latest version?
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