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  1. That's excellent news, glad to hear translations are still receiving attention.
  2. I was asked to create an additional line for Bodhi during one of the 1.x releases for EE. I don't recall the details, but in hindsight I think it was a mistake because it made every complete translation incomplete, and I don't think it's worth it for a single additional line. I recommend that the line be removed if no effort is being made to update the translations. As to what the line was, I'm afraid I don't recall. EDIT: it's this - https://github.com/InfinityMods/Ascension/pull/1/files. This is only a recommendation though, I'm pretty out-of-touch with the BG2 modding scene, so will leave the decision in your hands. As a side note I greatly appreciate the work you've put in to update this mod for the modern era.
  3. When BG2 introduced the Thief "check for traps" script it was a real lifesaver, stopping me from having to forever click that stupid button. Now I've finally got around to trying to finish Icewind Dale and I'm missing it sooooo much. The only scripts I've tracked down are smart scripts, doubly worthless in IWD owing to the delay before player scripts kick in (and I'm more than happy to micro my own party). Does such a script exist?
  4. Quitch

    Version 2 released!

    I suspect I won't be continuing my BG game any time soon, so I can wait.
  5. Quitch

    Version 2 released!

    1. If I already have him installed and in the party, can I remove and reinstall him without causing problems? 2. It's English (International) not British English.
  6. A very helpful addition would be something which assists in the order of installation (since I believe some WeiDU mods do request to be installed after others), which mods conflict with which and so on.
  7. Quitch

    Quality Work

    Downloaded this along with all the other various BG1/Tutu mods I could lay my hands on. I wasn't intending to pick up Mur'Neth, but I installed him simply because I could. Ran into him with no intention of recruiting him, I had my party just as I wanted it, and Imoen was taking care of thief duties. Imoen is an NPC who has never, ever, not been included in my party. Mur'Neth changed that (that and Indira and Imoen were starting to have chats about doing their hair... and I thought Kivan got on my nerves). His initial dialogue and backstory were absolutely fascinating, and the superb grammar (nothing lept out at me) was the icing on the cake. Of course, the attention to detail helps. We killed some slimes, he didn't say anything and I started having doubts, but then we emerge outside, up fires a dialogue, and rather than needing to ask the modder "Why didn't slime boy protest" I got to ask him in person! It cannot be overstated how important such minor details are. His stats are terrible, and I've only had a couple of dialogues with him thus far, but he has been a wonderful addition to the party, simply through force of personality. Original and well-written, something that is seen all too little, and luckily this is the exception to the rule. I see a future for him with me, and of course his evil alignment is a bonus. Congratulations on what appears to be a job well done.
  8. A bug, of sorts. Minsc talked to Kivan about what he was going to do after we'd beaten the Iron Throne. Problem here is I'm only in Chapter 2, we're not supposed to know about the Irone Throne yet!
  9. One of the merchants in the carnival, in the armoury tent, has a bag of turnips and a bag something else. The items looked stranged, having a coloured background rather than a transparent one, and pulling up their description caused a blank page followed by a crash... I assume they are part of this mod, though I have two new NPCs as well which this might be part of.
  10. I should clarify this somewhat. Firstly, I have registered this issue... but maybe it was in the main bug thread. Anyway, my banters with Imoen seem to work, and Edwin just had a banter with Kivan (the, is it justice or revenge, one), but every time Kivan starts a banter with Imoen, when I click continue the banter simply ends. I also had a similar issue with Edwin once, another banter also directed at Imoen (complimenting her on her dress sense).
  11. Well, all we know about how you arrived was as a baby, with Gorion. Now, since there's only two elements "much as you did" can draw on, and we know she wasn't a baby when she arrived... Still having problems with banters. Every banter not directed at me (or maybe all banters, only Imoen banters with myself seem to work correctly) cut out after the first state. I tried reinstalling the BG1 NPC Banter pack, but this hasn't fixed the problem.
  12. I do believe her BG1 bio states, in rather plain terms, that she arrives one day with Gorion, ten years after your arrival at the keep. It also states that she tends to prefer the company of Winthrop.
  13. Actually, I'd say something like "I forget" is far more old fashioned than "misremembering". However, as pointed out they do mean slightly different things, so I'm sure it was used as a forget alternative. I said that particular variation of the prefix, not the others. No, she spends more time with Winthrop, but it was Gorion who brings her to Candlekeep.
  14. I have never, ever, seen this variation of the prefix used (though perhaps it's more common in English (American)?). It seems like a rather odd choice. What made you pick it?
  15. Because it's not Imoen. Dad is a very modern word, and for the main characters the writers have carefully avoided using it. Imoen calls him Gorion and Mr G, and might refer to him as your foster-father (though this is very unlikely as he's also hers). Dad sticks out like a sore thumb. In the instance this dialogue takes place, Gorion (her more serious name) would seem appropriate. Dad and daddy is used by children I believe, but the writers were much looser in their language with the various minor actors. With main characters they tend to use longer, and often more old-fashioned/arcane words. Neither the PC nor Imoen would ever call Gorion "dad" in the hands of a Bioware writer.
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