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  1. the component "move boo into minsc bag" is not avaible for BG2EE
  2. I took a video to show you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvKB0YKXrSY&feature=youtu.be
  3. well it depends, sometimes I can equip ammunitions but overall it's ok, we just need to not cheat.. . But I find the description to be not very accurate, for exemple with firetooth +4 : "normal bolts cannot be fired with this crossbow" ===> by reading this, I was thinking that non magicals bolts cannot be fired but magicals bolts can be fired". Nevermind.
  4. hello, I have noticed some things recently 1 -I find that weapons provinding +x bonus to hitpoints are not very convenient because you loose the bonus to hitpoint when you switch with a ranged weapon... it would be better to replace it by a regenerate bonus or something else. (defenser of easthaven, axe of unyielding) 2- I wonder also why the ring of energy provide only +25% resistance while others rings always provide at least +50 %. (ring of fire) 3- About magical ranged weapons shooting magical created ammunitions (firetooth+4, Gensen, tansheron ,taulmaril) . Do you think it could be interesting to fix these items as we can find in this mod : https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/64051/prevent-launchers-ammo-less-ammunition-from-stacking-with-real-ammunition
  5. I use the 1.7 EET tweak and it seems to work correctly in my current game. ~EET_TWEAKS/EET_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3030 // Protagonist can die: 1.7
  6. Minor fire/earth/water elemental (level 5 mage) do not get anymore a minor animatiion but a normal one. Also It seems that the minor fire elemental get 3 attack per rounds instead of just one. burst damages of mordenkainen's force missiles bypasse magic resistance.
  7. No I patch every creatures in a old school way..
  8. I always standardise undead resistances in my game. ( 100 % resistance to cold/ electricity), 50% resistance to slashing/piercing, 90% resitance missile + 10% magic resistance per level
  9. Ha ok, I got it my friend thanks for the url
  10. ??What is "the repo" and where can we find the fix please ?
  11. just an idea about balacing spells : -physicall mrror (priest level 6) : I would raise the duration to 5 turns to make this spell a long duration one. Because currently , priests are really naked in terms of prebuff. (the last version of SCS with IWD spells try to fix it ) - regenerate (level 7) looks weak Imo. I would increase the regerate rate to 2hp/round. ( haste level 3 : I find the two rounds fatigue duration a bit short considering this spell remain very powerfull. ( don't forget that increase the movement rate is a big advantage fo the player who can exploit it a lot). Also the duration is far more superior than the vanilla one so I think this spell should be nerfed more or get more drawback. Or maybe decrease the movement rate bonus to only +2 or +3 if you prefer to keep the two round fatigue duration. ==> I admit that I am really against everything that increase the movement rate too easily ( and I only use on set of boots of speed in my game witch is supposed to be a unique item).
  12. Some bugs or inconsistencies with SCS V32.3 : 1- I think I have discovered a bug with Improved NPC customisation and management: v32.3 : I cast freedom to liberate one character from Imprisonment, then I speak with him to get him in join my team and then he gets tons of XP and I can level up him continually. 2- Enemies mage ofen love to cast true seeing quite early in the fight even if there is no real reasons to use it. ( the mage is not blinded and all my team is visible). But maybe there is a good reason for that. 3- Ofen , priests cast sanctuary for nothing : they just attack in melee again just after casted sanctuary 4- almost all summoned fiends are easily killable during the gate animation. 5- Balors do not use implosion on hardcore and insane 6- I rarely see enemies mage casting long duration summoning spells in prebuff 7- Nabassus are bit weak Imo my weidu.log :
  13. humm very interesting and good idea to improve this kind of incomplete quest .
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