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  1. This fight in the arena is too much a mess and not convenient. The best way would be to make faldorn and all his party hostile to the group for a nice fight.
  2. it looks like ennemies don't notice priest who are protected by the new IWD spells ( divine protection and greater divine protection,) Ennemies should react to these protections in a similar way to protection from magical weapons I think.
  3. If you don't like mismatched movement speeds, I strongly advice you to try the following component from Argent777: ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #2 #3340 // Increase party movement speed outside combat -> By 50 percent: v9 With this component, all your party members will have the same speed whatever boots of rapidity or spell they have but only OUTSIDE of fight. Once you are in a fight, all party members get they real movement rate. This component from Argent really make the game very cool and convenient. It allow me to play with IRR armor movement speed penalities and the
  4. Just for information. I have tweaked haste (level3) in my my BG2/TOB game. I didn't play with SRR but I have tweaked some spells and especially haste level 3 in order to make him affect only one creature. It works like a charm and perfectly balanced.. just information and suggestion
  5. I have noticed that many wizard prefer to memorize and buff themself with protection from cold over protection from fire. Considering the large number of spells providing fire damage, I think that protection from fire should be a no brain pick up. I have killed Irenicus in Suldanessalar (fully buffed) with a mere dragon fire, fight has lasting 5 second. Other than that, the mod is awesome, as always. some bugs may be related to SCS 33.4 : -I had a lot of chunk effect ( even after installating the CDT tweak componenet allowing to remove chunk effects) -Compon
  6. Maybe I am wrong but potion of defense stack with all others defensive effect. As for me I have tweaked ribald store ( and some others merchants) to provide unlimited potions and ammunitions... It make things less frustrating and the price is enough to avoid some powergaming gameplay. ((IMO) But even in you play without my tweak , I am not sure rarity is a good criterium to assign the price/power because potions/ammunitions/scrolls remains "standard" items in one sense. I think the store revision component should be revisited a bit to give unlimited potions and ammunition to so
  7. About haste (level3) , I make him to affect only one creature and it works like a charm.( it doesn't mess with SCS because SCS don't use it ofen) ==> I complain for 10 years that haste (level3) is the most powerfull spell in BG... (web level 2 in second position)
  8. I have juste finished a a BG2 game and I would like to give some feedbacks about 2 or 3 things : 1- Some potions witch are lasting 5 turns looks too much powerfull (considering they are indispellable) -all potions of strength. ( no need to invest points on strenght on character creation anymore..) - potions of absorption ( resistance to damage is quite exploitable) . EDIT : last only one turn so It is ok. ( I thought it was 5 turn duration) -potion of defense. (not sure about this one but I find this potion quite powerfull) -potion of vocalize : 5 turns O_o = it make
  9. Beholders use petrification on Basic mod and improved mod. ( this bug was occuring on V32.3 I remember)
  10. Hello everybody, In my current game, I want to remove the berserk innate abiliy of Minsc and the innate abilities of Mazzy but it seems I cannot do it anymore with nearInfinity or EEkeeper. The spells simply don't appears. In the past, (2019) , I remember I was able to see them and remove them.. Maybe something has changed with the last BG EE2 patch ? my weidu.log:
  11. ??the only dispellable potion is potion of haste in my game.
  12. Hi Bartimaeus, Just tested the last version of item revisions. Everything looks very interesting It looks like the potion of speed is dispellable and the potion of energy shielding does not have icon portrait. (I have tried to add one thanks to nearinfinity but curiouslyn it is not working)
  13. I have just changed my mind about haste. The best is no nerf this stupid overpowed level 3 spell by making him to affect only one creature. (similary to the "luck" level 2 spell). It is working like a charm. I have made it thanks to near infinty. I think SCS enemies mage use SPi305 and spwi312 so it is ok. thanks again mate
  14. Ok mate. Finally, I have made level 3 haste to affect only one creature. (SCS don't this spell ofen anyways). I let slow to have an aera but only allowing a save at -1 (instead of vanilla-4)
  15. Hello, I would like to tweak haste and slow (both level 3 arcane spell) . I just want to remove all speed effect (no bonus movement for haste and no penalty to movement for slow). The reason is that I found that these effects are easily exploitable by us . (making these 2 spells a bit overpowed) Can I do it with nearinfinity ? thankssss
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