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  1. also maybe every priest should have a heavy armor and a big shield.
  2. DrAzTiK

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    You never use potions O_o undispelling potions are very interesting against SCS mages who love to cast remove magic.
  3. DrAzTiK

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    just my opinion but potion of energy shielding should be nerfed a bit . let's say +50 energy resistance and only +5 bonus to all saves . Currently, this potion make you really almost invincible even it is balanced by the fact that with revisited store component, we hace access to only 5 or 6 potions... I would have prefer to have potions/ammunitions in illimited quantity in store : the price is already here to limit access to these items . But yes, I use rogue rebalancing component making impossible to steal in store.
  4. DrAzTiK

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    ok no problem and up to you for ring of djin summoning. Wisdom +2 would only add 2 spells, not the end of the world Imo. Also considering the wish spell need a good wisdom, it would make sense to give this bonus to this ring. But yes maybe it would not fit the concept.
  5. DrAzTiK

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    I have installed this component but I think it is not working. I sill have my characters get chunked (no more portraits), especially when they takes big damage.
  6. DrAzTiK

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    I also beg to have a component allowing to never have a character get chunked ( no portrait means we need to reload...)
  7. DrAzTiK

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    ring of human influence : it looks like it cast twice charm person ( at least visually) ring of djinn summoning : I think it needs a equipped ability no ? maybe increase wisdom +2
  8. DrAzTiK

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    Yes, with SRR, It is possible to cast non detection on another target great work Bartimaeus
  9. DrAzTiK

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    Ok guys, thanks for informations
  10. DrAzTiK

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    Would it be possible to know what are the conditions to allow a creature to have and drink potions with SCS. the creature HGSKL02 (assassin skeleton in TOB, ascension ) do not use his invisibility potions with SCS. Also ORCS, OROGS do not have and drink potions anymore.
  11. DrAzTiK

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    Thanks for this update Bartimaeus. time to make a new game soon If you allow me, I think that description of non detection and mind blank could be more precise. For my part, I am still not sure what are the benefits of these spell and I almost never use them.
  12. DrAzTiK

    Tyris Flare v8 Now Available

    Great, this sexy girl looks interesting
  13. Same for me. I also would like to have confirmation because it seems that Bartimaeus ofen say that spell deflection no longer protect from AoE spells .
  14. DrAzTiK

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    yes, after casting horrid wilting once, enemies looks to be immune to it.
  15. DrAzTiK

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kakhelaombh3en3/dalzim.rar?dl=0 I have tested on many SCS vampires, MISTVA01.cre, skelletons etc.. (creatures who are flaged as undead I think)