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  1. The party in question is currently in BG1EE, and my charname is a CH Gnomish Cleric. What mod NPC, from this site or elsewhere, has banters with Dorn/Neera/Rasaad/Hexxat and doesn't turn on/fight any of them?
  2. Dorn does have....a significant interaction with Shar-Teel in BG1EE. Hexxat is, if anything, less evil than Dorn, I think. (Though her quests are a PAIN.) He could just be creeped out by her or something.
  3. Lowther and Deardon: Tainted Gold http://www.lulu.com/shop/jay-mcintyre-and-dan-jordan/lowther-and-deardon-tainted-gold/paperback/product-20706795.html
  4. So in the case of accidental miscopy, what should I do then? Edit: Never mind figured it out by following your instructions.
  5. I downloaded a mod not from here, because sadly G3 doesn't have an evil thief npc for BG2. Anyway, downloaded it, copied, extracted it, and when trying to run the set up exe, I get the can't find dialog.tlk' error. Now I know this mod works, I had it several computers ago. I am on Windows 7, but everything's in an appropraite file, not the program files, ran as administrator, and already have two other working mods on BG2. What am I doing wrong?
  6. When in Amkethran, after Marlowe said to go talk to him in his home on the cliff, I went there aren there were two of him. Marlowe #2 said nothing, the quest went fine, but it was weird having him hang around while his daughter spoke of being alone, haha.
  7. I wonder if he meant Watcher's Keep specific interjects. Because I've done 4 of the 5 WK floors with Tyris, and she's said nothing specific. Just the usual romance script.
  8. Also, there's a broken dialogue chain with Firkraag. After he gets done talking about Gorion, he begins to mention Bhaal, as "your other father" and then abruptly stops talking. No big deal, I slaughtered him anyway; but thought you would like to know.
  9. The lovetalk about settling down and having a family (the first one on that topic, I mean, before she sleeps with you) wouldn't trigger at first. The music played but she didn't initiate dialogue. I reloaded twice, and then it worked.
  10. Last time I played Tyris was v4 (no TOB content). I just got a new hard drive and a new antivirus (Norton instead of McAfee, which didn't protect my old hard drive when I needed it to). Because of what happened to the old hard drive, I never even got all the way through SOA with Tyris. So this new version is perfectly timed. Why am I telling you guys all this? Simple. I download the BG games from gog.com and am about to go download BG2/TOB from them right now. Now that I'm on Win7 instead of Vista, I'm told I should shut off my antivirus to download mods. Is it true? And if so....see, I'm new to Norton, and after what happened to my old hard drive under McAfee I'm very leery of new problems. So! How does one turn norton's antivirus off, then back on?
  11. Squee is not on the east coast (he's in Texas), but he can coordinate with us east coasters just fine. I just did a session with him recently, and got to put that Angelo vs Angelo in the Pocket Plane gag in the conversation.
  12. gah. I screwed up and voted for alternate #4 rather than #3.
  13. Silly me, I sold her armor and got her the Robe of Vecna instead. Have to remember that for next playthrough.
  14. Can never have enough NPCs, and she sounds interesting! I say go for it!
  15. Hang on, what do you mean by "no longer see the uninstall command"? If you go to your BG2 folder and double-click Setup-TyrisFlare.exe does it give you the option to Install it or give the option to Reinstall or Uninstall it? If it's the latter everything is fine. If it's the former then WeiDU doesn't think the mod is installed, which means if it infact is installed, there's a massive issue (because WeiDU won't be able to uninstall any mods correctly). Oh I see now. No, we're good.
  16. If by usual procedure you mean hitting the 'cusomize' button, yeah, I tried that. The appearance button is grayed out. If that's not what you mean, the the usual procedure is exactly what I'm asking for.
  17. Ahem, I might have a problem. I had to do a system restore a few days ago. Tyris still works and all, no problem. But I can no longer "see" the uninstall command in the BG2 file. Does this mean I'm screwed? I honestly thought the TOB version of Tyris would simply install "over" the existing version.
  18. Say you CLUA'd somebody into the party, but you're tired of starting at that question mark etched in stone absence of a portrait. If you have plasmocat's pick of the litter custom portraits already installed, any way to give one of them to the character?
  19. Varshoon sounds every interesting, but I always avoid the Illithid part of the underdark. If I never enter the Illithid city does that break the mod/make Varshoon turn on me/suck my brain out??
  20. ....do Tyris' flirts have any sort of timer/counter built into them like Amber's did, in terms of the relationship, uh....progressing? We've been flirting with each other for a while now.
  21. I had two different Auren playthroughs going, but that was several computers ago.
  22. This guy is Let's Playing BG2 with Tyris (as well as Amber and Keto) http://www.youtube.com/user/JulianArmenta
  23. Squee tried to contact you, SV, to be there for the fight with Sawara. Failing this, he gave Sawara the sword. He still hopes to have you involved in some TOB commentary.
  24. Let's say I just wanted to nip out to Umar Hills, grab Tyris, and head back to town without doing any Umar related quests, would that work? I want to get her as soon as possible, you see.
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