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  1. The Dracolich could be dispelled only if you raise party levels high enough in chapter 3, therefore facing the tougher Spellhold version. I'd rather not do it. As for the Orcus, I thought his mage levels are way higher. Could've used successful Remove Magicks in my runs as well since my mages were way above lvl 27 (did Orcus fight last). The Greater Elemental Golems cannot be drained safely without a good army of summons, this includes Swanmays and Greater Djinni. However the Ultra + Greater Elemental ones from the Globe Machine may be the easiest to drain of them all since you could leave WK at will through a portal during that fight. Moreover, in draining those guys a high-level Vagrant is the best possible choice since he has permanent IHaste and great innate resistances. Purge Magic won't strip him of anything important. The hardest ones to drain are definitely the elemental golems in Auriel's fight. Chain Contingency triggering on hit, loaded with 2*Khelben's Warding Whip + 1*Larloch's interrupter will solve your problems with that cheesy 36-lvl mage hiding under SI:Divination and illusions. Of course, make sure that the spells hit the enemy before his buffs activate. The fact that the CC triggers on hit makes it instantaneous (use LMD on self or another 0-time casting spell to trigger it). However this will not solve your problem with Improved Webs. Vs the Drowned Soul several stacked Invoke Courages assures that everyone saves all the time (Invoke Courage cannot be dispelled in that fight). Probably there is a way to force the Ghost spiders to shoot their web where you want them to, not messing up the entire fight. Still, besides the fun of it, I really don't know why you'd even bother with that quest. It's not like you have someone to wield the Axe of the Lakesider +5 anyways, nor is it such a good weapon. Still, with a Necro PC you probably could gain some Barbarian essences, but a Necro PC gets more than enough anyways the regular way. You could do both.
  2. @isleepwithfucking goats Your party consists of 6 members, which is why your levels are way lower than mine. Moreover, you missed some good xp caches like delivering Yoshi's heart twice to different Temples of Ilmater for 400 000 xp. On the other hand, you did eliminate the guardians from "the Four" mod which I don't have installed. So it's basically the 5-person party that gives me the additional +3-4 levels. That's the price you pay for playing with fun, non-essential characters like the archer. You could implement a sufficient amount of Arrows of Detonation in different stores. Those will be very effective vs Rune Assassins for example. That said, you could also modify the existing arrows of Ice and Acid to actually cast a powerful cold/acid spell on impact (20 lvl Cone of Cold, 20 lvl Melf's Acid Arrow).
  3. You could modify the Arrows of Piercing to not allow a save vs death. Called shot: Lowering all enemy resistances by 1% for 10 seconds may be a good replacement for the useless -1 to str. If you're going to give up the Riskbreaker for an Archer, then it's pretty conceivable that an Archer could benefit from the RB's pool of abilities. You could implement the "risk increment" to some extent - something like an AC penalty of 1 for 10 seconds under Called Shot. You could also apply some version of "Hard Hit" instead of that stupid -1 to save vs spells. I have other ideas but they all look very imbalanced - like 5% chance of triggering Limited Wish on each Called Shot.
  4. A Stalker needs to have the UAI HLA to be on equal ground with the F/T multi. And the only advantage after getting it will be the ability to cast Armor of Faith for 10% additional physical damage resistance. This is no small bonus, definitely, still a F/T multi will have a better backstab multiplier. Backstabbing with the Grandfather main-hand is ill-advised. It's better to backstab with a good crushing weapon. Clubs or staves. Then the damage dealt to a Skeleton Grandlord will significantly increase. Probably if you were to activate Assassinate in the beginning of the Orcus fight with a F/T multi with MultiClass Grandmastery tweak active, grandmastery in quarterstaves, str 24 or 25 (use a Holy Symbol) and the staff of the ram +4 equipped, you'll do something like 80 average dmg per hit to a grandlord, probably even more. That's unbalanced. Or you could kill 3 Gem Golems in just 1 Assassination attack in the Oasis fight. Critical Backstabs are even more unbalanced, those are completely possible with a F/T who has the Robe of Eloquence equipped. Of course, you won't be able to wear both it and Jan's armor. And you'll have small problems healing the F/T afterwards. Thing is, Assassinate doesn't guarantee that all 7 or 8 attacks will hit, while CS added to it does. But yes, most of the time the extra damage will come only from the backstab multiplier. The main drawback for a F/T is the multiple items he requires as equipment, so I'd not consider him unless applying some gold exploits. Considering an Archer: Fun, but not strong. There are enough Arrows of Piercing in the starting chapters, both Aledrian and the Genies sell 360 each, and I think that the fletcher in the promenade also has some (200?). Naturally they're expensive, another reason why an Archer is not worth it.
  5. I have no objection of playing a PC Necro, in fact my only successful IA v6 no-reload so far was with such a PC. Still, this mod forcing the Lawful Good Necromancer PC as the best choice is not something I can accept (first of all, there is no such thing as a LG Necromancer). That isn't the question here. I myself have beaten the Ancient Dragon with a Necro PC much faster than you did in your own video (naturally I had more powerful fighters at the time). Still, about your video: It's nice but the details are really small. I can't tell what you're doing most of the time despite having lots of experience with this mod and that particular fight. I can't even tell what spell you're casting most of the time. You left your Necro PC unprotected for a couple of rounds, which in my opinion is very bad since you' re relying on a pure luck for the dragon not to turn and Breathe on him, for example (I saw no fire protective gear on PC), but there was even the time when your PC hasn't finished Alacrity casting and the Dragon was right next to him. If I do such a thing in my fights, I'd consider starting anew even if by some miracle I manage to win. Keeping a Necro PC alive in that fight is much easier than keeping a fighter PC alive. Despite the Vagrant being innately immune to fire, several melee hits and 3*ADHW CC triggering at the wrong moment can quickly bring defeat. Having a Necro in the front lines bought you lots of time, which cannot be done easily with any other PC. To summarize it: Your video shows a good, but not in any way 100% effective no-reload tactic (mainly because of that close call with your PC's defences being stripped)vs the Ancient Dragon, but any low-leveled party with a Necro PC at the helm can execute an equally good or even better (100% working) no-reload tactic vs the Dragon. The big issue is when you have to face that no-save Greater Silence without an unsilenceable arcane caster. That's where the real problems with developing a no-reload tactic begin. At least for me. I understand you want to "stick to the rules" i.e. keep the B-M inside the group, which is strange, since you bent the IA rules on so many occasions (tweaking items, spells, etc). It's common sense to try and take advantage of all your characters in the best possible way. For example, pure class fighters and mages have to work together most of the time because they need each other's help (mages cannot kill almost anyone after debuffing, fighters need to be buffed/rebuffed or have enemies debuffed in order to hit them). The greatest strength of characters like the B-M is their solo performance most of the time, which is their strongest tactical advantage. Even if you choose to keep the B-M in the midst of your party, absorbing damage via Skins, you could easily increase those Skins to 7 or even 8 (1 prebuffed, 1 in Sequencer, 1 in Trigger, 5 memorized). You don't need to memorize fireshields - there is a Contingency for that or in worst case scenario (if you need to refresh it fast) - sequencer, trigger or the Staff of Fire. Also you can use the Ring of Acuity and Dak'Kon Zerth blade (only 20 000 gp) for an additional 4-level slot. But this use of a B-M is extremely inefficient IMO. To each his own.
  6. Scrolls are cast at level 10, unless you change that with BG2 Tweaks. Actually, I don't know if IA v6 changes that in any way, or the Fixpack changes it, but I've noticed that mage scrolls are cast at caster's level. Valid both for enemies, NPCs and PC. Otherwise it would be too easy dispelling for example the Pirate Coordinator's Absolute Immunity cast from scrolls. The inconvenience is that dualclasses like a Berserker(9)-Mage(36) cast their scrolls not at their mage level but at something which is a mix of (formula of) both classes, I think in this example at either level 24 or 25. Same valid for multiclasses.
  7. I do keep notes and re-watch my videos naturally. For previous no-reload runs, i just keep notes on occasional pitfalls and major mistakes, which I tend to forget. That makes it possible.At least for v6 that is. V5 simply needed adjusting my solo style a bit to the IA requirements and presto. Then I suppose it's really level dependant. In my fights Orcus shoots Silence of the Dead on each arcane caster he sees. I fight him with characters above 9 000 000 xp each. Except for Mazzy but she's dead...This is the last fight I do in SoA because there's nothing to be gained from it with immediate impact on the game, unless your PC is a Necromancer naturally. With a Necro PC, this fight is *always* too easy for me. The Necro can easily restore removed or breached ProFire and other important buffs. Without a Necro PC, you can't have a 100% chance probability of success vs him with a low-leveled party. And by that I mean mages of level below 32. OK probably there is a way to develop a 100% working strategy even for such a low-level party, but it's so bothersome to even begin developing one. Sure, I'd like to see if you have a video on such an attempt, it may spark a few ideas and try to create such a strategy together. I agree about Aerial Servants, but Wondrous Recall is never useless. Unfortunately it has a long casting time. It's not very hard to make even a lower-level B-M invulnerable. I've already found out that PFMW scrolls are useless to hoard, so seeing one can obtain roughly 80 of those without having to buy any, you should have enough copies for even the toughest fights. But yeah I use him alone vs enemies that have no way of harming him - like Elemental Golems and their minions, and not only. Since the B-M is the supreme tank, it's logical he'll score most kills. You obviously use him more like a mage than a fighter. I deploy him as any fighter/mage should be deployed: as an invulnerable fighter. There is nothing bad in finishing an opponent with a spell, but in IA, brute force is much more effective almost on all occasions. For example, try to cast Hand of Undoing with the B-M at an Elemental golem, then attempt 4 hits with Poseidon's wrath. The latter will always be more damaging (if you buffed properly, that is). I don't find Mazzy's Invoke Courages to be imbalanced. OK they stack, so do many other things. Like dragons' Greater Doom for example, and that's not imbalanced But the Invoke Courages have a serious weakness in addition to the advantage - can be easily dispelled. The thing that keeps Mazzy in check is that she's notoriously weak on Insane - not too many HP, crappy stats, the fact that she has to be a frontliner to do any damage...If you make her a R/C, that would be completely imbalanced. The thing you could do however if you want her in your party and wanna try an insane run is make her sword upgrade give her some stat boost (Str set to 18/00, +25 max HP) and probably some innate resistance to physical damage (15% should do it) If you're looking for a thief, an Assassin dualled to Fighter at level 23 is the perfect one. He can backstab extremely effective, but that's not his main strength, because with UAI, this may very well be your best tank. Also, the feat of keeping such a character alive throughout most of the game is not a small one. Don't worry that you'll actually have a useless fighter throughout most of the game. Once activated, the Use Any Item ability remains active even after dualclassing. Another good and very simple idea is a minor tweak - making a Swashbuckler be able to obtain Use Any Item. There is your thief. He won't be able to backstab for more than *2, but will be extremely resistant to damage and thus a perfect tank. Not to mention great AC. About backstabbing in IA - yeah, you might call it imbalanced. I remember eliminating a large group of improved Spiders in IA v5 with my F/M/T after activating Assassinate and backstabbing with the Treefolk's Arm +4. Any other good club or staff will do. Not to mention things like Iron Golem's fists or the Black Blade of Disaster...so IMO removing that backstab immunity from most enemies can spoil some very hard fights. Still if you use a pure backstabbing thief, he can never have that amount of APR so maybe backstabbing won't be so unbalanced. I thought about a pure thief only because of the fact that he could cast scrolls at much higher level than any mage. But since Remove magic, PFME, PFE, Improved Haste, Wish and other important scrolls are severely limited, and there are enemies who are actually immune to Remove/Dispel magic, I considered not worth it at all. Anyway, use a thief only if PC is a necro. Because the Scarlet Ioun Stone is wasted on a necro. Only a character with UAI can make most of that item.
  8. Waiting out the Dracolich is possible because he practically cannot kill the more powerful summons, has especially hard time with Skeleton Warriors. The Ancient Dragon has no such problems and can wipe out any bunch of summons in several rounds, not to mention that he uses Wing Buffet much more often. Anyway, winning vs him in late SoA on Insane may be possible, but hardly on every attempt - meaning, a tactic like that has no value to me since it's not a no-reload one. Weapons don't make the game, but crucial quantity of +4 ones and often specific weapons and equipment are required to attempt a certain fight. For example, for my current party of Vagrant, B-M, R-C, Sorc, RB to attempt the fight vs Orcus, the Flail of Defending and Wounding is required in order not to waste too many Barbarian Essences, which are important in the last fight. About the JD sword, I have my own observations: Immunity to Fear - good Immunity to Charm - kinda obsolete at that point when the weapon is forged Immunity to Confusion - good Immunity to Backstab - pointless. There are almost no backstabbing enemies after the Ancient Dragon is defeated +2 Str - very good +20% resistance to physical damage - maybe the best quality of the sword +30 to max HP - OK, but at the same time - doesn't feel very good when it's needed to switch to another main-hand weapon or to transfer the sword to another fighter From the spells the blade could cast: First of all, they' re really low-leveled. I don't think that the wielder's level is considered when the sword triggers a spell. Any enemy can dispel these effects with a Remove Magic, which is stupid. PFMW is useless most of the time when triggering. I mean, usually the character wielding the JD is highly damage resistant and tries to attract as many enemy hits as possible. Now what's the point of this character suddenly becoming impervious to weapons and all enemies surrounding him immediately switch targets? Wish is almost useless too, since usually the wielder of the sword doesn't have a very high Wisdom score. Plus, you cannot Wish for Rest from the sword. Haven't seen much use from LR on target or from Oracle. Other spell effects are decent. It's good to prebuff the pure fighters with Stoneskins. In my video of the Orcus fight it's clearly shown that he uses a non-AoE silence ability called "Silence of the Dead", which unlike "Greater Silence" or "Grave Silence" isn't AoE. He uses Silence of the Dead multiple times. However I heard that vs other players he uses Grave Silence (only once). It's probably party level-dependant. Or it's possible I got a misleading info about him using "Grave Silence" in the first place. Winning the game on Insane is not something particularly hard. Especially with a heavy-arcane party in which 4 members can erect Stoneskins and 3 can cast PFMW. However it's quite hard to actually develop and implement one after another 100% working no-reload tactics. One unaccounted for enemy powerful spell or ability on Insane can very well end a no-reload insane run by chunking someone. In addition, besides reloading, you made serious changes to your game which make it a lot easier to play, even on Insane difficulty. Having more powerful weapons early and tweaked powerful spells, not to mention evading dangerous effects like Greater Silence are all very good examples of what I mean. ... You really should have no trouble memorizing the needed Greater Restoration quantity and still have slots for Aura of Flaming Death, Shield of the Archons and Foreknowledge. I am not certain that Globe of Blades is very useful. Basically, Aura of Flaming Death, Shield of the Archons and Foreknowledge are hard to use all together at the same time not because they're 7-level spells, but because they last only 1 turn each. I usually use only Foreknowledge, with Shield of the Archons added for fights when initial party buffs are dispelled. Aura of Flaming Death doesn't really help much with the AC bonus (at that time, it's already at max by other buffs/equipment), it just grants 90% fire res (which is good, but coped by other spells and items - not necessary in any way) and immunity to normal weapons. I usually consider only the last when casting Aura of FD, that's why I use it only vs enemies like Hardwood golems who have powerful normal-weapon attack. I agree about Blade Barrier being useless, since it turns your own summons hostile even if they manage to save. However I disagree that there is nothing good at level 6. Aerial Servant is one of the most powerful summons. Many HP, heavy crushing hit, comes Invisible, lasts for a very long time. Wondrous Recall supplies with enough 5-level buffs which are never sufficient. And finally, Heal and Protection from Missiles have some good uses, but that's for the later game. I even used Dolorous Decay, but mostly for slowing down neutral NPCs who attempted to run away before killing them like Sergeant Natula - it has a very short casting time, 0 with AoP. Edit: When I look at my previous party, after beating the Rakshasa Prince the B-M had more than 40% of the party kills, while the RB had only 25%. BTW I never used Tenser's with the B-M - never could afford it, always wanted to keep his spellcasting ability active. Used only Tenser's partial. If you're looking for a solid THAC0 boost for the B-M, have Mazzy prebuff them with 4-6 Invoke Courages (works only for a 5-person party or a 6-person with a custom NPC whom you can disband temporarily). A Riskbreaker cannot protect those Invoke Courages from being dispelled by a Remove or Dispel magic, however the B-M can - with Spell Immunity Abjuration.
  9. I haven't played a SCS game for quite a long time, however last time I did that final fight, Invisibility was the key. It helped evade all the threats in the Undercity (of course with the help of the 2 cloaks of Non-Detection to get past those mages from the Iron Throne). And also helped in the final fight - go near the enemies with 1 char, drink an Invisibility potion (other too Invisible), don a Cloak of Non-Detection and wait for 10 turns for Diarmid's Magic Protection and all other Free Action to expire, then malison+web them off-screen.
  10. On Insane, if you don't keep the dragon busy on defense rather than offense and if you allow your buffs to be dispelled by his Remove Magic (being lower-leveled mage than he is), you're looking at a Remove Magic+Lower Fire Res+Breath, and then you pick up your chunked fighters and reload. No thanks. Staying out of a dragon's LoS is not that hard if you're forced to use Breaches - just requires some practice. You have to refresh Spell Triggers with Breach, since those can be shot at an instant speed, and the dragon can be easily distracted for the moment you need to approach with a mage, shoot a trigger and run away from his sight before he has any chance to cast Grave Silence. It's best done if you approach from the dragon's tail. It's not so hard to make him turn around by moving his designated melee target a bit. Even if a mage is Silenced, that mage still has 2 Breaches - one in a day-ago prepared Chain Contingency (trigger on Hit), one in a refreshed CC (you can do that under Silence, it's pretty much the only spell you can cast). How is it effective, when it doesn't bypass magic resistance. Yes it's effective vs. lesser monsters/mages who have no or little magic resistance. But those are easily dispatched with Fighters. Or other AoE Spells ( Chain Lightning, ADHW ). .... And as kreso suggested, saving throw to Greater/Grave Silence. -2 , -4, -6 ? Which would be adequate? Creeping Doom has its uses, it shines mostly vs enemies like Kuo-Toan or Sahuagin mages (and even their fighters), vs Saladrex (or so I heard, you should probably have Cernd spamming these under Alacrity for any to be able to penetrate the dragon's MR) and vs the Drowned Soul in the useless Ancient Secret of Suldanesselar quest. In IA v5, the saving throw vs Greater Silence was -9. Makes sense, since the save vs Silence radius 15 is -5.
  11. I cannot take all the credit for the tactic. Surely I cleared the rough spots to make it work 100%, but the original idea of using a sixth party member (a mage) as bait was given by another IA player, and I'd like to thank him here for that. The major advantage is that after Imoen is raised, she is not uder Silence anymore (any conditions are erased), which is logical. However, the tactic wouldn't run so smoothly if both my mages weren't 1 arcane level higher than the dragon (he's 32). Based on info I received recently, it looked as if the dragon's not gonna shoot Grave Silence in 3-round interval. However I found that not to be correct since in one test attempt he shot 2 Greater Silences at 2 diferent mages in a shorter than 1 round interval. He has 7 total. BTW I also noticed that until the Greater Silence takes full effect on its target, the dragon won't attempt another action, despite the fact that this ability is cast in a flash. This can be cheesed by running around with the target. But I think the target has to remain in the dragon's sight for this to work. The assumption of a battle being fought "normally" is made by Sikret, perhaps? If yes, then all his"normal" strategies and assumptions are based on his Core level of play, and not very well applicaple on Insane. That's where I abandon the word "normal". Moreover, the Nishruu should heal only by magical or elemental types of damage, and perhaps on attacking - not if being attacked by fighters! Obviously it was made that way to occupy everyone's attention for 5 or more rounds = party dead on Insane. Edit: The Elite Nishruu and other enemies (web golems) wielding both magical and nonmagical weapon can be fooled by attacking a party mage who's under PFMW and at the same time - immune to normal weapons, as per the Aslyferund's elven chain for a B-M or Hell trials for a Necro PC. Spell Shield should be the first spell omitted from books in v6, however it stayed, despite the fact that Sikret knew it was buggy and he hasn't fixed the bug. He just made the silly "adjustment" which doesn't allow it to work in conjuction with SI:Abjuration. I really don't get his reasons for leaving it. As it is at present, it's totally useless for the party.
  12. I personally find Foebane to be extremely powerful throughout early and late ToB. I think that an all-arcane party (1 Necro PC and 5 sorcerers, or 4 sorcerers + Cernd) has a very decent chance even as it is. You probably would have to pick Shocking Grasp, Minor Sequencer, Polymorph Self and Tenser's Partial on all sorcerers, in order to turn them to fighters whenever needed. I don't think those improved magic arrows would be very effective vs Liches, since for example Grave Liches are innately immune to all elemental + magic damage. Unless you wanna combine them with your other new spells that lower elemental/magical damage resistance. Hmm, I didn't know that enemy's Lower elemental resistance spells are considered to be lvl 4. GoI doesn't block them in any way. BTW even if those are as of now, there is something bugged with them, I've seen a char's fire resistance being buffed by ProFire + ProEnergy+Resist Fire/Cold and brought to 75% with just a single Lower Fire Resistance unleashed upon him. ... If you wanna make the R/C effective at casting spells (offensive and defensive both) don't give him Unleash Energy but rather Aura Cleansing. Or both, if you like. You could also adapt the Circlet of the Woods to be wearable by Rangers. ... Bolt of Glory has a pretty long casting time as it is. I don't find it to be much effective. ... showing how to deal with high-level mages that erect SI:Div and illusions. You have to be precise and quick to make it work vs most of them, you could even use the Limited Wish CC option once on such an occasion. Be warned that Khelben's Warding Whip has a short range when released from a CC and you have to close the distance much more than you would have to, for example, with triple Ruby Ray CC, otherwise you'll receive the message "spell failed" when unleashing the CC. For early-game mages that erect SI:Div and illusions like the Pirate Coordinator, you may pelt their defences from afar using Melf's meteor barrage with all arcane casters until you peel all their Skins, then deploy your fighters. ... Here is a dangerous battle vs an enemy that loves to cast Silence, yet you would notice that my mages kept casting until the very end. If you still think of creating items that grant immunity to Silence, you could use the older version of the Amulet of the Master Harper, just make it wearable by anyone and move it to an early SoA location. Edit: As a side note, I didn't quite get your testing. I don't know what Supreme golem you spawned, that may have something to do with your bad results. There are 2 I'm aware of - one's Helm's supreme golem which unleashes Purge Magic once every 5 rounds and also starts the fight with a no-save Earthquake affecting the party. The second one is much less dangerous, the Rakshasa Prince's Supreme golem, who doesn't cast Purge. Frankly I don't see how this golem or any of his minions will have any chance vs your arcane casters as long as they have their PFMW and AI spells.
  13. It doesn't. Hm, never actually created the item in IA v6, now looked at the description, I thought that only the permanent Alacrity was eliminated. Now I see it's absolutely useless.
  14. The Eternal Melody still grants some extra spell slots, and decreases casting speed by 2. If I don't find Vecna early (and respectively, Memory of the Apprenti) I might be forced to create Eternal Melody as an earlier inferior version of the Memory of the Apprenti. Sad about RVE, then I guess I may install "the Four" mod in order to use the gauntlets of decreased casting speed.
  15. Thanks for the info. I will defninitely try a solo, but only after I've completed an insane no-reload without unlimited exploits. I dare say it may be the current one, however knowing how tricky Yaga-Shura, Abazigal, Sendai and the Ancient Dragon can be, probably will suffer at least a couple of defeats in one or some of these battles before devising 100% no-reload strategy. And I really am not in the mood of making a test run first. My previous test run got to Nyalee, then I got bored. However my soloer would be an IA v5 imported char, one that has defeated the Prince in a solo no-reload - a F/M/T. I am unsure if he's considered to have more than 12 200 000 xp, since when I import him and start a game, visual experience total is about that, although levels are 40/40/40. But the total xp can be changed via SK to equal 12 200 000 and thus avoid scripted deaths. And I'm not really aiming to create stuff like Judgment Day sword or Memory of the Apprenti. However it would be very nice if I knew how to change this char's HLAs - he had Time Traps for example which are now transformed to the useless Magic Resistance HLA - I'd really prefer having Comet (didn't ever consider it in IA v5 to be viable) and several Hardinesses. But I cannot change the HLAs using Shadowkeeper, tried. I seriously doubt that soloing would be possible even so, due to cheating enemy Lower Elemental resistance abilities (no matter how many potions/scrolls/spells I stack, the resistance is lowered or rather set to 75% at the first enemy casting) and due to cheating scripts (instakill for being solo, enemies like Orcus casting Purge Magic once every 4 rounds for being a solo char,illusions being cheatingly dispelled under SI:Div by a divine intervention of sorts, items never being dropped because of being a solo char, etc). So instead, to avoid multiple game tweaking, I will attempt a duo - a Necromancer PC (I tested such a character solo with SK tweaks concerning APR and THAC0 - all items found, no bugs whatsoever, seems like Sikret really favors the Necro, even a solo one), and a F/M/T multi, imported fresh from IA v5. The necro won't fight - he will be just an insurance vs cheating scripts and creating/collecting some very important items. Items I aim to create and eventually use with UAI that are unusable so far: Memory of the Apprenti Lord of the Underworld Eternal Melody +5 Jansen's Adventurewear Enhanced (because of the 55% magic and 25% physical resistance may be valuable in some fights) Enhanced Boots of the Ranger Lord The Truth +5 Corthala's True Family Blade +5 True Sword of Arvoreen +4 Enhanced Oak of the High Forest +5 Golem Slayer +5 Also, I am wondering why my char is unable to cast RVE, despite having it in the spellbook. It just doesn't work, sadly. But with the necro backup plan, that would be irrelevant. And is there a way to actually remove Nalia's improved ring after creating it, and use it myself? Or Edwin's amulet for that matter? And do you know about the third Bluestone Necklace location? I know there is one in Rock/Garock, and one on Lady Galvena, but never found the third (never played with a monk NPC as well). I really want to create that Grandmaster of Flowers amulet and use it.
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