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  1. What? Dump valuable lightning and poison bolts worth so much coin when I've just entered Baldur's Gate and have less than 200,000 gold? Will do! Happy new year too!
  2. No idea what to say except that I am playing BG1 and that's where the bolts are not being sold.
  3. It is here because the problem arose while playing Baldur's Gate with the BG1 NPC mod added on. I've never heard of these tweaks nor is it clear whether it applies to original Baldur's Gate plus mod and whether it does so retroactively.
  4. Hate to resurrect this but the problem was never resolved and I was wondering if anyone else had ever seen this. Right now, although money is hardly a concern, I have several thousand in gold of magic crossbow bolts and no party member who uses crossbows.
  5. That's another good point. Right now I went so far as to clean the outskirts of Durlag's Tower, greater basilisks and all, and I still can't see her getting the experience needed without cleaning out the city of Baldur's Gate, if then. Fortunately I have a save for this eventuality.
  6. Just wanted an opinion on whether I should dual Imoen after she hits 6th level as a thief or 7th level. Actually she is already 7th level but I'm starting to wonder if I can go quite that long without a thief.
  7. I've got a save when the dispute is underway so I'll just ask one to be just friends. That should do it.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't clear. Is there a thread showing how to check that?
  9. Never used Shadowkeeper...right now I'm interested in whether I've 'committed' to Branwen.
  10. How would you be able to tell if you are committed to one romance or the other?
  11. The time has come to make my stand! I have taken many key steps! I have not only turned on the computer successfully but have entered the Internet and even reached the IWD2 NPC Project forum! Where it appears someone was laying down barbed wire and land mines until they heard me enter? I am now following Mike1072's detailed instructions, coming soon to a book store near you under the title Downloading Gaming Mods For Brain Damaged Lobotomy Chimps. I have completed six of the seven screens, apparently successfully! I shall now proceed to the final step...and... ARGH!!! nonononononononono bangs head on desk repeatedly Wait a second. It DID work! I've done it! I've done it! To be more accurate, Mike1072 did it by one remove. It's a miracle! A miracle! Bereline, Mike1072, thanks! runs off to play runs back for a moment I'll be back for other mods in a few weeks. hello? guys? Berelinde? Mike1072? Gibberlings 3?
  12. About twenty attempts without any success. It keeps trying to save in folder Icewind Dale II offering such sub-folders as CD2, Characters, Data, Music, Override, etc. with File Name iwd2_npc-v4 and Save as type application and nothing happens. After multiple failures even saving to any folder it tried to save to destination folder C:\Documents and Settings which led to the original problem. When I tried C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II.exe the same problem repeated. When I tried C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II\iwd2_npc-v4.exe it did not work at all. And Icewind Dale II.exe is now an entirely separate folder from Icewind Dale II in My Computer/Program Files/Black Isle.
  13. At the save portion I am asked to save in file name iwd2_npc-v4 and when I try to change it to C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II I see a display with the various components of IWD2, and from there I am asked if I would like to replace C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II.exe Do I want to proceed from there?
  14. I'll be on this soonest, Berelinde, and, as always, I appreciate your generous help. the bigg, I admire your sense of humor but Berelinde has worked with me before and is aware that assuming I know how to turn on the computer may be jumping to conclusions.
  15. How would I go about packaging before inserting it and how would I get it to the IWD2 folder? Remember, me is teknohlojicakaly dumb.
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