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  1. Phew, that's good to hear! Mmm... thought provoking muffins... Oh, and just for the record: I do not drool. Much, anyway. Hey, KIrving, I could use a beer myself when I'm busy slaving away in the kitchen. *hint hint, nudge nudge*
  2. It's ok, you can laugh! I laughed as well... in that "oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-hurl-and-then-die-miserably"-sort of way. And, sadly, chicken soup isn't as tasty as chocolate cake. Say, if chocolate cakes or cupcakes aren't what your muses need, BigRob, I've got enough time on my hands to try and master just about anything in the World of Pastry. Say the word and I'll bake it. If you and your muses don't live anywhere near Sweden, though, said pastries will probably go from yum-o to yucko-o while being shipped.
  3. As far as I know (although it's been years since I've studied greek mythology) muses are only female, and I must admit that chocolate works on me too. This little thing did wonders for me yesterday, when I was home feeling sorry for myself because I was sick. It did, however, render me slightly nauseous and comatose which is why I didn't offer it to BigRobs muses (nauseous, comatose muses are bad).
  4. Cookies seem to be the way to go when offering support but, since I am horrible at baking cookies, I offer you (and your muses, if they want some): Cupcakes! Hope RL is giving you less of a hassle. If not: Try offering it cupcakes. Cupcakes do wonders, I tell ya.
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