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  1. Well, its is a standard table in the PHB (which WotC assumes everyone will have) , but you can also find most of the basic D&D 3.5 info on the d20 SRD website 3.5 had a single standard 'bonus spells from high ability scores' that is used for any ability score that a class uses to determine its bonus spells. If you have any interest in anything d20 related, the Hypertext d20 SRD website is a good place to look, it has most of the core (and not so core) d20 rules in it but doesn't have things like experience. And its Free. I hope this rambling screed helped a bit, Charles
  2. I'm reminded of something we found during the D&D 3.0 playtest (apart from the infinite-range missile weapons) - You could get summon spells at 1st level, and there was nothing stopping the rest of the party from gaining experience from defeating these summoned creatures (you also got multiple creatures per summon spell as well). Charles
  3. Actually, IIRC, your proposal for charm may well be closer to PnP than the original implimentation . As an idea (athough this could break stuff somewhere) how about having dire charm making creatures allied but berserk (or just plain berserk!)? Charles
  4. Are there plans to expand the number of wizard schools to include the various 'Effect' and 'Thaumaturgy' schools introduced in Tome of Magic and PO: Spells & Magic (or even the numerous specialised spell list included in the Wizards Spell Compendium)? Likewise, are there plans to introduce priest spell spheres (at some level I suppose there must be some mechanism like this to handle the d&d 3.0 divine spell domains from IWD II). This would simplify the coding of mods like Divine Remix. The virtually unlimited number of animation slots would vastly simplify the addition of new creature animations, while the proposed addition of 3d models would allow the use of animations from NWN. A lot to look forward to. Charles
  5. I don't know if this is a good example but Atari's Temple of Elemental Evil used an isometric map (the actual maps are stored as JPEGS), but with (AFAIK) 3D polygon-based models rather than the 2D animations used in IE games. Charles
  6. From memory of Demihuman Deities, there are a couple of limitations to the speciality priests of Baevan (Wildwanderers? IIRC) that are relevant to this discussion: 1) They cannot multi-class 2) They must be gnomes Of course, it's a while since I read this book, so I could be wrong. Charles
  7. I've just been having a look at creature animations in BG 2, and I think the avatar naming scheme described in the IESDP is incomplete, as some of the sequence codes listed for IWD appear to be in use as well. Also, no mention is given of the 'monster weapon animations' that some monster animations in BG 2 use. From examination, the naming scheme appears to be: X yyy W ZZ Where X and yyy have the same meanings as listed in the IESDP. W is a 1-letter weapon code, thus: A: Axe B: Bow C: Club D: Dagger F: Flail H: Halberd M: Mace Q: Quarterstaff S: Sword W: Warhammer and ZZ is a two-character sequence, this one is used for hobgoblins and kobolds, for instance. Although some animations use a different scheme; (Fire Giants, for instance) X yyy ZZ WW Where WW is a 2-character weapon code. Is this analysis correct? Charles
  8. On a related question, how are large (multi-part) animations 'joined togeather' in BG II (for instance: dragons)? I dimly remember seeing this info, but I can neither remember the answer, or remember where I saw it, although I suspect it was TeamBG . Charles
  9. Thanks Igi, Ok, so back to plan 'A' then... Charles
  10. What I'm wondering about is the Tracking skill at offset 0x0083 of the .cre file, and effect opcode 95, which appears to effect it. First, is this actually used to determine the outcome of using the Tracking HLA? Does it affect whether or not creatures are detected (the arrows on the edge of the screen), or the text that is displayed from the Tracking.2da file? Second, is this shown in game - I've looked, but I've never found it. Third, does anyone know how it is determined (based on stats, level, or what?). Charles
  11. Is it possible to have an effect that only takes effect if the target is of a certain kit? Or does this require scripting? Charles
  12. Thanks for the advice Igi! I did actually wonder if the #183's I found in the scripts were a different kind of opcode, but I couldn't be sure. I did search spl, eff, & itm's, and found nothing (actually, I think one of the searches, eff IIRC, failed for some reason - but I am not at home ATM so I can't check until tonight). Anyway, I'll give it another look, but I'm a bit busy for the next couple of nights, but I do think you're right - it doesn't work (OTOH, it hasn't caused a crash, yet). The reason I decided to have a look at this was that I was getting frustrated trying to beat improved Sendai (without invoking the Finger of God )! And this opcode looked like it might be useful (although it seems to trigger, if it ever works at all, based on item type, rather than specific items - based on the IESDP description). Charles
  13. I thought I'd try and test this opcode (IESDP lists it as UNTESTED). Ok, using DLTCEP's search function, it is found (I think) in the following scripts: U!CUT41G Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183) AR1505 Found in block #2:MultiPlayerSync()(183) D0BEAT2 Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183) D0BEAT Found in block #0:MultiPlayerSync()(183) AR4000 Found in block #3:MultiPlayerSync()(183) Done. I tried building a wand that uses it, but I have not managed to get it working (I've tried the timing modes of Duration, Permanent, While Equipped, and Trigger). So far it does nothing. Does anyone have any advice as to a good testing strategy? Has anyone else looked at this opcode (i.e. am I re-treading explored ground, as it were?). Charles
  14. This Thread prompts me to ask, would it be worthwhile to include information on the maximum size of a BAM frame for the various IE games (IIRC it might be different for the different games) in the IESDP description of the BAM file format? Charles
  15. Have you considered just adding the 'domain' (bonus) spells to the list of spells the cleric can memorise, instead of having them as innate abilities? (What they should have done in Faiths and Avatars IMHO). Charles
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