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    I enjoy writing, singing(I'm an Alto2-a very low voice part), painting, drawing, writing for mods, music, Depeche Mode, She Wants Revenge, The Smiths, Morrissey, A-HA, I also enjoy collecting bodies beneath the city of Baldurs Gate and hiding them in the sewers

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  1. Just wondering how TOB is coming along sense I vanished for a while ^_^
  2. Now I need TOB Ajantis stuff, *pokes* I must have >.< *pokes with stuffed Ajantis doll*
  3. I just finished up the romance I loved it ^_^
  4. I don't know if it's me, or I'm just rushing or if I'm just being stupid but, my character Divi has selected the ring, how do I make them(or how long should I wait before) they get married. Right now I'm just running around BTW Eila's fiancee won't spawn
  5. Same here...well not finished yet but...I must play through TOB D: I <3 Ajantis now
  6. I'm not sure but I just wanted to quickly say that there has been a weird occurance in which whenever I am attacked and the AI kicks in everyone not in my party attacks me, except Ajantis who says "...I have failed my love" and then attacks. The thing is the people are already aggressive so it doesn't make sense >.> Also my reputation will not stay above 10 and when I finish the paladin quest my reputation is caused to decrease by 3 or 4 points.
  7. I'm so slow, I can't find the library at all >.> -_- I feel ashamed, I am enjoying the mod so far, m
  8. So much closer to being in my hands...yesh....YESH O_O oh...I may decide to beta test for you if you wishest :3
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