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  1. Hello, I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently messed around a bit with BG2's elven female paperdolls to make their faces at least closer to their BG1 counterparts (I did not want to mess around with the body though since that might create inconsistencies between the doll and the in game avatar) Thought I should post the files in case anybody else might want to use them. http://www.geocities.com/kofukutenma/BG_EF_Paperdolls.zip Here's a couple of screenshots btw to give you all some idea of what the paperdolls look like It's the complete cleric, fighter, wizard and thief paperdoll set for elven females. Just unzip to your override folder if you want to use them. Have fun (I hope)
  2. Lol, so Ellaria Sand it is huh? You really do love Amoka's portraits Domi Need me to alter it any further Domi, or is it fine as it is? Btw, I seem to recall you casting Sawell Tarly for Winthrop, isn't Sam... I dunno, a bit too young and inexperienced to be Winthrop?
  3. Quick 10 minutes edit... a "youngerized" Faldorn based on the original portrait. I think she looks somewhat younger, but other than not really any different from the original. Well, this is it I guess. Won't be active for a while. It's been fun.
  4. Really off-topic but ... what the hell, better than starting a new thread for something so inconsequential. Revised the Faldorn portrait to look sharper and in general fit better with BG style / size / face ratio
  5. Thanks Domi, too bad there's no portrait I can just use. The only comon link between them seems to be a Russain feel. Considering that Rashemen is based on Russian mythology, that's probably it. I'm a bit bored with editing after doing Safana and Coran consecutively though. Probably won't start anything major like this until the next time I feel like messing with photoshop again.
  6. Hmm... so far half here seems to like the original Safana and half seemed to hate it. Heh, beauty is in the yes of the beholder indeed Now I have to wonder, does anybody think that original Coran looked suave and debonair? For me, the original Coran and Safana always made me cringe each time I played through the game: a temptress who looks plain and middle aged and a playboy who looks like demented jester As for the new Safana looking like an elf... what exactly makes you say that? I think humans can have fine features too can't they?
  7. I read Domi's post about her appearance some time ago and just took the time to check. While I agree that being Rashemen, she probably shouldn't look African, I have no clear idea on what she *should* look like. The suggested look was germano-slavic but I have no clear idea on what that looks like either Could some one provide me with a picture? I'd very much appreciate it.
  8. Updated the original portrait with a slighly tweaked version that I liked better.
  9. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Couldn't agree with you more Domi Glad you find it exotic looking. I was trying to aim for that look considering her background. And Lancelot, if that is how you see the original portrait, then I must agree that the original is perfectly fine for you. Keep in mind that I made these portraits for my personal use above all and for others somewhere down the line. Sure I'd be happy I guess if you share my opinion; but in the end, it's not really my place to tell you what is beautiful and what is not
  10. Ah, I see. Oh well, was not sure how charisma worked in AD&D. On one hand it is linked to the qualities you mentioned. On the other, it is also linked to beauty. So while you might not neccessarily need to look good to have a charisma of 17 (if you have a very charming personality), looking good does not really hurt either. That said, I don't really see how a plain looking middle aged woman (which is how I see the original portrait anyway, you might disagree) could make *any* kind of temptress whatsoever. Sure, age and looks does not matter *that* much when two people get to know each other well and fall in love, but for a temptress? Oh, common... savy and maturity can only take a person so far, a temptress must at least look above average or, failing that, then under 35. I can't be the only one who thinks that can I? Btw, *how* can you like Safana for her personality and nature playing BG1 I mean, you have her biography, then you have her deep throaty voice, then you have the "I'm looking for big strong men..." crack, so you draw the conclusion that she's supposed to be a temptress. But that's an awfully objective and impersonal thing is it not? Or are you the one responsible for writing her dialogues in the BG1 NPC project?
  11. Huh? What is disgusting and how so? Safana has a charisma of 17 and was portrayed as a temptress, so it should stand to reason that she looks reasonably beautiful. What exactly is your point?
  12. The Branwen edit was just to make her a more atractive romance option, but I sincerely believe that Safana was supposed to be young and hot. Did not think the original matched those qualities. Almost drew the face from scratch, so migh not be that good (*looks at the Coran portrait* ). Again, original on the right, tweaked one on the left. This will be my final BG1 edit, I think the rest are fine.
  13. Thanks for all the input. Heh, I guess I went overboard trying to make him look androgynous. Still, I do not really feel like drawing his face over again from scratch (which is what it now looks like I have to do) considering that I think he looks male enough for an elf and well... there's always that other portrait
  14. Fixed Coran, his right eye (which would be on our left) was bit messed up before. Btw, any feature in particular of Coran's that makes you say that Domi? Or it's just the general impression? Can't do anything if it is.
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