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  1. Sure, EET could unzip the file, rename the key file, reload everything and then progress, but that's not really modder friendly...
  2. Hmm, I've to correct my post, the steam version uses the mod.key file, but the better question is when weidu is ready to add support for the sod-dlc.zip (SoD is completely packaged in it, weidu have to unpackage, then install the mod and repackage and use the centralfix.exe to install Mods for SoD... )
  3. Didn't need to wait for that, the separate mod.KEY file is not needed (everything is handled through the chitin.key), I think this was only some debug file...
  4. Hmm, only a question... is this the right place to discuss TDDz?
  5. Hmm, using the ship travel screen everytime is not a good idea, I think... Here is some screen how small this area is: If someone is lurking for other resources from the demo, I think I found all of them (some was not extractable, because they was hardcoded in the exe... )
  6. Hmm, there is also a ship scene in the BG1 non interactive demo: https://youtu.be/cVCTmSc3go4?t=86 (I have extracted the files some years ago, maybe this could also be used, but the area is small... )
  7. You also could check for: ((GAME_IS ~eet~) AND (FILE_CONTAINS ~override/EET.flag~ ~IWD-in-EET~))
  8. Thanks for posting this issues! 1. Will look through the files 2. Thought I fixed that, but maybe only on the local copy... 3. Hmm, they should not appear in the temple above a specific point... (Have to play through this way... ) I think, I'll have a look on these problems next weekend... Edit: 1 + 2 are fixed, need to investigate 3. further...
  9. Found a little installation bug, if the original voices are selected... The installation fails during this moving process: ACTION_BASH_FOR ~DSotSC/base/ogg~ ~^.*$~ BEGIN MOVE ~override/%BASH_FOR_RES%.wav~ ~DSotSC/biff~ END ACTION_BASH_FOR ~%ogg_dir%~ ~^.*$~ BEGIN MOVE ~override/%BASH_FOR_RES%.wav~ ~DSotSC/biff~ END The erroneous file is dsotsc.ogg which is present in the base/ogg and the language/english/ogg_original folder... (Moving both to the same location stops the installation... )
  10. Thanks for your report, the package is updated with the following changes: - Fixed installation bug on EET - Added new cpmvars - Compressed mos files - Added TUTU support (untested) - Added new component for BG1 areas in TDDz
  11. TDDz is currently not available for the public, you've to contact shadowlich and I think he would send you the files...
  12. And fixpacked: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/commit/c9330317c90ad77bf4a6de501cff69767b598c99
  13. Hmm, already checked it with some heavily modded versions... (can't find this variable, maybe your Aurora's Shoes and Boots port?)
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