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  1. Hmm, only a question... is this the right place to discuss TDDz?
  2. Thanks for posting this issues! 1. Will look through the files 2. Thought I fixed that, but maybe only on the local copy... 3. Hmm, they should not appear in the temple above a specific point... (Have to play through this way... ) I think, I'll have a look on these problems next weekend... Edit: 1 + 2 are fixed, need to investigate 3. further...
  3. Thanks for your report, the package is updated with the following changes: - Fixed installation bug on EET - Added new cpmvars - Compressed mos files - Added TUTU support (untested) - Added new component for BG1 areas in TDDz
  4. Hmm, EET could log the entries away in another file, but the mods, which are installed after EET, wouldn't append this file... (I think the best way to get a "master" list, is to add native EET support to the BG1EE mods... )
  5. Hmm, I think that's a problem, because weidu checks for the existing entries, everytime you install a mod and if the tp2 and the translation files aren't found the existing entrys would be changed to something like this: ~setup-modname.tp2~ #0 #0 // ??? -> :
  6. Didn't thought about compressing the mos files, thanks! (Will add it these days)
  7. Thanks! Hmm, the maps looks mostly good, there are little issues left on many doors, fixed plenty of those, but it takes much time to fix this little issues... (Also some night minimaps with water on it looks like crap, these are currently on my todo list...)
  8. I got the permission to add support for BGT, the package is updated with code to install on BGT, but I only tested some areas (which looks fine )...
  9. I tried and got several graphical issues, like this: I'll have to investigate this further...
  10. Hmm, you didn't install the "The BG1 NPC Project: Female Romance Challenges, Ajantis vs Xan vs Coran" component, I added a check for the deletion of files (https://github.com/K4thos/EET/commit/1fe846c4ec049c0a4a82f90ff762625f15c94e93), please redownload EET or put the attached include.tph to EET/compat/bg1npc and try again. include.zip
  11. Will try to convert the files to pvrz... (this is on my list, but I wanted a stable version first... ) BGGO also updates most of the day areas (not only the night areas), but I've got several bugs, when biffing only the night areas.... (that's why I'm also adding these currently to the biff files... ) I know, will include it...
  12. Hmm, I think it's not that much effort to implement , but we should not discuss this here... Maybe this is the better place: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58501-baldurs-gate-graphics-overhaul-for-eet/
  13. Currently not, but I could add BGT or Tutu support... (The current main goal is a working version for EET and I've got currently no permission for a BGT or Tutu port...)
  14. Baldur's Gate Graphics Overhaul for EET Original Author: Yovaneth EET Author: White Agnus On the web: Download and discussion forum Version: beta 2.0 Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X (not tested) When I first played EET beta (back in Winter 2014, when there was several issues with water, lava and stuff), I felt, there is something missing.... (I loved to play BGT with the Graphics Overhaul and the atmosphere was that good, that I thought I have to do something to bring this mod to EET... ) In summer 2015 after I joined K4thos contributing to EET, I started working on converting this mod to work on EET. First I tried to use the BG:EE Version, but there was several issues with water and stuff, then I ported the BGT Version and it was better, but not that good. After purchasing photoshop, I tried to fix some little bugs and after several weeks of frustration (with scrambled wed files and stuff) I got some proper version... Changes for the EET Version: - Merged several areas from BGEE and BGT version of the mod - Fixed several little graphical errors and bugs in wed files - Used tileconv (by argent77) and also his macros to install the mod Current ToDos: - write a readme (I hate writing readmes... ) - fix some minimaps (some of them looks not as good) - fix several little door issues WARNING: The installation of this mod could take 30 minutes until 2 or more hours (regarding your hardware) Feel free to post here, if you encounter some bugs, with this version.
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