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  1. I think you have a deeply flawed take on Jaheira. Even if she was a rampaging slut in some distant time, which I severely doubt given both her stringent character and considerably fleshed out backstory, she has spent a great deal of time in a monogamous relationship with a man who was recently and brutally severed from her, and I think it's perfectly reasonable that she would be written as fairly strict when it comes to the standards she holds her new consort to. She is undeniably looking for someone to lean on on some level, but she is by no means desperate. Personally, I could have seen her conflict dialogues written with even more distaste. Viconia, despite a degree of the aforementioned possessiveness, is somewhat lax about sexual matters, and Aerie would be easy to push around, but Jaheira is not someone to screw with, especially in a matter of such deep significance to her.
  2. Not saying you're wrong, (and things are definitely always more complex than PnP alignment tags) but I always thought Viconia's comment was highly sarcastic sounding, whereas Kivan was just more straightforward about hating her guts. Plus, yeah, he's highly prejudiced against drow and admits to it, I think straightforwardly in SoA. But very able to overcome it, as in the (albeit mod-added) flowery talks with Drizzt in BG1, which I think speaks to his character. Kivan's openly-admitted hypocrasy (oximoron?), and occasional denial of being a good man when he clearly is, was some of what endears him to be. "It's too late for me to change, but you still have a chance," or somesuch, I thought was particularly interesting and realistic. I think noticed this too and assumed it was a typo. As practical of a 'good guy' as Kivan is, he still has idealism that would make dealing with slavers highly distasteful. Hahah, That's what I love about these mods. Ain't it great?
  3. -JR-

    Angelo Fanworks

    Azri, my longstanding and eventual goal is to make something so cool that you have to draw a picture of it. I'm not even kidding.
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