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  1. Actually I'm not deciding it myself, I'm following PnP, and I was even quite "forgiving" for player's sake because else I should have removed from druids quite a lot more spells (e.g. Doom, Bless, Cloak of Fear, etc.), and clerics should have the incredibly more restrictive sphere system used by Divine Remix. Only Morninglords of Lathander should be able to cast from the sun sphere, and druids were never able to cast the Cause Wound serie of spells. What's CS by the way? P.S Cleric should be able to handle undead monsters with their innate ability to Turn Undead (if not, what's there fo
  2. Bah! If there's so many things you can't tolerate in the mod, why bother and install/play it? The fact is that I installed and played, I had a reason. I love most part of the mod and I don't think things that I don't agree with are "many".
  3. Right to the point: 1. Please don't decide for players what spells should be clerics' and what should be druids'. I was really upset when I found in the middle/later part of the game that my cleric could not cast Sunray and Jaheira could not use CS+Harm. Moreover, I don't think Level 7 divine spells should be some counterparts of Arcane ones of the same level, so why no Gate for a cleric. I always think priests should be better at summoning creatures than wizards. You can make a separate component, such as "heavily modified priest spell book". 2. Please don't make radical changes to
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