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    My interests are I like paying rpgs (obviously:)) especially ones with romance in them. I'm a bit of a romantic I can be pretty cold and logical at times as well. I like to read fantasy/sci-fi books and poetry too. I like to write stories and I spend a lot of my time taking care of my little brother he hopeless. I'm also kind of of emo. I'm dark and absolutely fascinated by death if you couldn't tell by my screen name and avatar and I absolutely love the Drow they're awesome.<br />A few words that describe me big sister, hippie, emo, reliable, responsible, vampire, quiet, kind, philosophic, librarian, independent and probably a good deal of other things I've forgotten to mention.

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  1. As will I. I'm very interested to say the least and a vuvuzela ha! That's just funny.
  2. I'd have to agree keep up the good work!
  3. Do you stay until the end of the conversation or do you leave before it finishes? Both paths were tested extensively. One tester had a persistent crash that occurred when he entered the Temple District, but starting over with a clean installation solved that issue. Any time you reinstall mods, there's a chance of file corruption, and cutscenes tend to be very sensitive to this. Yes I stay till the end just after I tell him goodbye and I'll meet him later at the temple of Oghma the game crashes.
  4. I'm having trouble again my game keeps crashing after the convo with Miranda and Lanie. Thoughts? Edit by berelinde: clarified thread title.
  5. Any news? I'm still eagerly awaiting.
  6. I'm glad to hear that and I haven't played dragon age yet myself yet. I want to but simply lack the money to buy it. I've also been caught up in WOW. It's rather life consuming. Anyway I'm rambling but am still glad to know of progress.
  7. Good to know I'll be sure to check in later.
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