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  1. This is amazing, so glad to see you Domi! I eagerly look forward to more info, heck when this comes out I'll actually play a guy for the first time!
  2. Just wanted to say I hope you are still working on these jkeion, I'd love to be able to kit those characters.
  3. Madwolf, what berelinde means, is that the makers of NWN2 don't allow modders to re-release the areas in the game, so she can't put "triggers" (the thing that causes a conversation to start) just anywhere. Instead conversations have to 'piggyback' on other conversations that are already in game.
  4. Can I let Garrick in and out of the group without breaking the banters?
  5. This mod looks really cool, and I congratulate you on any progress. Looking forward to it!
  6. I was overjoyed the day I found out this project was in the works, and I look forward to shelling out whatever they ask for it. Hopefully it will be for a hard-copy, but if I have to I'll even buy digital. Baldur's Gate is still my favorite game ever made, and I look forward to this updated version made by people who are familiar with and enjoy the modding community.
  7. Don't know why you didn't change into Slayer the second time but the Dream is definitely because you weren't sleeping in there enough. I've always gotten that.
  8. This mod is stealing my life! I've spent all my free moments today researching proper install order for a mega install using Aran! Once I work out some kinks, could I ask for some advice in regards as to where I should put Aran in the (admittedly) massive install I'm planning?
  9. That's weird, I got that talk without even needing to be in a wilderness area, I just had to sleep outside. Well technically I guess it was wilderness, (outside de'Arnise Keep). However did you get the talk where he offers to spar first, then says that now is a bad time so next time you all decide to rest outside you can have a go at it?
  10. Well here we go, got a bug to report for ya! Was doing the de' Arnise keep quest, and Aran said next time we rested outside we should spar, I agreed. So I headed outside to sleep and spar, the conversation started, then I got this. An Assertion failed in InfScreenWorld.cpp at line number 12884 this was one of those crash to desk top error boxes where you have to click ok. I was outside on top of de'Arnise keep. I'm gonna try and get this to run again somewhere else. *edit I just tried to do it again, this time it worked no crash, you should note though that I leveled Aran up right before I got the crash, and the second time I didn't level him first. I have a save from shortly before the crash so I'll keep that in case you want me to try and reproduce it. *edit2 Minor error, double check your random responses, There were several times when Answer 1. and 2. or 3. and 4. etc would be the same.
  11. Ok, so first I want to apologize for failing to save my Weidu log... cause I'm a dumbass sometimes. Second, I want to tell you what happened. I'm a mod whore, so I've been trying to get Aran running on an... err... 'basic' install. This is what happened. I installed the following mods, with the following options selected: Ascension -The Ascension Mod v1.41 TobEx -Apply Concentration Check On Damage [WIP] Instead of always being interrupted when hit, spellcasters have a chance of their spells being interrupted. This is governed by a concentration check. A spellcaster passes the concentration check if (1D20 + luck) > (spell level + damage taken). The details of this component are subject to change. -Awaken On Damage Creatures will awaken from sleep when hit. -Blindness As Spell Description Blindness gives -4 to hit and 4 point armor penalty as per the Blindness spell description in the game. -Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour [C] Removes grey colour change to a character who has cast Stoneskin. [C] This component is identical to tob_hacks, SCS, and SCSII. -No Spell Interruption On Zero Damage Spellcasting is not interrupted if a creature takes zero damage (i.e. immune). -Use Caster Level On Mirror Image [C] When trying to dispel Mirror Image, the chance of dispel is modified by the caster's level. [C] This component is identical to tob_hacks, SCS, SCSII, and Spell Revisions. -Disable Silence On Charm This component does two things: 1. Prevents creatures from losing their soundset when they are charmed. 2. Enables the player to start dialogue with charmed creatures. -Rest Spawns Advance Time If resting is interrupted by spawns, a random amount of time up to, but not including, eight hours will pass. All resting times of one hour or greater will display in the dialogue bar. Resting times less than one hour will not display in the dialogue bar. -Enable Animation Attack Sounds This component enables animation-specific attack sounds, which makes combat a little more polyphonic... perhaps musical, or messy. -Subtitles For Standard Soundsets Adds subtitles for the male and female soundsets that ship with vanilla Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. (English only) -Remove all race-class restrictions Enables all classes to all races. -Drop Inventory on Disintegrate -Drop Inventory on Frozen Death -Drop Inventory on Stone Death BG2 Fixpack -Installed all except Super Fun Lucky Modder Pack One Pixel Productions 2.70 -Everything but Potions Adalon's Blood A Mod for the Orderly -2nd option Dungeon be Gone NPC Flirt Pack -only Anomen's flirts, no Solaufein NPC Kitpack I grabbed Aran off git-hub, and I've successfully installed Aran before, just did bad install orders and had to start over. Anyways grabbed Aran off github, renamed a weidu exe to setup-aranw.exe and clicked it to run. It said something about parseing errors and refused to run. So... either I did something wrong, or there's a serious mod conflict in there somewhere.
  12. Heya is the beta supposed to already be available? I noticed a download link in the In Progress area for Aran but it leads to a 404 Error - Not Found page. I want to play Aran so badly...
  13. Also Kelemvor will always refuse you, but just cause he refused doesn't mean you won't still steal the black hearted ranger out from under that stuffy god's nose! If you did everything Berelinde mentioned than you should get something in the epilogue, and you have to not give in to Kelemvor even though he will ultimately refuse you.
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