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  1. The only mods I have are from this site. Anyone having, or had, difficulty like this?
  2. I have installed the Sorcerer's Place Collection mod to my MacEasyTutu'ed BG I (without ToB - from this website: http://usoutpost31.com/easytutu/mac/). I have been playing with an elven Blade Master. I've encountered a few bugs: 1. An icon when a skill is activated doesn't show in the picture of the character 2. Precision Strike and Parry skills don't seem to work at all. With Precision Strike, none of the hit roles changed when attacking and never had a stun occur (also, is the d10 damage on top of the regular damage done?). With Parry, it doesn't work at all - stood next to enemy and go damaged during the time Parry was supposed to be activated. This mod is great, and I'd love to see a patch fix these bugs.
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