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  1. full iw1 (v1.42) how tolm full iw2 (v2.01.1016) i have all the movie bifs downloaded. if there's anything i can do to help, please let me know.
  2. sorry, i can't pm the admin to get help on this matter. i'm getting this weird error in the conversion. the last log entry is: convert: THIEF.class -> THIEF convert: DHOBART.DLG -> (convert_dlg _DHOBART) [D:\games\iw\/data/zDLG.bif] 20836 bytes, 17 files, 0 tilesets [DHOBART.DLG] loaded convert: Protagonist.object -> Protagonist ERROR: PROGRAMMER: LevelInClassGT is not a Target trigger i've followed the direction with a full install of both games, write/read on both override folders, and changing the configuration file in /iw12 folder.
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