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    Reading, playing computer and video games, swimming, and most currently writing BG fanfics. (No you can't read any, but that might change)

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  1. Netharin

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    So many updates. Time to celebrate!
  2. Netharin

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    Yet another lurker offering support. I've been keeping an eye on this mod ever since I realized there was such a thing as mods for this game. Come good or ill I'll be rooting for you, I'd love to see Delainy in my party and continue to hope. Don't force yourself into a bad position just remember we all want you to do as you feel best here.
  3. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    By the nine hells. The mod is done just in time for the computer my install was on to die it's final death. I'll have to make a fresh install and hunt down my standard mods before I can travel with my beloved Tyris. Great mod Grim.
  4. Netharin

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    Soooo Close yet so far. Looking forward to having Delainy in my group.
  5. Netharin

    Amber BG2 ToB

    I hope there is progress soon. Just did an SoA run through with Amber again and want to get through ToB with her.
  6. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    Must... be... patient. Here's hoping things ease up.
  7. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    O.o Testing is rather close to releasing if things go right, correct? I hope everything works to your satisfaction
  8. Netharin

    ToB news

    I don't even mod and I know that getting an epilogue to come out right can be a pain. Keep up the good work.
  9. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    What? Do you guys have AD oh look a squirrel!!!!
  10. Netharin

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    Still looking forward to this, but I agree with Wolfman. Have some fun this summer. No one here wants you to burn yourself out
  11. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    Those would really be the only unique flirts I can think I'd really want. The SoA flirts are already very good. My opinion is not what is important here though. I'd prefer to not like something in a mod and have the creator like it than force the creator to do something they don't want.
  12. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    Oooh, ToB specific flirts sound cool but that would take more time. >.< so it's an option between waiting longer and having more amazing content, or getting it sooner but without those flirts. I'm good either way though so good luck.
  13. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    I'm happy it's still moving along. Can't wait to play the finished product, even if some of the epilogues are depressing.
  14. Netharin


    If I remember correctly (and to be honest it really is a maybe) there should be a note on one of the slavers in the stockade. When you go to read it there should be a button that takes you where you need to go. It's been a while since I've played through with Amber though. Anyone please feel free to correct me.
  15. Netharin

    The dreaded progress request

    The good new just keeps coming on this mod. Can't wait to see what you've come up with for the ToB section. The epilogues are always one of my favorite parts about going through the game. I hope the death of 32-bit is far off (or better yet bioware one day remaking the bg series for better computers, though I still hope for that to be far off)