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  1. So many updates. Time to celebrate!
  2. Yet another lurker offering support. I've been keeping an eye on this mod ever since I realized there was such a thing as mods for this game. Come good or ill I'll be rooting for you, I'd love to see Delainy in my party and continue to hope. Don't force yourself into a bad position just remember we all want you to do as you feel best here.
  3. Soooo Close yet so far. Looking forward to having Delainy in my group.
  4. Netharin

    ToB news

    I don't even mod and I know that getting an epilogue to come out right can be a pain. Keep up the good work.
  5. Still looking forward to this, but I agree with Wolfman. Have some fun this summer. No one here wants you to burn yourself out
  6. Huzzah for rough guesstimates!!! I've just recently reinstalled BG1 on my computer and remembered just how much I want Delainy in my party. Please don't rush but thank you for trying to get this mod done this year, and for the mod in general.
  7. Computer troubles always suck. I went through a computer crash and after I got it fixed it ran worse than the computer i had before... and at the time the previouse one was five years old Anywho... good luck with everything and I can't wait 'til the mod is completed
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