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  1. It is from having seen the movie and I regret spending money on seeing it because it wasn't enjoyable at all.


    My problem was mainly with the marketing - logically, most of the movie could not have been based on true events, seeing as most of main characters don't survive to say what happened to them. Thus it does seem to be exploiting the stories of people who really have died (Ivan Milat's victims, Peter Falconio), possibly in horrible ways.


    If they'd marketed the movie as a plain old fictional slasher film, then I wouldn't have nearly so much of a problem with it. As it is, the movie tries to gain class by acting like a serious film dealing with real people when it is just an excuse for made-up sadism.


    Having said that, my sister and ex-housemate thought it was really good. The friends I watched it with all felt sick afterwards and one had to leave the theatre. I'm not sure which reaction you'll have, seeing as you laughed during the trailers, but surely that's better than feeling the urge to throw up...

  2. The words "Wolf Creek" have been mentioned. Ok, onto the soap box...


    I would strongly advise against seeing it. It is grim, sadistic crap that happens to have been filmed beautifully. It's a slasher flick that is not enjoyable, completely tasteless and marketed in a horribly cynical and exploitative way. Like hell it's "Based on true events".


    Here is a quote that encapsulates how I feel about this film:

    "the film feels like an unseemly attempt to wring a new horror franchise out of somebody else's dead children."


    And here's another one:

    "While the movie is certainly unsettling, and even repulsive in parts, it's not actually frightening; graphic depictions of mindless cruelty are more revolting than scary."


    Another word to describe how I feel about this film: Vomitous.

  3. King Kong: I loved it. For those who are concerned, Jack Black is ok - slightly manic and eye-twitchy, but I put that down to the character he portrayed. The dinosaurs were fantastic (go the tiny T Rex arms!). My advice is to find yourself an 11 year old boy to sit near because listening to him exclaim in awe at the dinosaurs is very fun.


    Chronicles of Narnia (the books): ARGHHHHHHHHH, Domi you have to read them! The talking lion is magnificent rather than childish - though I'm leery of watching the movie because I'm not sure they chose the best actor for Aslan's voice. With the 'going through the books with the kids' factor, the Narnia books don't tend to be a bedtime reading experience due to the heavy subject matter.


    Also, you should always begin with number 2 - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (as the movies have correctly done). Once you're suckered in, then you can begin with the rest of them. As long as you're not expecting Harry Potter and don't mind snotty little kids (eg "You horrid beast!"), you will have a chance at enjoying them. :O The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair are great - and don't even try to read The Last Battle until you've read the others.


    And Lord Ernie, what was wrong with the Magician's Nephew? It was a dem fine book, a dem fine one! :D

  4. My impression of Inara, having not watched the series, is that she was eye candy and the love interest... and not much else besides. The fight scene where she kept running in and getting smacked into the wall didn't really help - though I'm glad she had the smarts to set off a bomb (I thought it was actually a long incense-shaped needle with which she could have stabbed the bad guy to death. That would have been great.) She also wore highly inappropriate clothing for space travel but she looked so utterly gorgeous, I can't really blame her.


    I loved the stilted conversation between her and Mal - that was pure Angel flashback. :p

  5. Damn you, Joss Whedon with your stupid Cordy-being-taken-over-by-demon plot!


    If it makes you feel better, it's since been revealed that Jasmine was actually a renegade "angel" (or rather, one of the Powers That Be), rather than a demon :).



    I don't think anything can ever make me feel better about those blasted last two seasons of Angel. Stupid Jasmine. Why couldn't she have come out of Fred? Or maybe even Wesley. GRRRRRRRR. :p

  6. Hey Meira, I haven't seen the series. :)


    I liked it, but I have a feeling that it would be way way better for those who have seen the series as you'd be familiar with the characters already. And if you see it and decide you don't like it, you can wipe it from your memory and make up your own ending, as I was forced to do for the series "Angel". Damn you, Joss Whedon with your stupid Cordy-being-taken-over-by-demon plot!


    Check out rottentomatoes.com for the critics' views on both movies. They've got some great lines. :p

  7. I never got the impression that River was supposed to be sexually attractive.




    Me either. I thought the impression of the male population was "she's creepy", "she's very young" or "she's dead weight". I don't think her outfit was meant to be sexy either - it looked like she was wearing a bunch of rags that highlighted her fragility when she wasn't kicking butt.


    The series would have been excellent. As a movie... not quite. It definitely had strong "this was meant to be a series and the characters would have been developed much better and you would feel much more for the characters if we'd had more time" element.


    I think Joss' style is to start from cardboard cutouts then make them act in unusual ways... a slow process, hence the movie suffering in this respect. The dialogue wasn't too bad, though the 'rousing speech' moment was very very cheesy. I kept hoping that a shark would jump out and eat one of them, but no. :p


    Still I enjoyed it muchly! There were some shining moments. More River combat scenes would have been good. :)

  8. ...and if ayone tells you it's a good idea to try to finish a mod while writing your master's thesis, punch them in the teeth for me, will you?


    Having finished my own Master's a few months ago, I know exactly how you feel.



    Ditto. :p




    Happy birthday as well. :p

  9. :p I love translation mix-ups. The following two are my favourites. :p


    In BG1, in the very beginning of the game Russian Charname was confronted by a very concerned monk that asked instead of the English one: "You've cut yourself above the brow. What's wrong, child?"" a more mothering: "You've cut your hair above the brow. It's wrong, too childish."

    In the middle of the battle, furious Russian Minsc yelled: "Go for the ICE Boo, go for the ICE!"


  10. About "The Value of Discretion",


    First - AKLON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second - I really liked the rest of the characters and the story and ... everything in general. The fact that the dynamic between Torae and Nolis reminds me of my favourite couple in the history of chinese tv is only a plus. :)

  11. A good friend suddenly declares in front of all his friends and family that he loves you passionately and wants to marry you. You're not interested. Do you say yes to have him save face and crush his heart later, or tear out his heart now and rip it into a thousand shreds by saying no right away?

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