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  1. Would it be possible to list the updates in the IESDP history (a little like WeiDU's list of updates) from now on? I like looking through the additions over time and the history page has stalled at 7th Sept, 2003. It's not a huge priority, but I'd like to know what changes have been made since the last version without looking up the forums.

  2. At 12, a child is intellectually developed, but not emotionally developed. The frontal lobes, the seat of our judgement, are not fully formed. 12 year olds are no more capable of adult judgement than they are of flying. It is sick, wrong and horrible to torture a child (you ever been tazed?), no matter what the circumstances.


    The police tazed her because she was running into traffic, not because she was drinking and smoking. The point was to stop each child, not to punish them for what they were doing.


    It's the same idea as reaching out and yanking a child away from an oncoming bus, except this time the child was actually out of reach. And if you've ever tried to stop a child who's panicked and running when you're perceived as a threatening stranger, reasonable talking doesn't actually work.

  3. Basically, it's triggering, but not actually working.


    I've polymorphed someone into a squirrel. After some dialogue and some random spells being cast on said squirrel (to which he should have extreme resistance), I force the squirrel to cast a "Change animation" effect on itself using a custom spell (called from the creature's override script).


    The script block is working as the spell name showed up in the dialogue box.. but my squirrel's not changing. T_T. The weird part is that if I Ctrl-Q Mr Squirrel into my party, and try triggering the script again, he changes immediately. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! I've slapped ClearAllActions() all over the place just in case he's busy doing something else, but he will only change if he's a party member. :D:cry::D


    *throws nuts*




    PS - oh, and I've tried using Polymorph() instead of the spell. Same thing. The block triggers, but the animation stays resolutely squirrelly.

  4. Can anyone tell me what program I'd use to assemble a .tis file from a .mos (or a .bmp)? Right now I'm just sticking it through IETME and taking the .tis from there. But I'd like to streamline things with a utility if possible.

  5. Really, really lovely.


    You've fit in alot of character and feeling into what is a short piece. Like Dancer, I also found it elegant and the exposition was well done (ie not overdone!).

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