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  1. :O Thanks guys! The little ones all sang happy birthday to me during science. It totally made my day... so cute, yet so off-key! Shar-Teel is on the back burner, simmering slowly. I'm glad one person noticed that it was missing though. And *lashes Icelus*.
  2. You think you're jealous? At least your continental mass is populated to the second digit!
  3. I want a count of how many young children you lot left crying by the side of the playground.
  4. Bri, you didn't disappoint. I'm now going to try seeing Nalia my way once again.
  5. Happy birthday. I was going to say may the rest of your days be silly, then I realised you were BillyBob, not Sillybob. Oh well.
  6. You can use any .bmp file and slap it as the background in IETME. I tend to make the area by blending old areas (taken using screen captures from the game) in photoshop, saving the final product as .bmp, then loading it into IETME. Therefore you don't need a 3D program, but if you wish to make original areas with new objects, it's best to use a 3D program (for that BG-look). Basically, you set up your 3D world, then take a snapshot of it from the correct angle. After that, the snapshot can serve as your background in IETME, so you're basically back at 2D after using a 3D tool. You'd have to be hugely talented or have heaps of free time to make a convincing BGesque background in a 2d paint tool from scratch.
  7. It's easy, BigRob: // Statue-code IF StateChecK(Myself,STATUE) THEN RESPONSE #100 Stare() Wait(29384723984723984723942) LandPigeons(5) GetPoopedOn(True) END And Jayson, check out the IESDP for IWD actions you might need: http://www.gibberlings3.net/iesdp/scripting/totlactions.htm Look at entry 120, which is StartCutScene(S:CutScene*). There's an example in the text, but generally, you want to have the following code when it's time for your cutscene to appear: ClearAllActions() StartCutSceneMode() // gets rid of GUI StartCutScene("Name_of_cutscene_script") Then in your cutscene script, you'd have IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneID(Player1) // this means Player1 controls this action block DisplayStringHead(Myself,StringRef) // displays the StringRef over // someone's head. //If you're using WeiDU, this //StringRef can be a .tra entry. // ie DisplayStringHead(Myself,@53) Wait(3) // or however long you think // it'll take for the string to be read DisplayStringHead(Player2,@54) Wait(3) // etc EndCutSceneMode() // Restores the GUI END
  8. I like the ones with the forelock (I'm happy with or without the tattoo)... however, his lips look a little enormous in all of them... would it be possible to lighten up the jaw area so he has more of a jaw? That's the only edit I think is really required. Something a little like this, but probably done in something besides MSPaint. I had to add the stubble to create a sort of shading effect, but it shouldn't be there. They do look great, though, and much more in line with Coran's character. I just have issues with the jawline.
  9. It's very cute. I loved Viconia's constant 'let me show you the drow art of..'.
  10. cliffette

    My Haiku

    I would comment on Your haiku but I have just run out of words... d'oh!
  11. I always loved Xan much, much more than Kivan. He was just so interesting and gloomy as a character, although I agree that Kivan's story is better. I can't see Xan as a seriously depressed character - he talks too much for that. I see him more as one of those grouchy, doleful types whose exterior is a front that is caricature - inside, he's sort of laughing with his brain at the sheer ridiculousness revealed in life. Nor would I want to cheer him up, though I would have lots of fun trying to get him to crack a smile. To me, he seems quite deliberately and voluntarily gloomy, as opposed to the non self-imposed sadness of depression - therefore he has a pessimistic view of life, but he's not unhappy about it, just because he accepts bad things as part of life. Plus he has an awesome weapon.
  12. http://the-magicbox.com/0407/game071604c.shtml Time to learn some Japanese, methinks. Or this link, for the trailer and screenshots... my 56 k modem is being somewhat challenged right now. http://www.gamespot.com/psp/rpg/finalfanta...tml?tag=mp_2to9
  13. Wow... the lack of a silly haircut truly makes a difference! That's great, Eagleheart.
  14. And thank you, CamDawg, for doing that.
  15. If it gets more complicated than rolling some die and making (and breaking) treaties with/stabbing the backs of your closest friends and family, then I will stay with classic Risk. Icelus and Julwise's pins are so cute! Aww!
  16. Hmm, her face could be smaller. Would that be Rinoa's hair? And Mazzy looks amazing.
  17. It's so cute so far. Your writing is very fresh and pleasant. And Bri's right - it is plausible that Boo was acquired this way...
  18. MWAHAHAHA!! I AM THE RISK QUEEN! No, really, I am. I decimated my cousin's husband, who was the undisputed Risk Reigning Champion. It was so satisfying to stop his evil cackles and watch his face fall as his troops FELL LIKE COWARDS BEFORE MY WAKE!!!! Of course, it means that I must never play Risk against him again.
  19. He was probably in jail/hospital/therapy.
  20. Very nice, Bri. I was a little confused near the beginning where I thought he was having a conversation with someone else, as opposed to himself (I think the description "the armoured figure groused" threw me - I was looking for another armoured figure!). But all in all, BobTokyo said it - enjoyable and rather sneaky. And poor Keldorn.
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