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  1. Right at the beginning of the game, ala Welverin's subrace mod (though with an invisible creature rather than a guest appearance by the creator ;)).


    It could even be a part of Imoen's dialog, e.g.


    "<CHARNAME>? Do you... remember who you are?"

    I really like that idea. ;)

  2. For those ones, the link goes to a non-existing page... but look on the menu at the left and there is a working link for the portraits there. At least, it worked when I tried it!


    Or just try this link instead. ;)http://delainy.gibberlings3.net/portraits.html


    I was hoping for amberish eyes myself... so a very, very pale brown with some gold, to indicate her wolf heritage. But green would also be lovely.

  3. ;) It is actually believable that your Bhaalspawn thinks Anomen is wonderful - we all forget that she's had a cloistered lifestyle, with only guards such as Hull or farmers such as Dreppin (?) to admire. Anomen would look great compared to them (and since leaving Candlekeep, she's only met a select few characters who were not out to kill her). I like how you mentioned the other dialogue options, but explained them from Ashara's point of view.


    Only problem I can see is that it's moving too quickly! The first paragraph contains the entire BG1, and the remnants skip over Imoen's capture and Irenicus' dungeon... but I guess they're not the point of the story. ;) I assume that Jaheira took the lead in BG1 while Ashara followed, thus managing to retain her naivity. Anyway, it's just getting juicy. ;)

  4. So as I wait to be censored mercilessly and sent off to Guantanamo Bay for my acts of treason against the Australian people, I have a closing comment :


    Cliffette, you are an evil, nasty, ethically bankrupt fiend. :D




    Next time, I'll put a SPOILER (of appetite) warning, eh? :)

  5. Have you seen politicians? I don't think anybody wants to see that.

    Hark! Our Prime Minister.




    I would rather look at Bri's hobo bum than his wee-wee.


    BTW, I think I'm still in kindergarten, because the word 'wee-wee' makes me snicker. ;)

  6. I hate email hoax warnings, but this one is important. Please send this to everyone on your email list ASAP!


    If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey, and asks you to show him your bum, DO NOT show him your bum.


    This is a scam. He only wants to see your bum! I wish I'd got this yesterday!!

  7. I guess if I was going to eat pork fat, I'd rather it be chocolate covered pork fat.

    I'm sure there's something wrong with that logic, but I can't quite figure out what... ;)

  8. I look forward to Delainy gracing my party with her stories. ;)


    With PST vs BG2 styles, I guess it depends whether you would rather the mod be immersive (which I think it is now, as the scenes read like a story), or cohesive with the rest of BG2.

  9. *lands safely on an Anomen in eyeshadow and lipstick (gives +5 bonus to seduction rolls) and pink party dress*

    That would be nightmare #12783612738 that you've given me. :suspect:


    Icelus - it's optional, but that's why it's so satisfying. :)

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