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  1. You sound like an ogrillon who was previously employed as a pirate. But very cool.
  2. I look forward to Delainy gracing my party with her stories. With PST vs BG2 styles, I guess it depends whether you would rather the mod be immersive (which I think it is now, as the scenes read like a story), or cohesive with the rest of BG2.
  3. That would be nightmare #12783612738 that you've given me. Icelus - it's optional, but that's why it's so satisfying.
  4. Install component ~Kill Icelus subquest?~ [Y] Yes [N] No [Q] Quit? YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  5. Forlorn I imagine *stealth hugs Cliffette* I'm glad to be back . *pushes Bri off cliff* The cliff is mine!!
  6. I think I'd rather jump off the cliffette. Sounds like it's a shorter drop. * icelus runs far from the land of Oz *codes Icelus-killing moment into Shar-Teel* *feels better*
  7. What is a cliff without its cliffette? *hugs cliff*
  8. She is anime, actually... but coloured traditionally (well, if you call the airbrush in photoshop traditional), hence its lesser animeness. Part of the anime style is that women either look like girls or they look like vamps... and I don't like drawing vamps . And at BigRob.
  9. cliffette


    Bad puns ahead... (what else did you expect?) Tired: Tiredness dogs my every step. Let us rest soon. Uncommon/Forest: You saw a wolf? Where? Forest: I prefer the vocal bark over the skin of a tree. Bored: We should not pause too long here. Attack: Fur what it's worth! Leader: So what does this job entail? All right, I'll go punish myself now
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