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  1. Strange. He definitely did fight on my side after I finally managed to get this ending.
  2. Well, it made for some interesting screenshots with Kelemvor. And while I remember to ask it: What's your take on fanfiction? I don't usually write any, but I'm participating in a challenge on another site which Bishop would lend himself really well to. Thing is, having played through the romance, I'm not always 100% sure whether the random lines and background facts I remember were from the OC or from the mod and I'd like to know where I stand and what your policy is on having your mod's content used in fan fiction before I start writing.
  3. I finally got around to reloading a save right before entering the Betrayer's Gate, and without fiddling with anything else, when I tried talking to Gann and breaking up with him through his conversation file, I got the right options. (When I entered the gate he still confessed his love in the cutscene though and I had to break up with him again. Poor sod seems to love the punishment.) This time I did get the opportunity to bargain with Kelemvor, and subsequently Bishop did make an appearance in the epilogue (in fact, I got Safiya to mule him in once we'd reached the dreamscape and pretended he'd followed me there to help out ). So, conclusion, the gate file dialogue definitely seems to be the problem. Small question though - after the epilogue, isn't the game supposed to return to the main screen? Mine didn't - I was still stuck by the wall hanging out with Kelemvor with no way out (maybe spending eternity with him was his revenge for freeing the ranger or something). Just bringing this up cause it might be Bishop-Mod-related.
  4. I was finally able to get the additional OC dialogue which ends up with Bishop actually rejoining the party before fighting Garius. What I did was delete (well just move elsewhere, really) the 3430_cs_enter.dlg file from Casavir's romance folder. I noticed it existed twice and thought maybe the game is loading the wrong one. Granted I don't have that much of a clue so I'm not sure that's what happened, but... it worked, anyway. I thought maybe this could be useful to someone.
  5. Glad to see that there apparently has been some progress since I last checked. Thank you guys for giving it your attention. I did a little research too, and I think I figured it out - I'm no expert though, so I hope I'm even making sense. This didn't set for me. The reason is that I never even flirted with Gann and left the talk about Bishop until we were standing in front of the Betrayer's Gate, and I assumed that this would be enough. I just had a look in the conversation file before passing through the gate, and I don't think it's supposed to look like it does. First of all, once I tell Gann that I care about something else, there are only three choices - the Casavir answer, the [Gann was not in Bishop dream] answer, and "It's difficult to speak of". There is no option for Gann having been in Bishop's dream - it's missing. Second, when I do take one option given of telling him about Bishop, there is no action whatsoever happening - P#BishopMotB is not set. I checked and I noticed it does set when you access this talk earlier through regular, player initiated conversation with Gann, but if you tell him at the gate, the condition for that variable to set is missing. No clue why this is.
  6. And, just an observation, when I looked at the modified"two people caring" dialogue, I didn't see any option for success. Might have missed it though.
  7. The funny thing is I always fail check on BOTH the diplomacy options.....I scanned some forums and,while I saw that the "two people caring for each other" options is always bound to fail in original (but should work with bishop romance...),the other one ("so you just switched masters") should work if you have enough high influence and diplomacy (and it did the first time I played OC,even if I had a good aligned pc...I always play good or pure chaotic ones lol)...so either I'm missing something,or some dialogues got messed up somehow If only I knew how to look them in the toolset (I mean,I just don't know which mod I should load to get those final dialogue in the toolset to look up lol,I'm going mad looking for them...) I'll wait for some news then thanks anyway! You have to look for them by name in the toolset (at least that's how I do it, don't know if there's an easier way). Under the File menu, there should be a "Load Conversation/Script" option. When you click that, it gives you the option of searching for names of files. So, typing "br", it should give you the bishop romance flirts (among some other files like brockenburn) because they all have that string in the name. Dialogues that have been altered should have the same name as their OC counterparts, but you'll recognize them because the location given for them is the override folder.
  8. I didn't take the guardian path. I took a look via the toolset, and it definitely should have showed for me but didn't - I went through the dialogue in-game several times to make sure I didn't miss the option. I noticed that there are two variables that have to set, so is it possible that one of them didn't? Thanks for your time!
  9. I could't get the altered ending to show for my character who was romancing Bishop in the OC. I did tell him to hold on in the dream wall, I did reject Gann before the portal and told him about my black-hearted ex who could be redeemed, and I never did get a chance to bargain with Kelemvor about anything before or after the final fight. Does it matter whether or not I betray the crusade or what answers I pick while on the Fugue Plane? Because I did feel a little guilty about telling Bishop I was coming to get him and then just waving a cheerful goodbye instead.
  10. Let me add my thanks and congrats! One more argument for me finally buying MotB and giving the OC another spin. I'm looking forward to it.
  11. I finally got to that part in the new game, and I have to say I was sitting there giggling so hard my husband thought there was something wrong with me. Sarevok's reaction tends to crack me up, too (even though I don't think it's really supposed to), but "I will kill you, Haer'Dalis!" had something special about it. I finally tried out the romance conflict, too, and I have a question about it: There was one talk where Anomen and Angelo start out babbling about the weather (while we were staking vampires in the crypts, of all things) and Angelo accuses Anomen of looking at him funny, and he finally says he won't subject himself to that weirdness. I assumed it was part of the romance conflict. Is that the end of the conflict for SoA? It seemed an odd finish and I kept expecting that either of them would follow up on it somehow. I'll also try to get the Sarevok content this time. I've never been able to change his alignment yet, I have no idea why. The talks just won't come up for me even with CTRL-I-ing like crazy shortly before the end of the game. Kind of annoying.
  12. I definitely tried talking to Renal more than once and I could not get it to show up. He just kept telling me to leave him alone because he was busy. That was after I did the Vae'Mar quest, so I suppose I'd have to try and sell him the lotus before I do that quest? Brega took the lotus without problems, so I wasn't stuck not knowing what to do with it, but the roleplaying aspect suffered a little that way since my PC isn't exactly the most lawful citizen. Plus, I always imagined Angelo would roll his eyes and smack me upside the head for going that route (I was a little surprised that he doesn't comment on it, actually).
  13. I noticed something small to do with the Lotus subquest, specifically when Angelo tries to convince me to try the stuff. He says he pinched some before we gave it away. However... I'd convinced Pierre to try and do without and I still had the stuff in my inventory at the time of that talk (I hadn't sold it to Renal because that doesn't seem to work for me, whether I have the thieves guild stronghold or not - I never ever got that option to show). Seemed just a bit nonsensical.
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