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  1. Well, 0.6.3 is a bit old at this point, but are you sure you have a working CachePath? It should get a bunch of files in it when you load a game, and they are what is added to the SAV. If those files do appear, are you sure the port isn't broken? It could maybe happen if the filesystem layer ignores lowercase filenames and the porter didn't update any fs code for example.
  2. fuzzie

    GEMRB on Android

    The code seems to reject any unknown files/directories with an error - I guess since gemrb deletes everything in the Cache folder, and if someone points it at some important directory (and people seem really good at messing up their config files), then that would be pretty bad. Would be nice if the Android log was less of a mess so you could more easily see that error, though.. another reason to get rid of all of the printf()s in error messages, I guess.
  3. Well, we probably break them too often, but weapons breaking in BG1 is pretty important to the story.. This all goes on the 'to look at' list, I guess.
  4. fuzzie

    Setting up BG-TotSC

    For BG1, GameType should be 'bg1'.
  5. fuzzie

    Setting up BG-TotSC

    I've never heard of the weird error before, but your config file has an invalid Width, Height, GameType, did you try fixing those? You might try setting AudioDriver to none (or sdlaudio), to see if it is your pulseaudio causing problems. And beware, copying files around usually just breaks things. I don't recognise the paths in your config as being anything cmake would produce, so I can't tell if they're right, did you build this yourself or get it from somewhere? Edit: Never mind that last bit, I see that the Gentoo ebuild is messing with the paths. They look OK.
  6. We removed the code which uses a FunctionName back in June, so I guess the GemRB you're running is too old (maybe you had an old GemRB installed and that is being used instead?).
  7. #6 and #28 should be fixed in all games now.
  8. For bg1: #28 is fixed in bg2 but I haven't merged entirely with bg1 yet. Please re-check #30, hopefully it is fixed. #19 is not a GemRB bug, that is how it works in original.
  9. As lynx says, I think I fixed #10. I can't reproduce the BG2 trolls thing either, so maybe I accidentally fixed that too. Looking at the rest of the list.. BG1 dreams have never worked I think. Nalia's dialog is pretty difficult to break in that way, so that's weird. Will try and take a look at some of the list.
  10. I missed this thread, been a bit busy! Thank you ever so much, Taimon. I'll see if I can do something useful with this in GemRB.
  11. fuzzie

    GEMRB on Android

    That is why it works for us: this isn't the case for x86/powerpc machines. I would guess it is caused by some floating-point emulation code your toolchain is using for Android. Hopefully we can just get rid of the floating-point use in this code..
  12. fuzzie

    Compiling on ARM

    git push to a repository somewhere (e.g. github) and then prodding us is easiest, or just putting patches somewhere. I notice also that I forgot to fix ReadChrHeader last time I tried this myself, meh..
  13. It's checking whether the correct amount of data was written to disk - I added them when I found some really nasty bugs which wrote incorrect amounts of data when saving and made corrupted savegames, and wanted to make sure that didn't happen again without it being obvious. Glad to hear it works for you now!
  14. <br /><br /><br /> This happens when it fails to save the game - you probably have bg2 installed on a read-only partition and you didn't set SavePath in the config? gemrb does have a more helpful error message in the git version, but I guess it's new since 0.6.2.
  15. fuzzie

    BG 2.

    Is this latest git? I tried talking to and freeing Jaheira using it, and she recognised me fine, regardless of party order etc. I do see the inventory wrapping, though, which is new. And the horrible red font.
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