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  1. I'll post the weidu log as soon as I switch to the laptop.
  2. It didn't happen in my last game (SCS I, SCS II installed on a BGT game) if I remember correctly, but it was two or three weeks ago so I could be mistaken. Anyway, could be useful if you could post your weidu.log, found in your BG2 install folder. Open it with notepad and copy/paste the content or attach the file.
  3. In my game cursed items get equipped too - anyway they don't get equipped upon assignment, but as soon as the creature sees any member of my party thus starting using its battle scripts. I think it could be because of SCS scripts assigning possessed items to each available slot, since it is the only mod I know of that modifies scripts and that I use, and I don't think David designed those scripts thinking also about cursed items. Anyway, please note that this is a rather blind shot - I haven't checked it, so it could as well as could not be it.
  4. I'm in Durlag's Tower right now, so I can't test the ORS - I think I'll be outside in one or two days, then I'll let you know. In the meanwhile, spiders from Spider Spawn now behave correctly.
  5. Actually, it seems that it has no effect whatsoever on neutral creatures. It works normal on both allied creatures and on enemies, but casting it on a neutral one wields no effect - I tried more or less ten times on different creatures, and tried to make them turn red, at which point ORS started affecting them if cast again. Since using it like I suggested wasn't your aim I'd say to not worry about this now, anyway.
  6. ORS Well, the exploit in my example is light: right now the guard would go hostile, but wouldn't be able to start the dialog for a whole turn while the other spells would either last only 1 round (Command) or won't work on non-hostile targets (Hold Person and the like). Going back to that area would mean the guard will attack the party. With a neutral ORS instead the guard wouldn't turn hostile, and if the party goes back to that area, the guard will start the dialog as usual. In both cases, the exploit is only that it prevents the dialog part but "prevents" the party to going back there without consequences. I'll gladly test the change, even if I'm towards the end of BG1 (already defeated Sarevok, but I still have to finish some mods and the whole TotSC part) so I'll have slightly less numerous occasions to use it to save NPCs. Could you please tell me the spell's file name to modify? Searching for the spell's name returns three instances, two of which are named SPWI***.spl I've looked at one of them but the spell now uses a lot of EFF effects. I'll take another look into it though, I know you're busy. Free Action Good to know, thanks. If not already present (I admit I've read the spell's description quite quickly) I'd make it clear in the description. It makes sense as it is now anyway - previously I've never used Remove Paralysis.
  7. Resilient Sphere I think it's already exploitable, since it can target friendly units. You can steal and hold guards with an ORS, for example. Making it so that it won't turn the target red only means that you can save the dukes with it in BG1, or Phaere and Solaufein in BG2. Changing it won't change the exploits one can make using it I think, and RP-wise it makes sense that if you see the dukes or Phaere hurt, you hold them/her in a Sphere to save their lives. Actually, I use it that way much more than on enemies - for example, if one of my characters is near death, or dominated, I usually target him with ORS to let him live and/or not make him do damage on us. Free Action This spell works flawlessly if cast before being targeted with slow/hold and similar spells, but if a character is already held it doesn't dispel the condition. Is it expected? (Actually, I'm ok with it now that I know it works that way. I'm asking because I remember it dispelling the condition on cast on SRv2 or in vanilla BG, can't say which one.)
  8. I remember someone said their phase spiders continued to phase near the party's characters instead of near enemies; I can confirm that behavior with SRv3. I can't find that post right now so I don't know if it's been solved or not.. If it is, I apologize.
  9. Using SRv3 (without the hotfixes since my install has quite some time now) skeletons aren't immune to (Greater) Basilisks stone gaze anymore - is it expected? I'd also set Otiluke's Resilient Sphere as a neutral action instead of making the target go red - it's a great defensive spell but right now it can't be used as it angers the npcs.
  10. What I meant is, I don't have those weapons anymore and I don't really remember where I sold them. I'll double check every store I'll come across from now on, of course. If I had even a slight idea on where those items could be I'd have done what you suggest now, Jarno.
  11. As decided in the SHS topic, I'll report here custom weapons not changed by IR. So far I found a spear with old damage stats, a wakizashi with wrong weapon proficiency (I use the tweak that restores BG1 proficiencies, so usually wakizashi use "small swords", the one I found used "large swords" instead - since all the other wakizashi have been successfully patched, this one had probably a wrong proficiency or a wrong category before the tweak) and a warhammer with old damage stats. I think they come from some BG1 quest mods that I have either finished or nearly finished, so I can't report the resource names unfortunately. I know that this information alone is nearly nothing, and I apologize for not having more info on the mentioned weapons, but if I run across other inconsistencies I'll make sure to report name of the weapon, resource, mod that inserted it and location. This post actually aimed to update the topic title more than anything else.
  12. Hi there. Just to let you know, I opened a topic about the subject in the title in the mega-mod help on the SHS boards, since as of now IR can't patch mod added items because it's installed before BG:T. Here's the link: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?showtopic=42886 Cheers. EDIT: changed topic title.
  13. Having different quality of dispelling arrows seems good to me. Actually, even the cheapest one won't care about Mirror Image as far as I know anyway. The dispel effect will kick in even if the arrow hits an illusion. I have never used arrow of slayer, since fighting Ogre Magis is actually easy without SCS, and with SCS I usually beat them using summoned creatures. I may think of using that arrow for the 5 magis fight with SCS installed - problem is, I never get to use arrows against mages since my whole party always gets confused in the first round, and as soon as the mages have no spells left I don't care anymore about their protections since they will melee my characters at most, so I can easily wait. Same with magis I think.
  14. That's settled then. I'll be back as soon as I actually use the arrows!
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