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  1. @tibicina I am kicking myself so hard for missing the book in the Cloakwood Mines, because somehow I did (I didn't realize the books had a different icon at first), and that's the ONLY one I'm missing and of course it's the one I can't go back for because those mines are flooded now. So I was able to give Tamah 12/13 letters. I'm really hoping she'll still return to Candlekeep with only twelve - I am very emotionally invested in this fictional romance now, okay? I'm trying to decide if I want to go digging in NearInfinity for the book codes so I can CLUA in the one I'm missing now.
  2. Oh, my name's on the beta - that means I've got to come back! Just to make sure: I can install this on BG2:EE, right?
  3. Did my best to break the sparring talk and couldn't! My fighter -> thief dual wasn't about to stop fighting until she won, so I dragged the actual sparring portion on as long as I could before Aran finally gave up. It seemed like a suitable amount of time. ("In fact, you could cut to the chase and just say you are running with scissors" was also hilarious.) Did the embarrassed-run-away at the end and got an Aran by the river outdoors talk in the morning, which actually fit in with the context (had been sparring, could probably use a bath) but I'm not sure if they were actually connected. New favorite line: "I had a brother, once. I had to kill him." 'Insecure' PC gets some great lines. There were two instances where I saw the same PC response appear twice in the list of dialogue options: In response to Aran's "I were right happy, in case you had naught in th'way o' evidence. An' you seemed right happy, too." in the sparring not-all-the-way morning after, "If I remember correctly, we did a lot more than kiss. I mean, we didn't... we stopped short of..." comes up twice. And when you ask Aran what he wants (I'm not sure if this occurs in more locations than just the river talk), "I think I would like to fulfill that fantasy." also came up twice in response.
  4. Aran's lovetalk that ends up with "Well, two spoons in a drawer" doesn't have a response for the shy/hesitant/look-away-and-blush PC - you can either lean into him, or basically tell him 'not on the job (or ever)' or 'not on the job (but later)'. From the PID talk beginning "Before we go any further, Aran... what do you think our "relationship" is? - Then again, you done got From the Aran-gives-the-PC-a-dagger dialogue (was that a flirt? not sure) - some From the (friendship?) talk that begins with "Tempus' Toasty Toes, that tears it"/Aran complaining about his bootlace breaking - I get that the point of the lovetalk is to discuss his language, but I would have very much liked an option for the PC to actually help him out and lend him a spare bootlace like he asks. From one of the lovetalks (Aran asks PC if she's ever wanted a partner): - contracts. (The line beginning "I wish this were a bard's story" has been one of my absolute favorites so far.) Aaaand... this made me laugh. ("Sure, Aran, we're halfway through freeing these slaves but this gladiator's pit WOULD be an awfully convenient place for us to spar. Look, we'll even have an audience!") - Perhaps we should find somewhere more protected.
  5. Downloaded from github today (5/28/13), so that's the version I'm working with. From a PID talk- - An' for consistency? - The inn's actual name is the "Den of the Seven Vales," which I imagine that Aran might actually know. This talk over here repeats itself with this option like so: I noticed duplicate spawns of several of the NPCs in the area where you recruit Aran, at night. Also, this is kind of just a nitpicky game immersion thing, but none of those NPCs will play any sounds when you right-click on them, the way typical commoners, merchants, everybody-else-in-the-game, etcera do. Even giving them generic sounds from other generic NPCs in the game might make this a bit less jarring. It's not all that important really, but it's something the default Bioware NPCs have got. More comments to come as I make progress! I'm trying to actually play through and not let myself read everything and spoil myself, so we'll see how it goes.
  6. What about 'Aran gives the PC a letter... and he accidentally gives her the wrong one'? Or 'somebody leaves a letter in PC's inn room and she thinks it's for her, but it's not'?
  7. If they're both interesting characters, I'll find 'em interesting. It's tricky forcing a pair of NPCs on the player, because the player might only want one, or might spend a lot of time with one out of two dead (or permanently dead!). There's a lot more to account for. If having both in the party is encouraged-but-not-required, I think it'd work more smoothly. Party space is always scarce.
  8. It's implied in BG1 that Imoen is two years younger than the player character, who is twenty years old. At the least, she came to Candlekeep two years later than you did. I generally place her anywhere from 19 to 21 in ToB. But if the PC is any of the longer-lived races, the PC's arbitrarily-stated age of 20 makes no sense - a twenty-year-old elf is still a child.
  9. Have you tried using Hamachi? (Don't worry, it's free.) The other thing: If you're playing BG/BG2 multiplayer, it helps to make a clean install and install exactly the same mods and exactly the same components of those mods as your girlfriend. I'm not sure if this is mandatory, but it might be.
  10. While I don't have anything against action text at all, and don't find it distracting or immersion-breaking when it shows up in mods... if an NPC's singing something that has words, it's always a nice touch to know what those words are.
  11. If PrintScreen isn't saving screenshots, this may be a graphics card issue. It could also be a Windows Vista issue, but I'm not sure if you have that. If so, disabling User Account Control may enable saving screenshots. That's up to you. You can toss them wherever, or put them in a container, or horde them for sentimental value. Apparently they realized how counter-intuitive this was, because in 3/3.5th edition, armor class is calculated the other way around - the higher, the better.
  12. Super bonus points for this. Yes. Finally. Also, awwwww. That was definitely an 'aww' talk.
  13. Huge improvement there, in my mind. Much better on all counts. Looking good! #579 "waht" -> "what"
  14. Looking good so far! A couple things- Trying to minimize parenthetical text through PC responses is one thing and works well in some cases - particularly for 'show, don't tell'/dictating exactly how much control the player has over what the PC's actually getting into... but I'd love an option or two more for a PC who isn't quite so, ehm, vocal during that sort of thing. The shy PC responses seen to disappear (lines #450-#466) past a certain point of intimacy. Particularly in #450-#460, since these seem to be 'moving up a level' options, it might be nice to have a 'kind-of-hesitant-but-being-carried-away-regardless' sort of response, too? You've got your 'sorry Aran, I'm going to back out after all' covered already, but all of the 'okay, I'm ready to move forward' options seem really... confident, I guess? I dunno. Another case where using speech instead of parenthesis seems off: line #330 seems incredibly awkward. It's such a great intentional setup (okay, I'll pretend to trip, you'll catch me, right, RIGHT?) that having her -announce- it like that spoils the effect entirely. At least, that's just how it comes off to me. Line #481 and #491 - perhaps that deserves a response from Aran? #481 in particular made me cringe - at the least, a little consideration for her feelings/sympathy at that point might be nice.
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