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  1. @tibicina I am kicking myself so hard for missing the book in the Cloakwood Mines, because somehow I did (I didn't realize the books had a different icon at first), and that's the ONLY one I'm missing and of course it's the one I can't go back for because those mines are flooded now. So I was able to give Tamah 12/13 letters. I'm really hoping she'll still return to Candlekeep with only twelve - I am very emotionally invested in this fictional romance now, okay? I'm trying to decide if I want to go digging in NearInfinity for the book codes so I can CLUA in the one I'm missing now.
  2. Luridel

    Angelo Fanworks

    Been a long, long while since I've drawn Angelo. (Original poster is me. It feels like a long time ago, anyway. Also own a scanner now.) Link. Gotta scroll down the page quite a bit, but that works out too, because there's a spoiler warning.
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