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  1. Maybe a stupid question but I'm not figuring it out. I am at the end of IWD:EE ready to enter Peloquins Cave and the game gives me the message that my characters were exported. I want to finish IWD:EE and then move onto HoW with my current party. Once I finish Peloquin off the game ends, and when I start a new HoW game I try to start a new game and the only character that is listed to put into a slot are the pre gen characters and my CharName from the start of IWD:EE. I have no option to import my other party members and their not listed anywhere that I can find them. How do I go about getting my party onto HoW? I know I can just leave before I get to Peloquins final battle, return to Kuldahar and start HoW in that way, but since there is an option to start a new HoW game and import the characters that is really what I wanted to do. Please advise. I'm sure I am missing something very simple but I just don't know what. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. Is the game installed on your main hard drive attached to game computer ? Asking this cause drives read and write speed can increase the install time A LOT, and having it at an external drive will slow down the install speed by 10 to 1000 times ... Jarno, Quick question here for a clarification. I have a 1TB drive that is attached to my PC via a standard USB, which is where I run all of my IE and BGEE game setups. I run BWS and all of the various installs I have from here, my normal install time is pretty long, 10-20 hours, with a pretty big Mod load. Am I to understand that I could shrink that download time by instead installing everything onto my PC instead of the connected drive? Would it be better to just run BWS on my PC and then just move everything over to the other drive when the install is complete? I use the separate drive in order to keep from eating up the space on my drive. I don't mean to sound stupid, I'm just not real up to speed on how the separate drives work speed wise. I don't ever want to play without SCS so I'm just looking for ways to install a little faster without having to babysit my machine. Thanks
  3. Quick Question please. I open this file in the override folder but I don't have this line, exactly. I put a copy of my file in the spoiler tag, Which of these lines should I edit to change the number of quick saves? I'm sure the answer is right in front of me, but I'm just trying to learn some of this stuff as I go along. Thanks.
  4. Are you talking about a certain mod? Or are you talking about the EE Tool, that is being discussed in this thread? If it's the EE Tool, are mods you reference available in BWS but not in the EE Tool?
  5. Woo hoo an update from The Man!!!!! Perfect, great to see you back , now I gotta get all my old 2.3 EET playthrough's wrapped up!!!!! Thanks
  6. CamDawg............you said "over yonder"..............holy crap that's just funny, but I have lived in the Hillbilly South my whole life so I can relate!
  7. This was my point, in a very round about way. Thanks jastey. The Moderators at all 3 forums have brought this to light and now the rest of us know what to be aware of and watch for in the event something appears problematic. Lets move on and worry about clearing Durlag's Tower and why my Mod setup doesn't work the way I want it to. Have a great day
  8. Honestly it's all good. I have checked in here at G3 many times over the years just as a player, never had any knowledge to Mod and never really played with Mods until I tried Amber a long, long time ago. Way back then I would have sworn G3 would disappear. These days I have learned alot more about modding and tools and other things, especially from Roxxanne, jatsey, Alien, subtledoctor, and many many more. I have learned to play with both versions of BWS and gained alot of insights of how all the mods fit together. I became fascinated with EET and the large avenues it opened, and I presume I would have felt the same way about BGT or Tutu if I had spent the time back then to research them. I'm not a special pleader for anyone. I always take the time to thank everyone who helps me on these boards, because their taking time out of their day to help answer a question. I can understand peoples annoyance and anger, but ultimately I'm here to learn and have fun playing a great game in a universe that has been massively developed by an enormous fan base, that keeps it alive 20 years later. The talent, time, energy, and dedication that you ALL have put into this ongoing project is amazing, and I am blessed to have the chance to keep experiencing it, irregardless of the flaws of all the human beings involved. (including me!)
  9. I used to play some limited classic game stuff over the years and always enjoyed G3's forums and community. When the EE's came out I discovered Beamdog and SHS and learned some things about how modding all works. About a year ago I found the Mega Mods and fell in love with the game, the content and mods all over again. The last several months I have gotten a great Mod education from a significant number of people at all three of these forums. I have truly enjoyed what I have learned here thru multiple people, and Roxanne has been a big helpful part of that. Subtle Doc has also been a big help and quite funny to follow. I really thought a long time ago that G3 would eventually fade away as the game faded, but it has survived and appears to prosper, I sincerely hope that continues and that the Modders (all of them) continue to support the update of their Mods and especially the Tools like BWS and BWS-EE tool, that turn the product that was created, turned into the massive universe it has become. The modding of this game is the equivalent of the hundreds, and thousands of hours I spent playing AD&D thru the years. Thanks to everyone involved. I hope Roxanne stays involved in the community in a manner that she has in helping people out. I realize some folks are upset at the multiple accounts, self promotion, and singular conversations that were happening, but for me unless you have someone going out of their way to demean, belittle, and/or denigrate others we just might want to not cast to many stones at our own glass houses. I'm not saying it's acceptable to behave in this manner, to the contrary, I think it's important that the Admins of all three sites have shed some daylight on the whole matter, but I would hope as a community designed to be a place for resource and information repository, can see past personal foibles, and focus on setting the ship straight.
  10. I understand that you simply use the functions under *options* in the selection tree menu, the ones called "save selection" and "reload selection"? The data is stored in a file *user.ini* which you find in the BWS-EE/App/Config/ folder. For your purpose I suggest not to use this, because it is overwritten each time you start a new session like you describe. It may be better to use another option from the same pull-down menu called *Export selection to file* which opens a file manager menu that allows you to name that version how you like it and store it for your further use. You can make snapshots of your selections this way and reload a former one if you were unhappy with what you did. You can create a number of ini files this way for later reuse. Using this method, you are already halfway to creating a Collection. Once you finished your experiments and solved all issues it may have, the final result will be your first Collection. You can always reload it or even share with others. The default user.ini that you currently use is not what I would recommend because it is too easily overwritten by events you may not have intended and then all you work will be lost. Better to use the kind of snapshot ini-files I have described. You can just give them a date or version number for easy recognition. That was the exact info I was looking to learn and/or confirm. Thanks so much, I greatly appreciate it.
  11. I'm playing with this tool to learn how to better operate it and just have a quick silly question. I have an install I'm working on right now and as I'm going through I'm researching the mods and stuff as I go along. I have been working on it over the last two weeks when I get time off work so I save the selections where I'm at and close the tool, I then restart the tool when I come back to it, using the "update" option. Two things actually: #1 where is the file that stores the "saved" info for Mod choices? I assume it's kind of like a compilation that just hasn't been done yet, but other than re-loading it through the tool I'm working in is there an actual file with the info somewhere? Something I could try to view and maybe replicate in a different instance of the tool I run as an experiment. Since I'm still only reviewing Mod choices in the above scenario do I need to run the "update" version? I haven't started installing anything. Thanks for any insights you can provide.
  12. Thanks again for the clarification. The use of compilations for new(er) BWS users is actually a very helpful and useful thing. Other than being confused about how to find them (the compilations) and then where to put new ones I make, this method helped me to understand the Tool much better than before. I originally installed EET thru BWS and it was a massive process that consumed more time and energy than was really necessary. A Big part of that though was my learning how to use the tool and not understanding how to choose between all of the Tactical, recommended choices, and how to understand conflict resolution. BWS-EE has been an improvement for folks like me that aren't necessarily Mod operators, and being able to better understand it has helped me to be wiser about my mod and component selection and be able to ask better questions in Mod Forums when I'm trying to make sure I understand components. Major props, especially to Roxanne and Alien, for their work on this, and an even bigger props to all those Modders that have worked so hard to make this such a massively diverse universe.
  13. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to be sure if I put the file there it wouldn't get overwritten.
  14. So if I download DH from the dropbox location what is the best way to have it installed when I run The EET Game Setup Tool? Do I just save a copy of it to the Downloads folder in EET GST? Or do I not include it in the selection tree and then install it manually. How do I tell EET GST to use the copy I have instead of trying to download it and get the bad file, as I'm assuming that if I include it in my selections the tool is going to try to check it on the web site and possibly try to use the bad version. What is CoM? I'm not familiar with that abreviation.
  15. Thanks Roxanne. That helps me understand a little better, and give me an idea of what to research to get a handle on which mods I will hold out of the install and do afterwards. I'm getting a better grasp on how to best run the EE Tool, and mastering it's different functions. The updates you and Alien have included have so far helped me to get a better grasp of Mod selection and other things. Now I'm gonna try to install and work through the conflicts and dependencies since it appears you have made it clearer on how to handle those. I just have to wait until my next day off since I'm not sure how many hours it will take, my last one was almost 12 hours, but admittedly It was my first attempt and I kind of stumbled through it. This time I'm a little better prepared.
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