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  1. ah that is something to wait for then. what i could do is maybe yeah make that multiclass and give penalties or limits to things like backstab, stealth and pickpocket. possible make the multiclass something like Techsmith and the non multiclass just a priest of gond.
  2. That is quite unfortunate to hear. i might need to look into making a spell then to disarm traps similar to how knock opens locks. cause currently i don't feel find trap is a good fitting ability. Find trap is more about divination and sensing danger rather then handling mechanical devices. as to marking it available to cleric/thieves would that mean making it available in multiclasses? like how gnomes get Illusionist/thief ect.?
  3. Thank you all. i took your advice and started by making a new kit for priests of gond. right now it's really simple but i hope as i understand modding better and learn more codes i can make something more fitting and complex (Im gonna look into giving priest limited thief skills next) hope someone likes this start and maybe gives a bit of feedback specially regarding game ballance and such, i don't want to make something to powerfull. http://www.willetdesigns.nl/BG2Modding/Gond1.zip PRIEST OF GOND: Gond (called Nebelun by the gnomes) is known as the Wonderbringer and Lord of all smiths. He is the god of invention, caring only for the act of creation. He pays little heed to the consequences or use of his and his followers inventions. Gondar are well versed in mechanical devices and most can make or break locks or traps with ease. Advantages: - May cast Knock once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and one aditional use every 3 levels thereafter up to six times at level 19. - May cast Find Traps once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and one aditional use every 5 levels thereafter up to four times at level 20. Disadvantages: - Must have a minimum intelligence score of 10.
  4. Ol another noobish question. I tried giving my new priest of gond kit the knock spell as innate ability by copying the clab.2da for the priest of helm and then replacing the GA_SPCL731 entries with GA_SPWI207 which is the knock spell. Sadly this does not seem to work and there is no knock spell. Am i correct in assuming i need to make a new version of the knock spell as a Innate spell for it to work in this way? and if this is so is there a guide anywhere or tips to do so? thanks in advance.
  5. A proper punctuation. Humor, it's not one of my gifts... it's one for the entire world. Not that that's the reason for the kit not to show up. This tutorial unfortunately only covers the non-EE games, for the EE games, you need to use the weidu's additional provided .tpa file called ft#add_kit_ee.tpa . And the EE v2.0 update just came up, so the official release(v23900) hasn't got it's last updates(v1.1.2) that is available here. The example .tp2 itself is a tutorial on how to make kits in for the EE games with the file. ah ok thank you. as for the punctuation i'll get to that once i have the basics of making a mod down. step by step, hence why i first just want the basic examples working before i start messing it all up with my own stuff. i'll look over the new examples and hope i can understand em. EDIT: Step 1 completed getting the kit into the game. Step 2 getting it in so it doesn't crash the game when i click on the kit EDIT: Step 2 achieved A note for everyone apparently BG2EE does NOT like "Û" in the kit name. i suspect it won't like other symbols and accents either
  6. Sorry for this probally super noob question but I went through the Tutorial as is and just copied all the codes in Part 3 made a copy of classb .2da that i copied from the Priest o helm kit, Renamed in MYKIT.2da and copied it into the my mod folder. I reverenced the MYKIT.2da in the Tp2 as such // path to your CLAB-style 2da file ~MyMod/MYKIT.2da~ Now i installed and is sais it does so succesfully. However when i go into BG2EE and look for the kit it;s nowhere to be found. What have i forgotten to do? Full code as is now below. BACKUP ~MyMod/backup~ // so WeiDU can uninstall AUTHOR ~blank_adder@hotmail.com~ // contact address displayed if installation fails BEGIN ~Tutorial Kit~ // Techsmith of Gond // internal name of the kit ADD_KIT ~C!Selune~ // appended to CLASWEAP.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0~ // appended column-wise to WEAPPROF.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0~ // appended to ABCLASRQ.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 10 10 0~ // appended to ABCLSMOD.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 0 0 0~ // appended to ABDCDSRQ.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 0 17 0~ // appended to ABDCSCRQ.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 0 15 0~ // appended to ALIGNMNT.2da ~C!Selune 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0~ // appended to DUALCLAS.2da ~C!Selune 1 0 1 1 0 1~ // path to your CLAB-style 2da file ~MyMod/MYKIT.2da~ // PC races and classes allowed to use this kit, from KITTABLE.2da ~K_C_D K_C_E K_C_G K_C_H K_C_HE K_C_HL K_C_HO~ // usability flags, added to the end of the KITLIST.2da entry ~0x00004000 3~ // HLA table to use; see LUABBR.2da ~C!3~ // list of starting equipment for PCs starting in ToB. Appended column-wise to 25STWEAP.2da ~CHAN09 * HELM07 BAG20 RING06 RING31 * BOOT01 AMUL19 BRAC16 BELT06 AROW11,40 BULL03,40 BOLT06,40 POTN52,5 POTN4,2 POTN14,5 HAM07 SW1H27 STAF08~ // Lower, mixed, and help kit names and descriptions, added to KITLIST.2da SAY ~Silverstar of Selûne~ SAY ~Silverstar of Selûne~ SAY ~SILVERSTAR OF SELÛNE: Description cut due to length~
  7. Thank you, Im looking into guides and the programs i need at the mo. to start with the quest, then start with the simple giving of innate spells several times a day, then explore what more i can and want do. As for the npc, i have a fair amount of ideas for his character and story so i'll try and write up a fairly spoiler free character summarization to give an idea as to how i see him currently. Name: Teos Redderton (name subject to change but should always be a simple but human and civilized name) Race: Half Orc Age: Early 20's, 22 to 26 i figure Class/proffesion: Priest of Gond/ weapon designer and smith. Allignment: Chaotic Neutral. Bit of Background: Teos life started of the unhappy union between his human mother and a orc officer working for the Zhentarim. His mother however married a human smithy and Teos was raised by them without any contact to his orcisch heritage. His young life was one of hard work and humble rewards. The smiths life in a place like Zhentil Keep is not easy but war better then many in that wretched place. The warriors, mages and priests of xvim/cyric/Bane (need to look up exactly which evil god was in charge during the time frame before baldur's gate) but those all needs weapons, armor, warmachines, fortifications and much more so smiths and other craftsmen, while not celebrated always have work under the Zhents. As such the church of Gond always has a small community of followers in the keep, Teos's family being one of them. Teos was a rough child, while not as violent and aggressive as orc born children he certainly had his tantrums and aggressive streaks. He grew into a strong and creative young man though and in time he learned to channel his aggressive tendencies and violent thoughts into the weapons he made. His adoptive father was particularly proud as Teos become more involved in the gondar church community and eventually took on the full mantle as a craftmaster of the great inventor. The priesthood comes with different duties though, A gondar must travel the world and spread the the wonders and knowledge of Gond over the realms. And so Teos left his home, and while he would not miss the place, he would miss the people he left behind. He traveled across the reams to the high hall of wonders in Baldur's Gate eager to arm as many people as he could during his journey as well as field test his own weapon designs in battle. he stayed in Baldur's gate for a time, designing new weapon designs to counter the problems the smiths of the gate faced during the iron crisis. After the crisis was resolved he went south towards the city of Athkatla investigating rumors saying that the followers of Talos had made a great temple there with mechanical wonders very unlike the destroyers church to make. Personality: Teos can be quite excitable. quick to cheer and just as quick to curse. He is bit bit mistrustful of people, likely the result of growing up in such a cutthroat city, but while he expects the worst of people he tries not to judge so long as they serve the path of progress. For example he would be thankful of Sarevok for creating the Iron crisis, giving people a reason to innovate in weapon design. While he is quite creative and believes in the progress of technology and civilization, his thinking patterns tend to naturally go towards a violent way of thinking. possible story subject to adress: The Temple and church of Talos, smoke powder, Growing up in Zhentil keep, His orcish parentage and adoptive parents. The believes of Gond, and the craft of weapon smithing. And that is a quick overview of what i have in mind without going into specific plots, any good?
  8. I have lately been thinking of trying to start modding a npc for bg2ee. i have long been thinking of a good story for an old character of mine in BG2, A half orc Priest of Gond. I think a neutral priest would be a very useful addition in many parties and think gond's faith is both very interesting, practical and fun. I also think given the Gondar affinity for mechanisms and gears he could fill the role of lick picker and trap springer that nearly every party needs. The thing is then how would i work this in. The easy solution would be to make him a multiclass cleric/thief however i don't know how in-character this would be. Gondar aren't all that sneaky or subtle by trade and half orcs usually aren't either. So i was considering if i, as a complete noobie modder, could design a new priest kit for this character or if such is far far from a beginners abilities. My idea for the kit are a few the simplest being a priest kit that grant the use of the Knock and Detect Traps spells as they level up. More advanced a idea would be a priest kit that actually gains skill in Pick locks and find traps as they level up similar to how a ranger slowly get's points in hide and move silently. as a negative i was thinking they would lose the ability to Turn undead and maybe the ability to use shields or an offhand weapon. (IC reasoning would be that Gondar would need a free hand for their tools and don't really have the 'holy or unholy' zeal to ward of the undead.) Can anyone enlighten me how difficult this would be to make? and does anyone else have any ideas or feedback on this mod idea? Do you think anyone would even want such a character in their game? Thanks in advance for your attention.
  9. Yup Yup, Hoping for news soon. i could use a good reason to go through nwn 2 again and a Neeshka rom would be the best of reasons.
  10. Hmm? I Talked with Gann and i don't think it ever came up. Is it under his flirts? I never looked at them seeing as how i was not interrested and do you need to have done this before I find him in the wall? or is it ok to do it just before entering the betrayers gate since i got a save there.
  11. So i went through MoTB with my evil char and at the end i can't seem to get the bishop ending to come up i tried siding with the kelemforite, siding with the crusade. the devouring the faceless man, saving him with the mask and nothing works i rejected Gann properly so the only thing i can think of is that somehow i did something wrong in the dialog with him at the wall but i can't figure out what. made a point that they fought together against the king of shadows that i could free em with my new power mayhap and finally that he has to keep believing in the two of them. so i don't know. long story short this stuff is hard and frankly i don't want to go through the whole game again from the point of that wall scene. can someone tell me how i should have done that scene or post the bishop part of the ending?
  12. Oh if you need testers, i'd be happy to help. the problem is is that my system is unstable somehow ( i thought i had it fixed with my new memory, but just moments ago, the full system freezes reared it's head once more). i can identify this crashes, so no chance of mistaking those with the mod caused problems. it is just not to pleasant playing knowing that your system may freeze up any minute.
  13. Greets. does anyone know where (if they are somewhere) i can find some info in the Character requirements for the Branwen romance.searched thoroughly through the forums and i couldn't find it. don't want to build up a char till the carnifal, only to find out he doesn't meet the requirements. thanks.
  14. Strange, never found it there either, a well, must be me. *shrugs* think i'll just play a avenger druid again. coolest druid kit in my opinion.
  15. Uhm might be stupid here, but i think the shade lord drops the cloak of stars, not the cloak of the wolf or are you planning to change that?
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