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  1. Thanks everyone for your help! I still haven't got it to work, I'm going to do a bit more reading up before I give it another go. There are, after all, plenty of other things to work on!! ciao ciao
  2. Sadly that hasn't worked either! I've looked at other simple NPC d files and I think it must be something else, but I don't know what that something else could be! Anyone got any other suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated
  3. It was checked, but unchecking it hasn't helped. (sigh) I have created areas and items that work, I just can't nail the NPC.
  4. Could someone please help me? I'm trying to mod my first NPC, and I'm getting the error below when I run it. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense if I've done something obviously silly, I only decided to give this a go a couple of days back The error WeiDU v 157 Log D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\setup-Berdine.exe [./Chitin.key] loaded, 590551 bytes [./Chitin.key] 182 BIFFs, 41793 resources [dialog.tlk] loaded, 9824886 bytes [dialog.tlk] 80280 string entries [./Mplaynow.ini] loaded, 230 bytes [./Autorun.ini] loaded, 1452 bytes [./Keymap.ini] loaded, 5615 bytes [./baldur.ini] loaded, 3604 bytes Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD1\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD2\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD2\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD3\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD4\] Possible HD/CD Path: [D:\Program Files\BG2 - SoA\CD5\] [dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable. [dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file. [WeiDU.log] parsed [sETUP-BERDINE.TP2] LEXER ERROR at line 15 column 29-36 Near Text: \ invalid character [\] [sETUP-BERDINE.TP2] ERROR at line 15 column 29-36 Near Text: \ Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [sETUP-BERDINE.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: problem parsing TP file [sETUP-BERDINE.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error WeiDU Timings TOTAL 4.997 s load TLK 3.645 s loading files 3.645 s unmarshal TLK 0.842 s unmarshal KEY 0.340 s loading files 0.160 s parsing .log files 0.010 s parsing .tp2 files 0.000 s And the tp2: BACKUP ~NewNPC\backup~ BEGIN ~BERDINE NPC~ COPY ~NewNPC\BERDINE5.cre~ ~override\BERDINE5.cre~ SAY NAME1 ~Berdine~ SAY NAME2 ~Berdine~ COMPILE ~NewNPC\Berdine.d~ USING ~~ COMPILE ~NewNPC\Berdine.baf EXTEND_BOTTOM ~AR1000.bcs~ ~NewNPC\BerAR1000.baf~ APPEND ~pdialog.2da~ ~Berdine BerdineP~ UNLESS ~Berdine~
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