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  1. Moongaze


    Sounds promising. I quite like monks and Giths, myself. What race is he flagged as, btw? As I recall, BG2 has "Githyanki", but no "Githzerai". I could be mistaken, though. And does his race have any special pros/cons?
  2. My apologies for my childish and sensitive behavior.
  3. Well, thanks for clearing that up. I'll scurry off in shame now.
  4. Arcane Nalia I've wondered...why is a noble like Nalia a thief? Sure, they wanted to give her a Robin Hood-like theme, but quite honestly...a level 4 thief doesn't do much in BG2, except when you start using potions and such. Aside from that, there are three Mage/Thief characters in the original game, two of which dualclassed, and only one single-classed mage, who can't even use Identify. My suggestion? Change Nalia into a single-classed Invoker. Give her a normal staff and 40 normal darts as her initial equipment, and change her spellbook to avoid including Conjuration/Summoning spells. T
  5. Boo...NPC....? O_o; *speechless* I'm almost afraid to ask, but....is he romanceable? x_x
  6. *chuckles* Aklon is SO getting pounced when he is finally released.....
  7. How is the progress now? Any news? I'm getting quite curious about Aklon....
  8. Aye, agreed. Bring on Aklon! *whistles*
  9. Or perhaps the Edwin Romance? Anyway, I've been lurking this Forum for a while, and I must say this sounds very promising. Keep it up, Rob. I'm running out of time, unfortunately. I have 9 unfinished romances. ;_;
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