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  1. For those of us who want to play vanilla BG1:TOTSC, is the weidu bg1 fixpack + hot fix here the most recent? Or is the GIT repo the most up to date? Based on some of the post dates here (2013), it seems like there was more work done on this, but I don't think its been posted. I'm looking for the equivalent of the bg2 fixpack for bg1, not tutu or BGT.
  2. Regardless of how the item tweaks are wrapped into A or B component, I believe that the description text for all ranged weapons and ammunition that are/are not magical (for the purpose of penetrating PfNM/PfMW) should be made clear when the item tweaks are installed. I understand from the previous thread and v38 RC release notes that the description for PfNM has been updated, but that doesn't help the party that lacks PfNM yet has an inventory full of ambiguously magical ammo. I am happy to provide the text for you, using similar description wording already present in game, if that would be helpful.
  3. Looks like my earlier post got lost in the forum upgrade. I can confirm this behavior in SCS 32 v7, with no_initial_change_pro_normal_missiles set to 0 as well. It would be nice if the description for ammunition clearly reflected what is magic, and what isn't. Some darts, for example, are flagged as magic of 0 enchantment, but their description reads as if the darts were dipped in toxin, i.e. darts of stunning. Same with arrows, such as acid arrows vs flame arrows.
  4. I think this is the most reasonable option; healing spells are unrestricted by alignment while cause wounds spells are restricted by alignment IWD-style (only neutral/evil can cast). When IWD-style divine spells are installed. I don't recall vanilla BG1/2 behavior, which is why I included the previous sentence, but I believe cause wounds was also alignment restricted. The poster you were replying to was saying that restrictions on any spells based on alignment would be a downside for them, because they would be "forced" to modify their game to remove said restrictions.
  5. For what its worth, I too would appreciate an IWD-style alignment restrictions on divine spells component - or conversely, that being default behavior when IWD divine spells are installed, and an option to unlock them from alignment restrictions.
  6. you can create three "VALRAN03" creature (an enemy archer creature) and look the behaviour when you hit them with a mele weapons : enemies stop to use ranged weapons forever as soon you reach them them with a melee weapon and they ofen continue to hit and run (with their melee weapon. Maybe they should hit and run, but also trying to use ranged attack again, IDK. Surely it is not easy to find the most effective behaviour of enemies wielding a ranged and a melee weapons. The skeletons that (re)spawn immediately around High Hedge also do this. Once you approach them, they switch to sword and shield but continue using hit and run tactics.
  7. You're welcome! I'm enjoying the mod btw, I especially like the Brage component.
  8. Are there post-install files I can edit to fix this? Or modifications to RC2?
  9. The item description bams A!CBRTR.BAM and A!CBRSB.BAM are four frames and don't display correctly when inspecting the items. Only the first frame, which is a quarter of the image, displays. No other mod altered these images, and they're like this in the \song_and_silence\items folder as well. FWIW, it looks like the steam sod-dlc package contains some bams with this error as well.
  10. Is it intended that Brage's Two-Handed Sword +1 doesn't list the THAC0/dmg bonus in the description? Item C#Q13SWD.ITM, which was only modified by Tweaks proficiency altering component.
  11. David, a 6th level Otiluke's Freezing Sphere scroll just dropped from a Ghast in one of the low level wilderness areas in BG1 (not EET) for my level 3 party. Another poster mentioned something about high level scrolls dropping, so this could be related. I also have "Wider selection of random scrolls in Baldur's Gate I" component installed, but I don't believe this is intended behavior. WeiDU_log.7z
  12. agris

    how to edit MOS v2?

    Thanks, I could try exporting it as an uncompressed v1 MOS I guess, and edit from there.
  13. I have a .MOS that points to a .PVRZ. That .MOS specifies to read 1024 x 4 px out of the .PVRZ, which is exactly the image size. I want to replace the PVRZ image with a 1024 x 6 px image, and edit the .MOS to read all 6 of the height pixels. Assume that dropping in a PNG to replace the MOS isn't possible. In DLTC 7.8.02, I can't change the "Total Image Size" fields. They're greyed out in Write Mode (read only is not checked in setup). Is there any way to edit these v2 MOS files other than hex?
  14. I feel especially dumb because that's exactly how it's presented in the readme. RTFM...
  15. Great, with Khalid locked in a house and Xzar chunked in Nashkel... edit: that was sarcasm, btw
  16. Excellent! It installed without any errors or warnings. Thanks for being so fast with the patches. edit: fyi, dw#sfic1.spl and dw#sfic2.spl are still left in the root BG directory after installation.
  17. If it helps, I've attached debug-stats.ids, which was generated per Ardanis's helpful instructions. Also, here's the good RC1 .DEBUG and the bad RC2 .DEBUG. A --change-log of stats.ids for the bad RC2 install contains: Mods affecting STATS.IDS: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ 0 7 // Additional equipment for Thieves and Bardsv4.92 00001: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 1500 // Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editionv32 00002: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 1510 // Include divine spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editionv32 00003: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 5000 // Ease-of-use party AIv32 debug_stats.ids.txt
  18. The "Allow NPC pairs to separate" component actually isn't working in my BG1:EE 2.5.17 game, despite it installing without any errors. Jaheira/Khalid and Montaron/Xzar have their improved kickout & wait in an Inn dialogues, but they always drag their companion with them when they leave. .DEBUG
  19. Well shit. This time it's a different error. This one is more opaque to me, but it looks like a counter is going out of bounds in the hidespl.2da, in addition to being copied into override loaded into memory a few hundred times prior to the error. .DEBUG [override/hidespl.2da] loaded, 7171 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... Copied [book03.itm] to [override/dw#allsp.itm] Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/stats.ids] loaded, 4606 bytes ERROR: cannot convert ind or %ind% to an integer ERROR: [stats.ids] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found) Stopping installation because of error. edit: totally understand if you can't get to it tonight, but if there's a file modification or two you'd like me to try, I've got a few more runs of this script left in me tonight.
  20. The new package has the corrected (I believe) iwdspells_arcane.tpa in the root stratagems folder, while the version lacking "OUTER_SPRINT ds_loc ds" is still in stratagems/iwdspells. I've copied over the updated tpa and am running my install script now though.
  21. RC2's install has a bug in it, it looks as if %ds_loc% isn't set correctly; stratagems\ds\ds.tph exists. This nuked the entire install. .DEBUG STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2 0 1500 Installed ~Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition~ ERROR: Sys_error("stratagems/%ds_loc%/ds.tph: No such file or directory") Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG and look for support at: For help troubleshooting installation problems, go to the Sword Coast Stratagems forum at forums.gibberlings3.net. Automatically Skipping [Include divine spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition] because of error.
  22. Thanks Mike, I'm a perfect example of how well matlab 'teaches' one to code...
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