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    This mod is Icelus' little WeiDU collection of miscellany. From Icelus: "The two quests really aren't all that bad. Not really. Well, not too much. If you install the Summon Cow spell restoration component, however, you should be ashamed of yourself. Really." Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Tacky. Just tacky. I should be shot. Michael Palin, forgive me.
  3. Perhaps, but seeing as how Briannandoah hasn't been around in nine months, it's highly unlikely.
  4. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers or something like that, I think.
  5. I hear they're the kind to buy big, flashy sportscars to compensate.
  6. Nah, not really. Just post whatever fix you code up, and change it from red to green on the list above. As Cam comes along he'll add things to the main .tp2.
  7. So... one muggy Texas night, I came across a list. A list so strong that it was actually five lists, all set on a path of evil and destruction. Looking around, I could find no escape--my fate was sealed. I was to battle with this list, and only one of us would be left standing as Master. The hours passed, sweat poured from numerous pores, eyes strained to the breaking point, but, just before midnight, a victory was achieved. And it was mine. And it was sweet. ---- Uh... yeah, so I consolidated all the lists and standardized the formatting. I also congregated the fixed/not-fixed/discarded entries together. On the chance that the original formatting is preferred, I did save a copy of that, just in case. Now, if anyone decides to make a mess of the first post in an effort to unleash the list's inherent evil, be prepared to face the Linkmaster.
  8. It's a good idea, but... there are over 4000 threads (and 89 pages) of stuff in that forum. I'm not sure, logistically, what the best way to attack that would be.
  9. I dunno... it seems more like a way for players to change variables within their savegames.
  10. I cannot find any use of yagareturntimer as a LOCAL. I'm not sure where DLTCEP found it... :-\
  11. tickettaker is an interesting one. It's only set once in aerie.dlg: IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 19 // from: SAY #2257 /* ~Come... Come back and visit, then. Maybe you'll have need of me in the future and I could travel with you. I'd like that.~ */ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("AerieMove","GLOBAL",1) SetGlobal("TicketTaker","GLOBAL",1) ~ EXIT END Dunno... maybe... dunno. Doesn't seem too important, though.
  12. drowtimesol seems to be the same thing. It's only found in baldur.bcs: SetGlobal("udSolTimerOn","GLOBAL",0) SetGlobal("udPhaTimerOn","GLOBAL",0) SetGlobal("DrowTimeSol","GLOBAL",1) SetGlobal("ADrowTimerHasExpired","GLOBAL",1) (that's just a snippet)
  13. The only entry for the variable PIRATEASYLUM is in ppdesh.dlg. It is tucked away in a long list of actions, but here are a few of them: AddXPObject(Player5,38500) AddXPObject(Player6,38500) SetGlobal("PirateAsylum","GLOBAL",11) SetGlobal("AsylumPlot","GLOBAL",11) StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("Cut41f") Since the value is set to 11, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's a superfluous GLOBAL. They probably just meant to advance the AsylumPlot.
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