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  1. http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=24444
  2. As far as I can remember, even in banilla bg1, Longtooth has always looked like a short sword when equipped
  3. I like the idea of sun-based "abilities", really suitable against undeads and still helping against other types of creatures... The idea of "too much positive energy" is cool too ! And maybe something that has to do with Radiance ? (fire + positive energy) It leads to something like a paladin of light, who could, I don't know, also burn things and blind them ? Also, would it be OP if there was some type of HLA close to what a scroll of protection vs undead would do ? Nerfed and all but still ?
  4. Sanctifer

    New Icons!

    My sentiments exactly
  5. Rabain is still out there, I think I even saw him on BGEE forums There's also a German mod, "NSC-portraits-mod", or "BGT-NPC-Portraits" I believe, that adds portraits to pretty much everyone, chars from mods included Gerri's the guy who did it, and it's been translated to english (well, the install prompts are in english ) (can't seem to find a link right now, sorry, but it should be somewhere on rosenranken.org)
  6. Actually Quayle worships Baravar Cloakshadow, not Baervan (just my two cents )
  7. Well, in my last playthroughs Valygar's armor looked like a chainmail, not only on the ground, but ingame and on the inventory screen. I am sure that it comes from a mod, as I remember that in my first runs in vanilla BG2, his armor looked like leather, as Hurricane said. OR maybe it comes from ToB or a patch (there were some things like these happenig in my games, changing colors or bams of items, I remember that the robe of vecna changed a lot from my first game, when I installed a patch, or tob, or mods)
  8. I honestly don't know about any ankh-like casting animation, but I'm almost positive that there's no spell icon using an ankh, and maybe that's enough to consider it, especially if veyn is right and "aid" is the only possible confusion, since druids don't get "aid" anyway (or am I wrong ?)
  9. Snowball: The new one is better I think Icelance: I prefer the new one... Actually, the problem with V1 is that there seems to be a drop at the tip of the lance (If you see what I mean), and when I see a drop on a spell icon, I think "acid" or "blood" or "poison", but not "cold", that's why it bugs me... Regeneration: Don't know... The "69" thing bugs me too... What about something Ankh-based ? Could that be nice ? (also, I insist that Battering ram looks better this way )
  10. I think this would be really great ! Don't have to bother about evil or non evil magic/casters, and i believe it fits the profile of an inquisitor (concentrated on a single sinner/magic user at a time)
  11. It's really good ! I don't know if it's a stupid suggestion, but wouldn't it be better if the ram was facing to the right ?
  12. Wow, it's amazing ! I like the second one on the left for Fog Cloud And the second Ice Dagger too
  13. Maybe it was just a small bug in my game (and if it is just ignore me), but I think that creatures affected by the spell should be glowing as in spell description. When I first used it, I really thought it didn't work and it was useless, because there were no visual effect at all. Maybe you could add this ?
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