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  1. T'z nice you folks found some use to it. I fear the script was ather bugged - as I now suspect there was that bug causing npcs stop responding - something about the way the choice of answer was scripted. Hope you've fixed it. Can you drop me the link here, btw?
  2. Folks, just stopped by to see whats going on - it is nice to see the mod is alive . I am not actively modding or writing lately, but funnily enough I reinstalled BG II and playing it through. Might give BG and BG NPC another run soonish - on the new computer. In any case - nice to see you all. My apologies for never finishing the NPC relocation project and sorta dropping the 'go to the inn' script. But well... there was not much interest in it. Be well, all of you.
  3. Different npcs go to different floors indeed ( this is also true for Elfsong). Immy, Xan, Kivan, Yeslick go to the second floor of the FA. Jae-Khalid, Minsc-Dyna , Eldoth-Skie pairs go to the 2 nd floor in EFS. Evil ones go to different inns (Mermaid, Lantern, Belching Dragon). The problem with Vicky is related to your reputation - I can easily put a fix for all npcs that would make them stay or go to inns. If you were good , er bad she would have offered to wait in the cave on the Nashker road. I did it for my own game ( no leave fix), but this was always in the BG1 game if you remember. If npc is unhappy and you try to ask them to wait - they leave you.
  4. Lol, I did not notice her post, honest. Just posted here and on SHS , cause I knew she would want to enter and wanted to tell her right away. And never checked that she has already posted this. No big deal.
  5. Aurora? Hmm, I say not easy, but doable. And mind that they asked for a 4x4 area with 3 npc's and PC only module. Good luck Domi, I have already started mine too.
  6. Yeah. I Think we did it at the same exact moment actually. lol.
  7. Are you a writer? Do you want to work for BioWare? Read on! The Contest That Might Become Your Career BioWare is holding one of the most exciting contests in our history. Anyone who has dreamed of writing professionally will find this a unique opportunity to get their work noticed by the right people. We are looking for exceptionally talented writers to help develop our award-winning roleplaying games. Bio Contest
  8. Sorry for being hyperactive again - but I was playing Dynaheir roamnce as well, and basically I had a problem with the lady selling ribbons. She appeared every time but never spoke. Talking to her did not do anything. After looking at the scripts I think I figured it out. She is supposed to spawn in the city area - and indeed we just entered the Wyrm Crossing ( 1 st BG area). Whatever is wrong with this particular transition I have no idea but it seems that the first increment that is Dyna Romance counter from 29 to 30 and then the second 30 to 31 somehow happen either too fast of too slow. Basically Setta has the 29 spawning condition and 30 dialog condition. It looks like my Lovetalk got updated to 31 too fast so she could not speak. Look at the _YNAHEIR.BCS to see what I mean . I ended up modifying the script as follows: to make her appear in a more timely fashion and wallk towards PC. And then I had to remove the Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",30) trigger from her dialog condition - since she only speaks once she does not need one at all. Same as she does not need to reset it to 31 in her dialog - you have it in the _YNAHEIR.BCS already. Here: IF InParty(Myself) RealGlobalTimerExpired("X#DYLovelyTalkTime","GLOBAL") OR(13) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",2) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",4) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",6) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",12) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",14) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",16) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",18) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",20) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",24) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",26) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",28) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",30) Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",32) THEN RESPONSE #100 RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",1800) IncrementGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",1) END See - if this happens too fast Setta can never speak. I hope it was not too presumptuous of me - I am only trying to help. This finally made the whole thing work.
  9. I will post some examples. The most disturbing for me was Branwen interjection in the temple while discussing the mad captain Brage's case. I was not able to resolve the Amelia quest. And by the way - Jaheira's druidic quest seemed to fall through the cracks to me too - we never found that missing druidess and her would be savior - where are they? I finished all of the Cloackwood areas and nothing.
  10. What appears to be Coran's Firewine Bridge quest is bugged. The succubus-Amelia can give you the second basket of roses ( even though you already have one) if after talking with Natan - the guy in the dungeon - you return to her and talk. Then the 2nd basket turns into an unplaceable cursor (?) and the game crashes. I think the problem is that her dialog allows for the looping and repeat of the same option. There were a number of minor things as well - like missing golden pantalons, the doggie toy not working on the Rufie, and the Shoal the neryad quest being broken if Coran is in the party. (If it was intentional the better way would have been to use Name("NAME",LastTalkedToBy) to make her spare just Coran. Also many npc interjections cut off the PC , but later PC has to reply as if npc never spoken. The small gnome guy supposedly captured by ogre ladies never goes away - just stays there after they are dead, which is a bit strange. Also, when Coran 'runs away' with the cook, she actually stays, instead of leaving as well. (That is an easy enough fix - ActionOverride in Corans script.) Thats about all I can remember for now, but the FW quest is the most obvious bug. Impressive work though!
  11. Hello there, Hmm, really, the option to drop an npc will be left available on nearly 2/3 of the areas. And the areas I marked as 'dangerous' usually have an exit to the 'safe' ones, where the npc could be dropped. It is not like I am trying to make the player's life difficult - just adding another role-playing aspect. Worry not - this area is left 'droppable'. But I think that your npc should have reasonable doubts about being left on the Polar Isle or in the mine about to be flooded. And there is never a danger of npc running away with your items - you can always ask them to stay using dialog option - strip them off the valuable items and then release - either to an inn or say farewell - this is basically for roleplaying evil characters. Once again - it is an optional component, and it aims to both enhance the roleplaying aspect ( by making npc's more 'intelligent', if you will) and by giving the player the ability to easier rotate npcs in the party. PC has 4 choices always after their npc refuses to stay in the danger zone: 1. Ask npc to stay with the group. 2. Send them to Baldurs Gate area inn. ( after chapter 4) 3. Send them to Sword Coast general area inn. 4. Dismiss forever. I think it is fair enough. By the way - I just finished writing and coding this component for all BG1 npc's (yikes! ) If you are interested - in the Work room the new download is posted. All npcs now have custom lines - with small variations.
  12. Thanks Ghrey. To summarize it: 1. Need custom lines to every npc (uh-huh) tried to get away with little written text. Makes sense, I suppose to slow down and add text - will post all that is written after all is coded and customize each personality. 2. All of the strings 'borrowed' from original game better be added via SAY ~text~. Too bad - hoped to get away with string numbers. 3. Fixed the error with Khalid being called 'Jaheira' in one of the selections. (Copy-pasting is not allways good) 4. About not being able to ask npc to wait in 'danger' areas. Well, you can always send them to the inn from any area, and this being an optional component it is up to the player to install it or not. After all you cannot drop party members in some of the ToB zones either. PS. I don't share the 'Love the player not the game philosophy' , but rather support the opposite PoV: 'What's the point in a game in which you win all the time?' But once again - this is an optional component, and if it is not worth for the player to install it they won't.
  13. Heya folks -- the long-anticipated Edwin Odesseiron Romance mod is now available for download in first public full beta release. The mod consists of two sections, SoA and ToB, both of which can be downloaded at this location: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=69 The beta is fully playable and only lacks some custom sounds and flirts that will be added later in a full final release. Cheers to Laufey for writing this most excellent romance!
  14. Hi folks, I want to announce the release of The Longer Road mod v 1.0. It is hosted in FWS (where most of you go anyway) and can be downlaoded at http://www.onlinefiction.net/LR/LongerRoad.html Dorotea
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